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#ISpeakForPain Blitz   -   People making decisions that significantly affect your quality of life (federal officials, legislators and policy makers) need to hear from you. Joining #ISpeakForPain and telling your story can affect policy decisions and new areas of research.   [read more]   July 05, 2016   NFMCPA
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Laggard: Is an Under-Active Brain the Problem in ME/CFS?   -   Cort Johnson reports on recent ME/CFS brain research.   [read more]   July 28, 2016   Cort Johnson
# of Ratings: 4 | comments: 1

Reduced diversity and altered composition of the gut microbiome in individuals with myalgic ...   -   Research results indicate dysbiosis of the gut microbiota in ME/CFS.   [read more]   July 01, 2016   Ludovic Giloteaux et al.
# of Ratings: 3 | comments: 0

Reduced cardiac volumes in chronic fatigue syndrome associate with plasma volume but not length of ...   -   The relationship between plasma volume and severity of fatigue symptoms suggests a potential therapeutic target in CFS.   [read more]   July 04, 2016   Julia L Newton et al.
# of Ratings: 4 | comments: 0

Nitrosative Stress, Hypernitrosylation, and Autoimmune Responses to Nitrosylated Proteins: New ...   -   Increased bacterial translocation may drive hypernitrosylation and autoimmune responses against nitrosylated proteins.   [read more]   July 05, 2016   G. Morris et al.
# of Ratings: 2 | comments: 0

Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-like Receptor Genotype and Haplotype Investigation of Natural Killer ...   -   A study reports the differences in the frequency of KIR on the telomeric A/B motif in CFS/ME patients.   [read more]   July 06, 2016   T. K. Huth et al.
# of Ratings: 1 | comments: 0

Move More: How I Actually Started Exercising with a Chronic Condition   -   How one patient found doable flexibility and range-of-motion exercises that have reduced her pain and improved her well-being.   [read more]   July 01, 2016   Katrina Zulak
# of Ratings: 6 | comments: 0

The Other MEGA Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Project: Dr. Hornig Talks   -   The Simmaron Research Foundation has put together a megaproject – a diverse, multidimensional attack focused on getting at the molecular underbelly of ME/CFS.   [read more]   July 07, 2016   Cort Johnson
# of Ratings: 6 | comments: 0

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: the Small Heart Disease   -   Did you know that you probably have a smaller heart than normal? Four studies suggest that if you have chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) you probably do.   [read more]   July 08, 2016   Cort Johnson
# of Ratings: 2 | comments: 0

Novel characterisation of mast cell phenotypes from peripheral blood mononuclear cells in chronic ...   -   Study finds a significant increase of naïve MCs in moderate and severe CFS/ME patients compared with healthy controls.   [read more]   July 09, 2016   T. Nguyen et al.
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