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The Association of Fatigue with Other Symptoms of Fibromyalgia   -   Researchers developed symptom cluster models that describe factors of fibromyalgia associated with fatigue severity.   [read more]   July 11, 2015   Nada Lukkahatai, et al.
# of Ratings: 3 | comments: 2

Study Evaluates 3 Types of Interventions for Spanish Fibromyalgia Patients   -   Spanish researchers evaluated the effectiveness of three types of interventions in fibromyalgia patients.   [read more]   July 16, 2015   P. Montesó-Curto, et al.
# of Ratings: 2 | comments: 0

Comorbid Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis Associated with Greater Use of Biologics   -   Danish researchers found greater use of biological therapy among rheumatoid arthritis patients who were also diagnosed with fibromyalgia.   [read more]   July 18, 2015   P.R. Lage-Hansen, et al.
# of Ratings: 1 | comments: 0

VIDEO: The Guaifenesin Protocol for Treating Fibromyalgia – An Interview with Dr. Melissa Congdon   -   Dr. Melissa Congdon discusses the Guaifenesin Protocol for treating fibromyalgia   [read more]   July 05, 2015  
# of Ratings: 5 | comments: 1

Ask the Doctor: Are trigger point injections cumulative over time?   -   Dr. Bennett answers a patient's question about trigger point injections.   [read more]   July 16, 2015   Robert M. Bennett, MD
# of Ratings: 1 | comments: 0

Oxidative Stress Related to Fibromyalgia Severity   -   Researchers in India found that there is a relationship between fibromyalgia and oxidative stress.   [read more]   July 19, 2015   Ghizal Fatima, et al.
# of Ratings: 4 | comments: 0

Why WokVel® + Longvida® Makes Sense for FM/CFS Aches & Pains   -   Tired of popping anti-inflammatories for aches and pains? Traditional herbs have been used for millennia to comfort stiff joints and achy muscles.   [read more]   June 29, 2015  
# of Ratings: 7 | comments: 1

The Iceberg Nature of Fibromyalgia Burden   -   Researchers discuss the “iceberg-like” burden of fibromyalgia for patients due to a lack of understanding by medical services, families and society.   [read more]   July 15, 2015   B. Ghavidel-Parsa, et al.
# of Ratings: 13 | comments: 0

Top 5 Natural Fibromyalgia Treatments   -   A certified nutrition specialist and chiropractic physician shares the five most effective natural fibromyalgia treatments.   [read more]   June 30, 2015   Dr. Josh Axe
# of Ratings: 28 | comments: 2

SURVEY RESULTS: What Triggered Your Illness?   -   ProHealth presents the results of an in-house survey on triggers and causes of fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.   [read more]   July 08, 2015   Erica Verrillo
# of Ratings: 17 | comments: 4

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