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Letters From Our Readers - Comments and Suggestions 1-10-07

  [ 132 votes ]   [ Discuss This Article ] • January 10, 2007

Another Call for Men with FM

I can only add my voice to those who request more attention to men with Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in 1999, but I'm sure the disease manifested itself long before that. I'm lucky that I have a rheumatologist who is aware of the problems I have with both rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

However, the constraints put on all physicians concerning prescribing opiates and other schedule two drugs make it difficult to have pain under reasonable control. The other problems associated with these disorders such as anemia, fatigue, confusion, disordered sleep, etc. can also combine to make our lives a living hell some days. Add these factors to the well known fact that men don't report physical problems as often as women, and I'm sure the problems and occurrence in men are under reported. We all need to get past the mindset that Fibromyalgia is mainly a female disorder. - Paul


Thanks for Info on Sleeping Pill Ads

I'm a new subscriber to your newsletter and have just read about the Consumer Reports report on sleeping pills [“The Danger in Sleeping Pill Advertising: Reading Beyond the Lines” from the 12/6/06 FM Newsletter]. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. These have been my views for some time, and I now can pass this report along to my Father… - Bruce


Reader Recommends Book

I want to recommend a book I just finished reading. It's called Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Seven Proven Steps to Less Pain and More Energy by Fred Frieberg, PhD. It's very objective, thorough, reader-friendly, honest, funny, informative and supportive. It's actually the first book I have read on the topic that I really like. I have had FMS/CFIDS for 20 years. - Karen


Help! My Insurance Won’t Pay

Can you tell me why my Blue Cross/Blue Shield won't pay for my doctor's tests to "fix me?” Do you know what I can do to get them to help me with the bills? It's so unfair! - Wendy Note: Understanding and working with insurance companies can be extremely frustrating. Since every policy is different, it’s impossible to give specific answers or recommendations. However, you can ask your insurance company to tell you why they refuse to cover certain tests. Your doctor may be able to appeal their decision or find a way to work around the restrictions. Don’t give up. If all else fails and you have to pay for a test, many hospitals and doctors will give a significant discount if you pay cash when you have the test.


Doc Reads Articles I Bring

The letter from GB on "Good Apples" was great. I have not had any trouble with my primary doctor when I tell him about my new or old symptoms. He has a lot to juggle with me; asthma, constant environmental allergies, chronic sinusitis, bouts of pneumonia, regular arthritis and to top it off, Fibromyalgia. He tells me that I am a "challenge" but he also is very receptive to all the news articles I copy off of your website to give to him to read.

He's a gem but I find that I am the one who needs to be informed about my condition, and to write down all the symptoms as they occur so I can have a concise yet informative visit. He is also a gem because I never feel rushed. Thank God for wonderful Doctors. There are a lot of quackers out there, but like the old saw says: What do you call the guy who graduated last in his class at Med school? Doctor. - T


Lock Me Out Forever

Please block all access to your site from me forever and all eternity. It depresses me, and since I'm bored I tend to sit and read it. Thanks. - Jean

Note: Spending too much time reading about your illness can sometimes be depressing. On the downside, eternity is a very long time to miss important new research and helpful information, and we’re sorry about that. But in the meantime when you’re bored, try checking out some humor sites or watch a funny movie. Studies have shown that laughter actually does cause changes in the body that improve both mood and physical health.

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