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Diverse Autism Mutations Lead to Different Disease Outcomes   -   A large-scale analysis of hundreds of patients starts to uncover how traits are traced to genetic mutations.   [read more]   March 04, 2015  
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New Dietary Guidelines Reverse Flawed Recommendations on Cholesterol   -   Dr. Mercola reviews the 2015 edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans, in which cholesterol is removed.   [read more]   March 05, 2015   Dr. Mercola
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BPA exposure linked to autism spectrum disorder, study reports   -   Study implies benefit to reducing BPA exposure for pregnant women and for children with autism.   [read more]   March 06, 2015  
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'Exploding head syndrome' more common in young people than thought   -   Nearly 1 in 5 startled by loud, non-existent noises, research finds.   [read more]   March 06, 2015  
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Alzheimer amyloid clumps found in young adult brain   -   Lifelong accumulation of amyloid in neurons may contribute to Alzheimer's.   [read more]   March 07, 2015  
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Widely Used Food Additive Promotes Colitis, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, Research Shows   -   Two emulsifiers commonly used in mayonnaise, ice cream and other products lead to inflammation in the gut.   [read more]   March 08, 2015  
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How Glutathione Can Save Your Life   -   The most crucial of all antioxidants, for the first time in a form that your body can actually use.   [read more]   March 09, 2015   Terry Lemerond
# of Ratings: 26 | comments: 6

Guarding Against the Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency   -   Tens of millions of Americans would be surprised to learn that winter has left them deficient in vitamin D. Your chances of being one of them are probably much greater than you imagine.   [read more]   March 09, 2015   Tiesha D. Johnson, BSN, RN
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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Appear to Protect Damaged Heart After Heart Attack   -   Study suggests omega-3 fatty acids may provide added benefits to standard care.   [read more]   March 11, 2015  
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Study IDs key birds that host Lyme disease bacteria in California   -   Birds are more important than previously recognized as hosts for Lyme disease-causing bacteria in California, study funds.   [read more]   March 13, 2015   Sarah Yang
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