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Hot Topics and Readers' Notes - 07-18-12

  [ 20 votes ]   [ Discuss This Article ] • July 18, 2012

Evidence 3 Oils May Lower Effects of Chronic Stress

Dr. Patrick B Massey, MD, PhD is well known as one of "America's Top Physicians" in Internal/Integrative Medicine. In a new opinion piece published by the Natural Health Reseach Institute, he writes: "There is evidence that three oils are important for chronic stress. Two are fish oils: eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid [EPA & DHA] and one is found in cell membranes, phosphatidyl serine." (See "Some Supplements May Lower Effects of Chronic Stress," posted June 28, 2012.)


Survey for Those with MCS or ME/CFS
Researcher Dr. Harold Zeliger is conducting a study on MCS and CFS. He is a chemical toxicologist who has been studying the consequences of chemical combinations on human health. Dr. Zeliger wrote the book Human Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures. A write-up appeared in the MCS America News in October of 2008 and may be found at

If you have MCS or CFS, please take a moment to answer this brief 5 question survey, which can be accessed here: Thank you very much for taking the time to complete and pass on this survey. The results will help physicians and scientists better understand the nature of these conditions and hopefully lead to their prevention and treatment. - MCS America (, July 15, 2012


Post-Exercise Malaise Webinar Thursday, Jul 19

On Thursday, July 19, the CFIDS Association of America hosted a webinar on the information about post exertion malaise that ME/CFS/FM patients have asked for the most. The webinar is now over but stay tuned for the CAA's recap of the event.


Unsuspected Aspirin Allergy May Translate to Food Allergies

Here's some intriguing information - "Aspirin Allergy May Translate to Food Allergies" by Dr. Rivkah Roth, a specialist in gluten and other sensitivities. According to Dr. Roth, many people may be allergic to the (acetyl)salicylic acid in aspirin, and in many common vegetables, spices and fruits, which she lists, as well as many personal products. As with other true allergies the more exposure to salicylic acid (as in the daily baby aspirin habit), the more severe the allergic symptoms as the years go by.


Websites/Blogs/Articles for Spouse Caregivers

Lisa Copen at is putting together a list of online resources for women and men who are caregivers for their chronically ill spouses. If you would like to add a resource to the list, she invites, please post a brief summary of the site & your link in the comments here.


Most Food Pros Uninformed about Gluten; Online Training

According to a report on, fully 96% of chefs and restaurateurs at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago failed to answer 4 simple questions about gluten that are crucial for the safety of gluten sensitive people. To correct that risk, and support food service credibility among the large gluten-sensitive market, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness offers an online gluten training program with certificate and 6 credit hours, plus materials for staff training (manual, bilingual DVD), and publicity (window decals, PR tools).


Let's Do It For ME Fundraiser More Than Half Way There!

Invest in ME’s Let’s Do It For ME patient-driven fund has raised nearly $54,000 toward its target of $100K to support the first step toward a "UK Centre for Biomedical Research into ME." Read about the planned center, involving a collaboration within the infrastructure of the University of East Anglia and Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, here:


Study to Unravel Differences in FM Medication Response

Why do fibromyalgia patients respond so differently to medications? Researchers at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, are recruiting for a study to find blood biomarkers that could identify FM subsets. The drug involved in this case will be the prescription drug pregabalen (trade name Lyrica®).


Large Lyme Vaccine Market Awaits Pharma Encouragement

Dogs can be vaccinated for Lyme, but 'expert' disagreements quashed marketing of the FDA-approved Lymerix vaccine in 1998. As discussed in this Boston Globe editorial ("Lyme disease vaccines deserve a scond look"), it's up to public health authorities to take the lead to either "bring existing vaccines back - or promote research on new & better ones."


Dr. Bested Relocating to Head Vancouver FM Clinic

Alison Bested, MD, has treated FM, ME/CFS, MCS and Lyme patients in Toronto for more than 20 years. Now it is official that she will take the helm Oct 1 as Medical Director of the new Complex Chronic Disease Clinic in Vancouver.


When They Say, "You Can't Be That Sick"

Re: 'You're too young to be that sick!' and other misconceptions about invisible Illness

Unless you have cancer, a terminal illness, a broken arm or leg, something [people] can actually see, they think it's all in your head. Their comments are cruel and they haven't a clue what you're dealing with… I will not go out in public looking the way I do at home… If our critics could see the way we look while at home maybe they wouldn't be so quick to judge… This article says, find someone to talk to, like a support group. Well, I've tried to talk to my family and friends. They still don't fully understand. Finally, I found someone - a good Therapist. At least I have someone who will listen and who tries to help me. - J

I understand that the ones closest to you can hurt you the most. I have been ill with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia for the past 18 years... I have spent all these years trying to help my family to understand to no avail. I have come to the conclusion that we should just stay away as much as possible from everyone who doesn't get it, because it gives us a lot of stress, and increases our pain. - M


FDA's New Long-Acting Opioid Strategy

Karen Lee Richards, HealthCentral's fibromyalgia patient guide, has summarized key things to know about the FDA's new strategy regarding extended release opioid drugs. Her concern has been on "whether or not they would discourage some doctors from prescribing opioids for chonic pain patients who need them," she says. But "as they currently stand, I don't see anything in the new REMS that should have a negative impact on chronic pain patients.”


'Patient Expert' Corps Trained to Work with Others

An NHS project in North Lincolnshire, UK, is an "idea worth spreading," as the TED talks would say. The program trains people with chronic health conditions such as fibromyalgia to help others take control of their health - and have helped many - as explained in this article published July 12 by the Scunthorpe Telegraph ("Support Group Helped Me Regain Control of My Life").


Note: This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any illness, condition or disease.

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