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ProHealth Message Boards

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Information for New Members

Welcome to the ProHealth member-powered message boards. As a new member this section will familiarize you with getting started and the many features and benefits of joining our online community. The boards offer members a forum to discuss specific health concerns with others facing the same challenges. They exist to offer support and information while helping members find the best quality of life possible. Many members have been dealing with these illnesses for decades and want to share what has helped them find a better quality of life. There are many differing ways and means of living with these illnesses, we often refer to them as DD. (DD=Darn disease!).

How to Log In & About Profiles
You will see a button towards the top-right side of the message boards that says "Log In / Register", click on the link. This will take you to the area where you will sign in each time you visit us. First time members will need to create a profile; follow the directions on the screen for NEW Customer Sign-up. The next screen will require you to create and confirm your password and accept the Terms and Use of the message boards. Once you are signed in, on the top-left side of the message board you will see "Logged in as: Your User Name". Below your username you will then see an area there that says: "View profile", click on it and fill in what you want our community to know about you. It is not required to post your profile and you have the option to make information private, for your eyes only, or public for the community. We also encourage you to post a photo of yourself; it helps our visitors feel more like friends and members of a real community.

There are 6 sections of the user profile:

  • My Profile - where you may enter personal information, also displays your photo, posts and views
  • My Favorites - includes articles, links, friends, products and posts
  • Recent searches - a log of your most recent search activities
  • My account - where you may manage your store account
  • Tag Cloud - a topic cloud customized by you with items you have tagged

When you are in the message boards and see a person's name that is bright blue, you can click on the name and read that person's public profile. It will also show their posts. This can be helpful when looking for a specific message that was posted by a certain member.

Enhancing Your Visit
Search Messages, found at the top of the board in the middle, is a useful tool which allows visitors to input any subject and it will bring up all the posts made containing the keywords. You may also search by content, title, user name and date. The first page will display the first 10 results, at the bottom of the page you will see "view next results" and this will show you the next 10 results of your search and so on. You also have the ability to sort the messages: use the pull-down menu to select sort criteria.

Anytime a member replies to a post, it causes that message to move to the top of page one. Sometimes you will see that someone has posted/replied: bump--that simply means they wanted to bring it to the top of the page for a reason. To make a new post, simply click on: Post Topic, and write message in the box provided, a title is required.

When replying, click on reply. We ask that, as often as possible, you always keep your replies to a message on that same post (often called a thread). This makes it easier to follow a thread or specific message and helps keep the board running smoothly. And for others using the search, it keeps it more organized.

Community Resources
Upon entering our community tab you will see many different resources at your finger tips. Including: Chat Rooms, Message boards, Organizations, Support Groups, Physicians, Calendar & Events, and Email Newsletters.

The ProHealth Library tab is located near the top of the page in the navigation bar. The library is a favorite of visitors because it contains more than 33,000 research abstracts and news articles from around the world about health, nutrition, illness and treatments. Members love it because they may research specific topics and review the literature which allows them to decide what will work best for their situation. The library is updated on a daily basis to provide the most up-to-date information.

Physicians & The Good Doctor List
The Physicians page is designed to give you information about how to find a doctor that is right for you. There are tips on everything from how do you choose a doctor to when you visit the doctor what you should bring and expect. There is also a link to the The Good Doctor List which lists doctors from around the world that have been recommended by patients. ProHealth encourages you to submit your "Good Doctor" for addition to the list. This patient powered tool may help you find a caring doctor in your area.

Support Groups List
The Support Groups section is a resource that allows you to search for support groups in your area. Within this section you may list your support group free of charge. Simply fill out the form and submit, the listing will appear on the site once it has been verified.

Additional Message Boards
In addition to the specific disease message boards there are other unique boards:

  • Prayer and Healing (formerly worship) is a non-denomination board where all are welcome to share their beliefs, pray for members, family and friends. Members share Scriptures and inspiration for the day and much more.
  • Chit Chat is a place to go to discuss topics other than health issues. It is an area for all manner of conversation. It is a fun place to get to know members that visit the boards and chat rooms from around the world.

Key Terms
DD = Darn/damn disease
FYI = For your information
IMHO = In my humble opinion
FMS = Fibromyalgia syndrome
CFIDS = Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
LOL = Laugh out loud/Lots of love/Love of life...
BTW = by the way

The message boards and chat rooms are monitored by volunteer community members to insure the safety of all members and that board rules are followed. If you would like to contact the moderators with questions or clarification, or if you would like to apply to be a moderator please email:

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