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FibroSleep - Natural Sleep Supplement

"I find that I am sleeping better, not waking up as often." Jennifer

Guaifenesin FA - Natural Expectorant Relieves Chest Congestion

Guafenesin FA™
"I have used this for years and find it helps me a lot." Lea

Energy NADH - Improve Energy & Cognitive Function

Energy NADH™
"The most powerful supplement I've found to clear up brain fog." Carol

Fibro Freedom - Soothes, strengthens & revitalizes

Fibro Freedom™
"Wonderful product for managing my fibro symptoms." Camelia

B-12 Extreme - The Most Potent Vitamin B-12 on Earth

B-12 Extreme™
"It picks me up when I'm wiped out." Isabelle

Guaifenesin 600 - Relieve Chest Congestion, Extended Release Formula

Guaifenesin 600
"This product has been invaluable." Deborah

Hydroxocobalamin Extreme - The B-12 your brain needs for detox & sharpness

Hydroxocobalamin Extreme™
"Works great for increasing my mental clarity." Richard

Fibro Energy Formula - 13 Top Nutrients for Effective Energy Support

Fibro Energy Formula™
"It boosts my energy and makes me stronger." Ismail

Neuro B-12 - Promotes Energy Levels & Mental Sharpness

Neuro B-12
"Two a day and the mental 'freshness' is back" Pieter

Curcumin, Longvida - Helps Support Cognition, Memory & Overall Health

Curcumin, Longvida™
"I have noticed a distinct decreased level of pain." Janet

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME Support

Fibromyalgia Breaking News

Sweet Tips for Fibromyalgia Success...

Sweet Tips for Fibromyalgia Success Is sugar really all that bad for you? We often hear people say that they have a sweet tooth. They may even refer to themselves as sugar addicts, but what does that mean? Most of us grew up playing Candy Land, watching the Cookie Monster on TV, and thinking that a bowl of Cap'n Crunch cereal provided a nutritious way to start the day. We somehow survived, so what's the big deal about sugar? And, does sugar consumption relate to health in general and to fibromyalgia, specifically? I've noticed that the word "sweet" is used to describe, creative, pretty, or impressive things? We can get a sweet deal, buy a sweet-looking outfit, or drive a sweet hotrod. And,... [Read More]
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Trending News

Fibromyalgia, Family and Friends: 8 Ways to Improve Relationships...

Fibromyalgia, Family and Friends: 8 Ways to Improve Relationships Note: This article is reproduced with Dr. Campbell’s kind permission from his CFIDS & Fibromyalgia Self-Help website. (This article is first in Dr. Campbell’s series Recasting Relationships and Building Support.) Serious illness creates stresses for most relationships. Relations with family, friends, coworkers and bosses, and even doctors are altered in ways that create new challenges for both people with CFS or FM and for those around them. This article describes eight general strategies for improving relationships if you have CFS or FM. Other articles in this series focus on recasting family relationships, improving how couples work together, finding new sources of support and working productively with doctors.   1. Assess & Triage If you have CFS or FM, it likely that many relationships will be redefined and some will end. We suggest you make this transition a... [Read More]

Ask the Doctor

Ask the Fibromyalgia Doctor
Dr. Charles Lapp
Charles W. Lapp, MD, founder and director of the Hunter-Hopkins Center in Charlotte, NC, specializes in treating fibromyalgia and ME/CFS patients.
Ask the Doctor: How to Cope if Sensitive to Antibiotics or Drugs?

Q: ... "What is the best way to cope with chemical sensitivity syndrome, especially when everything makes you sick but you need to take antibiotics or medications?"

A: ... Unfortunately, the only way to manage multiple chemical sensitivities is to avoid the offending chemical, odor, fume, or smoke. Exposures can trigger headache, nausea, respiratory symptoms, wheezing, and generally feeling unwell. Chemical sensitivities can trigger a flare of CFS/ME/FM, too. Exposures can be limited or abated by alkalinizing. That is, take a pinch of... [more]

Video of the Week

What It Feels Like To Live With Fibro

Fifty survivors of fibromyalgia participated in this caption-video documentary film to help raise awareness about fibromyalgia by raising their signs. Directed by and featuring Haullie Free-Volker, this mini-film takes you on a journey through two months inside the life of a fibromyalgia survivor and what it takes to struggle with this very real, very painful condition. See more video favorites

Treatment Center

Treatment Protocols from the World's Leading Fibromyalgia Doctors What are the top rated nutritional supplements by fibromyalgia patients?
Published Medical Research for fibromyalgia that Focuses on Supplements Highest Rated Treatment Related Articles by fibromyalgia Patients

Disability Corner

Ask the Fibromyalgia Disability Attorney Justin C. Frankel has devoted most of his legal career to representing long term disability insurance policyholders, and also has experience in general litigation and class action litigation. [more] Fibromyalgia and Disability Claims

Fibromyalgia patients are routinely denied disability benefits. This is a source of great frustration for patients and their families. Long term disability insurance companies consider fibromyalgia claims suspect.

While a diagnosis of cancer is based on the presence of specific cells, until recently, there was limited empirical evidence of the presence of fibromyalgia beyond its debilitating symptoms. The causes of fibromyalgia are still not clear, but fibromyalgia is better understood today, and while there is no specific cure, there are treatments that provide some degree of relief in managing symptoms. In 2013, a prominent neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston... [more]


Daily News

Natural Remedies

Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Tart Cherry Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Tart Cherry
Sweet Tips for Fibromyalgia Success
The Remarkable Benefits of Reishi Medicinal Mushrooms The Remarkable Benefits of Reishi Medicinal Mushrooms
Repair Damaged Mitochondria and Reduce Fatigue Up to 45% Repair Damaged Mitochondria and Reduce Fatigue Up to 45%
Running on Empty? Fuel Up with NADH Running on Empty? Fuel Up with NADH
The Curcumin Revolution: The Curcumin Revolution: "Golden" Ticket to Better Health
Undenatured Type II Collagen - Chicken Soup for Your Joints Undenatured Type II Collagen - Chicken Soup for Your Joints
Dr. Charles Lapp's Recommendations on Supplements for ME/CFS
and Fibromyalgia

By Bruce Campbell, PhD

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