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Do Financial Conflicts of Interest Affect the Outcome of Fibromyalgia Drug Studies?   -   Although the majority of clinical trials for fibromyalgia drugs were sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, no association between financial conflict of interest and outcome was found.   [read more]   June 15, 2015   Winnie K. Pang, et al.
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A New Approach in Fibromyalgia Exercise Programs: Balance Training   -   Turkish researchers found that balance training had a beneficial effect on both balance and functional levels of fibromyalgia patients.   [read more]   June 20, 2015   S. Kibar, et al.
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Safely Manage Joint Inflammation: Curcumin   -   Most physicians treat rheumatoid and osteoarthritis pain with side effect-laden prescription drugs. A recent clinical trial reports that BCM-95 a superior-absorbing curcumin complex, safely circumvents multiple inflammatory targets rather than simply masking arthritis pain.   [read more]   June 25, 2015   Susan Evans
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Why WokVel® + Longvida® Makes Sense for FM/CFS Aches & Pains   -   Tired of popping anti-inflammatories for aches and pains? Traditional herbs have been used for millennia to comfort stiff joints and achy muscles.   [read more]   June 29, 2015  
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My ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Recovery Story   -   A scientist's personal story of how he recovered from ME/CFS and fibromyalgia.   [read more]   June 03, 2015   Dan Neuffer
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5 Tips for When Motivation Runs Out   -   A patient shares tips to help when chronic illness saps your motivation.   [read more]   June 24, 2015   Donna Grant
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From Our Readers: Comments & Suggestions – 6/10/2015   -   Questions, comments and suggestions from our readers.   [read more]   June 10, 2015  
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An Update on Drugs Used for Treating Fibromyalgia   -   Although none of the drugs currently available are fully effective against all fibromyalgia symptoms, several have been found to help one or more symptoms.   [read more]   June 19, 2015   Elena P Calandre, et al.
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An Evaluation of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors for Fibromyalgia   -   A review of clinical trials using selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for fibromyalgia found little evidence that they were effective for any FM symptoms other than depression.   [read more]   June 05, 2015   B. Walitt, et al.
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Influence of Greater Occipital Nerve Stimulation on Cerebral Pain Processing in Fibromyalgia   -   Researchers found that Occipital Nerve Stimulation (ONS) induces a modification of the balance between antinociceptive pain inhibitory pathways and pain-provoking pathways.   [read more]   June 17, 2015   Mark Plazier MD, et al.
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