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Natural Wellness News & Research

Calorie restriction promotes longevity through effects on mitochondrial network
Dietary restriction and intermittent fasting have been shown to promote healthy aging.... November 4, 2017

Discover Why Ashwagandha Can Be Used for Stress and Anxiety
Ashwagandha, also known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng, is a popular herb in Ayurvedic medicine.... November 2, 2017

Higher resveratrol dose linked to lower glucose levels in type 2 diabetics
Resveratrol supplementation may improve fasting plasma glucose, HOMA-IR (a measure of insulin resistance), and insulin in diabetic patients.... November 1, 2017

Drug can dramatically reduce weight of people with obesity
Researchers find that on average the daily energy intake, a measure of the amount of food consumed, is 24 per cent lower with semaglutide.... October 31, 2017

Carnitine supplementation could improve cold tolerance and more
Acylcarnitines are fatty acyl esters of L-carnitine that are found to increase in young mice during cold adaptation.... October 30, 2017

Nutrition has benefits for brain network organization
A new study finds that monounsaturated fatty acids - a class of nutrients found in olive oils, nuts and avocados - are linked to general intelligence,... October 27, 2017

Lower magnesium levels linked with increased mortality risk during up to 40 years of follow-up
Serum magnesium may be clinically useful for predicting long-term health outcomes and mortality in the general population.... October 25, 2017

Insufficient calcium affects significant portion of the globe
In many parts of the world, the low average calcium intake may be putting most people at increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis.... October 24, 2017

A spoonful of oil: Fats and oils help to unlock full nutritional benefits of veggies, study suggests
Some dressing with your greens may help you absorb more nutrients, according to a new study.... October 23, 2017

On-and-off fasting helps fight obesity, study finds
Fasting shows benefits after only six weeks, according to a new study.... October 22, 2017

Can Pomegranates Slow Aging?
Anti-aging scientists are excited. Recent discoveries with a unique nutrient linked to pomegranates show promise to extend our lives and enhance overall quality of life. The research suggests it may s... October 22, 2017

Trial findings help explain omega-3’s anti-inflammatory effect
Atherogenic index (a marker of cardiovascular disease) and triglycerides improved in participants who received omega 3.... October 21, 2017

Lovage: How Does This Herb Lift Up Your Health?
Learn about the potential uses and health benefits of lovage, and see how you can incorporate this herb into your meals.... October 20, 2017

Optimized Curcumin Longvida with Omega-3

Natural Remedies

Guarding Against the Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency Guarding Against the Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency
Milk Thistle: Trusted Support for Health & Healing in a Toxic World Milk Thistle: Trusted Support for Health & Healing in a Toxic World
Curcumin - a Golden Gift of Nature with Benefits Still Untold Curcumin - a Golden Gift of Nature with Benefits Still Untold
Thyroid Health and Fibromyalgia Thyroid Health and Fibromyalgia
Ubiquinol - A More Advanced Form of the Energy Producing Nutrient CoQ-10 Ubiquinol - A More Advanced Form of the Energy Producing Nutrient CoQ-10

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