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VIDEO: The Painful Truth: A Documentary   -   This 15-minute trailer showcases the upcoming documentary, The Painful Truth by Lynn Webster, MD.   [read more]   April 01, 2016  
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Neurocognitive improvements after best-practice intervention for chronic fatigue syndrome: ...   -   Neurocognitive performance improvements are found after CBT/GET programs.   [read more]   April 01, 2016   E. Cvejic et al.
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Understanding Muscle Dysfunction in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   -   Bioenergetic muscle dysfunction is evident in CFS/ME.   [read more]   April 02, 2016   G. Rutherford et al.
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VIDEO: Tired But Wired   -   Toby Morrison reviews the "tired but wired" feeling of fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.   [read more]   April 02, 2016  
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Chronic Illness: You Don’t Get It Until You Get It   -   Kim Penix believes no matter how loving and supportive and genuinely concerned a person is, they simply cannot understand the reality of chronic illness if they themselves are not ill.   [read more]   April 03, 2016   Kim Penix
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Regulatory T, natural killer T and gamma delta T cells in multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue ...   -   Bifferential expression of cell types between ME/CFS and MS suggests different pathways of disease.   [read more]   April 04, 2016   By S. Ramos et al.
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Natural killer cells and single nucleotide polymorphisms of specific ion channels and receptor genes ...   -   SNPs and genotypes may be involved in changes in NK cell function and the development of ME/CFS pathology.   [read more]   April 05, 2016   S. Marshall-Gradisnik et al.
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Next Gen Opioid Drugs Promise Pain Relief Without Side Effects   -   Cort Johnson explores research on new types of opioids to address pain.   [read more]   April 05, 2016   Cort Johnson
# of Ratings: 8 | comments: 1

Treatment expectations influence the outcome of multidisciplinary rehabilitation treatment in ...   -   Treatment expectations have little effect on fatigue and quality of life.   [read more]   April 06, 2016   D. C. Vos-Vromans et al.
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Cognitive Dysfunction in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: a Review of Recent Evidence   -   A brief neurocognitive battery specifically tailored to CFS would be beneficial in establishing a profile of cognitive dysfunction.   [read more]   April 07, 2016   E. Cvejic et al.
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