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VIDEO: Seeking a Balanced Pain Policy   -   Today we have powerful medications to treat debilitating chronic and terminal pain. However, all too often these medications are not used due to a number of factors, including a lack of education in the medical community and a federal government campaign to prevent abuse of controlled substances.   [read more]   July 03, 2016  
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GUIDELINES FOR PAIN WARRIORS   -   Celeste Cooper outlines patient options when faced with harm as a result of patient abandonment or changes in their pain care by their providers.   [read more]   July 04, 2016   Celeste Cooper
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The Exercise Intolerance in POTS, ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Explained?   -   Cort Johnson reviews research by David System and William Oldham linking ME/CFS and fibromyalgia and unexplained exercise intolerance.   [read more]   July 07, 2016   Cort Johnson
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5 Ways That I Reduce Stress During Tough Times   -   Learn 5 tips that can help you cope with stressful circumstances that threaten to make your chronic illness worse.   [read more]   July 08, 2016   Julie Ryan
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Exercise-induced mitochondrial dysfunction: a myth or reality?   -   Exhaustive exercise fosters mitochondrial disturbances that could permanently damage its function in health and disease.   [read more]   July 11, 2016   S. M. Ostojic
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ACTION ALERT: Improve US chronic pain care   -   Your voice matters. Sign the White House Petition and share on social media with ISpeakForPain to encourage your friends to sign by August 11!   [read more]   July 28, 2016  
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Widespread pain and altered renal function in ME/CFS patients   -   Increases in pain are associated with reductions in serum essential amino acids, urea, serum sodium and increases in serum glucose and 24-hour urine volume.   [read more]   July 13, 2016   Neil R Mcgregor et al.
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8 Things to Consider for Depression   -   Nikki Albert shares coping tips for depression.   [read more]   July 14, 2016   Nikki Albert
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VIDEO: Living with Chronic Pain   -   Shawna shares her experience living with chronic pain.   [read more]   July 15, 2016  
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Moving Forward When a Treatment Proves Unsuccessful   -   It's discouraging when a new treatment doesn't work for us, but we can learn to move on and continue trying to find treatments that will be successful.   [read more]   July 14, 2016   Donna Grant
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