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Study Shows Cats Are A Primary Host for Bartonella Infections   -   This study evaluated the incidence of Bartonella in Japanese cats, which are a primary reservoir for this Lyme-related infection.   [read more]   August 13, 2017   S. Sato, et al.
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Five Supplements that Improve Cognitive Function in Lyme Disease   -   Author and Lyme expert Connie Strasheim shares about five supplements that improve cognitive function in Lyme disease   [read more]   August 12, 2017   Connie Strasheim
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How Cannabis Mitigates Symptoms in Neurological Disease   -   Cannabis has been shown to mitigate symptoms of neurological disease via a variety of mechanisms.   [read more]   August 11, 2017   JL Croxford
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VIDEO: How DNRT Healed One Woman of Lyme, Mold Illness, PTSD, and EMF Sensitivity   -   A woman shares her story of overcoming Lyme disease, mold illness, EMF sensitivity, and other conditions using Dynamic Neural Retraining.   [read more]   August 10, 2017   Dynamic Neural Retraining System
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Global Lyme Diagnostics Welcomes Dr. Mark Filidei and Dr. Jodie A. Dashore To Scientific Advisory ...   -   Global Lyme Diagnostics has announced that Dr. Mark Filidei, and Dr. Jodie Dashore have joined GLD's Scientific Advisory Board.   [read more]   August 09, 2017   Global Lyme Diagnostics
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How Permethrin-Treated Clothing Affects Tick Behavior   -   A research study evaluates permethrin-treated clothing to see how it affects tick behavior.   [read more]   August 08, 2017   L. Eisen, et al.
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The Effect of Artesunate on Short-Term Memory in Lyme Disease   -   Artesunate, a derivative of Babesia, has been found to ameliorate memory loss in Babesia-induced cognitive dysfunction.   [read more]   August 07, 2017   BK Puri, et al.
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Risk Factors for Severe Infection, Hospitalization, and Antimicrobial Therapy in Patients with ...   -   This study evaluated 128 patients with Babesia to compare the severity of the infection in those with Lyme versus those without.   [read more]   August 06, 2017   N. Mareedu, et al.
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Lyme Disease Causes Dopamine Deficiency Leading to Depression, Anxiety and Parkinsonian-Like ...   -   Research shows that Lyme interferes with proper dopamine production and can lead to depression, anxiety and Parkinsonian-like symptoms.   [read more]   August 05, 2017   K. Blum, et al.
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VIDEO: Dear Healthy People: Are You Feeling Better?   -   Are you feeling better? Ken McKim proposes a better question for a chronically ill person.   [read more]   August 05, 2017  
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