loss of appetite/weekness issues - I apologize if this gets long.<BR&g
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  4/28/13 12:10 PM
loss of appetite/weekness issues

I apologize if this gets long.

First off, I'm new here. So hello to all of you. Now, for nearly the past year or so I have been having appetite problems. Best way I can describe it is that I feel like I should eat but when I get in front of food I just feel like "blah..." And don't eat a whole lot. I've resorted to eating smaller meals more often so my weight hasn't dropped any. But still, I know that this isn't right. Sometimes I feel really weak and sometimes I breath heavily. That is, more than normal.

More about me. I'm 22 years old. Enlisted in the US air force. I've had my appendix removed a couple of years ago and have often thought that my appetite issues were related to that as I did rupture my appendix and was in bed for 3 days without knowing it. I went to my doctor a couple times, they took blood and also did a cat scan... Came up with nothing. I should note that this was all before basic training (prior to Feb of this year) and my appetite issues were a pain, but not necessarily unbearable. Anyway, I did notice that alcohol, although probably not the root cause... Made it worse. If I were to get really drunk, I would hardly eat for the next two weeks. Also coffee seems to have effected me although at the time I was convinced that coffee didn't bother me.

Anyways, I went through basic training with almost no problems. I did have to watch how I eat, that I not stuff myself and such. The first week I was there, one time I was not feeling good and forced food down me. I ended up throwing it all up. Anyways, for the most part I did not have appetite issues there. It might be in part because I was yelled at a lot, we had a limited amount of time to eat, and was often too busy to think about my stomach.

Then two weeks ago I arrived at my tech school. Couple days later the appetite issues, loss of energy, etc started back up. The only thing I could think that I've done differently was that I started drinking pop, coffee, and energy drinks. Convinced that they were the cause of my troubles, ive quit coffee and have only very rarely had a pop. Every 3-4 days.

So, I really do not know what's going on. I just know I feel like crap and this is far from normal. Perhaps if caffeine is the cause, it's going to take more than a week for that to get out of my system. But I really do not buy into it entirely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I know most of you are going to tell me to go to a doctor. I've been to doctors. The process is long and painful. They have never been helpful regarding this issue. Besides, I can't afford to miss out on classes.

I should note that as of today, I've started taking gnc men's multi vitamins, and am going to go to the gym 2-3 times a week in addition to our 3 times/wk or schedule.

Again, thank you so much for your help.


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  4/28/13 7:33 PM
Hi Shawn

Im glad the cat scans did not show up anything.

What about blood tests. Low hemoglobin counts cause fatigue

There are two three approaches to health problems.

Allopathic medicine, alternative and spiritual.

You seem fed up of the first. Why not try the other two?

And don't be leery of pursuing the usual medicine too.
When u get the motivation to do so.

There's a book by Louis hays. Called You can Heal Your

It is so inspirational. She says most illnesses have their roots
In mental, psychological pain stress etc.

And gives tips on how to get rid of those.

Things you do at home without any expense.

Her biggest advocate would be her own life story.

Grew up in a slum, abused sexually, and other ways when
She was A child, ran away, got pregnant, the whole works.
Now, she is proprietor of one of the biggest publishing companies
With offices all over the world. And she credits it to her alternative
And spiritual healing methods. No, there is no mention of 'God'.

She even overcame breast cancer with her own methods of purging
Negative emotions.

You are so young. I hope and am sure you will get to the bottom
Of why is your problem. Good luck and sending good thoughts
For yourself for a wonderful healthy happy future.

God bless

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  4/29/13 8:32 AM
hi shawn

These things can impact on eachother, loss of appetite, leads to weakness, leads to loss of appetite. I mean stress is an appetite suppressor. But you say you havent lost weight, maybe its a vitamin or nutrient thing did your doctor carry out bloods, liver function test and such?

Some people dont eat three square meals a day, I am more of a grazer. Alot of people eat by the clock rather than if they are hungry. When ive had a busy day i can forget meals.

But i am going to say go to your doctor, if there is a noticable change in how you feel and how your body normally operates, and there must be because you are posting here, make sure you doctor doesnt fob you off, if you dont feel comfortable going back to your allocated doc, can you see a different one in the practice, perhaps when your doctor is on their day off.


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  5/2/13 5:18 AM
hi again

Just a thought, ensures and complans might help with building an appetite. When i get unwell its easy for weight to drop of me, sickness can lead to not eating then its hard to recover because you have lost your appetite. Drinking these nutritional supplements might create an appetite.

Just wonderung if you have any other symptoms that you may think unrelated, but might be.

I hope you get stronger because it is a horrible cycle to be in.


Check Out the new ProHealth Forums at Forums.ProHealth.com
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