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Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS in Canada: Prevalence and Health Status   -   A Canadian survey looked at the prevalence of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and their impact on health status.   [read more]   March 28, 2015   C. Rusu, MD, et al.
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The Slow Death of Compassion for the Chronically Ill   -   Learn how society has gradually been programmed to feel less compassion for the chronically ill.   [read more]   March 27, 2015  
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From Our Readers: Comments & Suggestions – 3/18/2015   -   Questions, comments and suggestions from our readers.   [read more]   March 18, 2015  
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8 Fibromyalgia Diet Disaster Do Overs   -   What to do when you slip up and eat something that's not on your fibromyalgia diet plan.   [read more]   March 29, 2015   Sue Ingebretson
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Suicidal Ideation Prevalent in Fibromyalgia   -   Spanish researchers found that 48% of fibromyalgia patients studied reported having thoughts about suicide.   [read more]   March 25, 2015   Elena P. Calandre MD, et al.
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VIDEO: Patience by Ren Gill   -   In this moving video, a young person with ME expresses himself through his music with the aim of bringing comfort and solace to anyone who is suffering.   [read more]   March 24, 2015  
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Poor Sleep Quality Linked to Increased Pain and Reduced Activity in Fibromyalgia   -   Researchers found that poor sleep quality predicted increased pain, lower positive affect and lower activity levels in fibromyalgia patients.   [read more]   March 04, 2015   D.J. Kothari, et al.
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Aching Muscles? Top 10 Nutrients to Take Back Your Life   -   Known to help ease muscle, tissue and joint discomfort, promote serotonin production, encourage healthy inflammation response   [read more]   March 11, 2015   Karen Lee Richards*
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Fibromyalgia Treatments in Adult Subgroups   -   Researchers assessed the comparative effectiveness of treatments for fibromyalgia in subgroups of highly affected or clinically complex adults.   [read more]   March 08, 2015   Mary L Forte, PhD, DC, et al.
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Fibromyalgia and Nutrition: What News?   -   Reviewing research, Italian scientists found that nutrition is a promising tool in the multidisciplinary treatment of fibromyalgia.   [read more]   March 23, 2015   A. Rossi, et al.
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