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Why dark chocolate is good for your heart   -   New research suggests that consumption of dark chocolate lowers the augmentation index, a key vascular health predictor, and reduces adhesion of white blood cells to the vessel wall.   [read more]   March 19, 2014  
# of Ratings: 8 | comments: 0

RBC volume deficiency in patients with excessive orthostatic decrease in cerebral blood flow ...   -   Low RBC volume may play an important role in the pathophysiology of OI, especially those with POTS.   [read more]   March 26, 2014   Chun-Jen Lin et al.
# of Ratings: 2 | comments: 0

A tricky balancing act: antibiotics versus the gut microbiota   -   Antibiotics have many benefits. Unfortunately, they also cause disruption to the normal gut microbiota, possibly leading to weight gain, allergies, IBD, asthma and other immune system problems.   [read more]   March 23, 2014  
# of Ratings: 1 | comments: 0

Role of gut pathogens in development of irritable bowel syndrome   -   A number of bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens have been found to be associated with the development of IBS and other functional GI disorders.   [read more]   March 25, 2014   Madhusudan Grover
# of Ratings: 3 | comments: 0

Systematic review: faecal microbiota transplantation therapy for digestive and nondigestive ...   -   Fecal  transplantation therapy shows promise in both adults and children with gastrointestinal diseases such as CDI and IBD, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome.   [read more]   April 05, 2014   S. Sha et al.
# of Ratings: 0 | comments: 0

Can Vitamin A Turn Back the Clock on Breast Cancer?   -   Pre-cancerous cells treated with a vitamin A derivative revert into non-cancerous cells.   [read more]   April 13, 2014  
# of Ratings: 0 | comments: 0

CoQ10 Proven Benefits in Heart Failure Patients   -   A 10-year study conclusively shows that CoQ10 supplementation significantly improves survival for even the most severe┬áheart failure patients while radically reducing incidences of hospitalization.   [read more]   April 14, 2014   Bradley Tompkins
# of Ratings: 0 | comments: 0

Research Highlights Risk for Acetaminophen Toxicity from Use of Over the Counter and Prescription ...   -   Review of published literature points to need for physician monitoring, awareness of patient overuse of acetaminophen   [read more]   April 15, 2014  
# of Ratings: 0 | comments: 1

From Our Readers - Comments and Suggestions 4/16/2014   -   From Our Readers - Comments and Suggestions Wellness HealthWatch 3/16/2014   [read more]   April 16, 2014  
# of Ratings: 0 | comments: 0

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From Our Readers - Comments and Suggestions 4/16/2014...
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Research Highlights Risk for Acetaminophen Toxicity from Use of Over the Counter...
April 15, 2014

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April 14, 2014

CoQ10 Proven Benefits in Heart Failure Patients...
April 14, 2014

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April 14, 2014

Can Vitamin A Turn Back the Clock on Breast Cancer?...
April 13, 2014

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April 13, 2014

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