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The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in consecutive new [general rheumatology clinic] patients seen over a 6-month period... – Source: Clinical Rheumatology, Dec 24, 2010

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By M Haroon, et al. • • December 27, 2010

[Note: To read the full text of this free access article ("The Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in consecutive new patients seen over a 6-month period in general rheumatology clinics,") click HERE.]

The objectives of this study are to assess: (a) the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among new patients attending rheumatology outpatient departments, (b) the age profile of these low vitamin D patients and (c) whether any diagnostic category had a particularly high number of vitamin D-deficient patients.

All new patients seen consecutively in general rheumatology clinics between January to June 2007 inclusive were eligible to partake in this study, and 231 out of 264 consented to do so.

Parathyroid hormone, 25-hydroxyvitamin D, creatinine, calcium, phosphate, albumin and alkaline phosphatase levels were measured.

We defined vitamin D deficiency as 53 nmol/l or less and severe deficiency as 25 nmol/l or less.

• Overall, 70% of 231 patients had vitamin D deficiency, and 26% had severe deficiency.

• 65% of patients aged 65 or older and 78% of patients aged 30 or younger had low vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D deficiency in each diagnostic category was as follows:

(a) Inflammatory joint diseases/connective tissue diseases (IJD/CTD), 69%;

(b) Soft tissue rheumatism, 77%;

(c) Osteoarthritis, 62%;

(d) Non-specific musculoskeletal back pain, 75% and

(e) Osteoporosis, 71%.

Seasonal variation of vitamin D levels was noted in all diagnostic groups apart from inflammatory joint diseases/connective tissue diseases group, where the degree of vitamin D deficiency persisted from late winter to peak summer.

Very high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency was noted in all diagnostic categories (p= 0.006), and it was independent of age (p = 0.297).

The results suggest vitamin D deficiency as a possible modifiable risk factor in different rheumatologic conditions, and its role in inflammatory joint diseases/connective tissue diseases warrants further attention.

Source: Clinical Rheumatology, Dec 24, 2010. PMID: 21184246, by Haroon M, Bond U, Quillinan N, Phelan MJ, Regan MJ. Arthritis and Osteoporosis Centre, Department of Rheumatology, South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital, Cork, Ireland. [Email:]

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Article Comments Post a Comment

Vit D....Dr.s ALL need a huge wake up call
Posted by: MSBNURSE1
Jan 5, 2011
Come on Dr.s (I am in the medical profession mhyself) need to be paying attn at your conferences instead of signing in and out at your out of state down south GOLF. I am sick of all the piousness..get informed, our lives depend on it...of does your income if you "heal us" by listening and learning.Hmmmmm...tough thought to mull over! Dr.s need to pay attn to patients who take the time to read..via interent or else where re their illnesses..and it's time they quit feeling so put out by an informed patient no matter where they found their information.It means the Dr./staff are not doing their job..the patient had to look elsewhere re their symptoms and try to piece things together in order not to make the Dr. feel intimidated..shame on you,twice!
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two tests for Vit D
Posted by: Sandy10m
Jan 13, 2011
This study didn't look at both forms of Vit D that can be tested. They only looked at 25-hydroxyvitamin D, but there is also the 1-25-hydroxyvitamin D. 25-D is the raw material to make 1-25-D. Measuring 1-25-D gives the bioavailable and usable form of Vit D, what your body uses directly. If it is low, then you can certainly say that someone's Vit D level is low. But, if 25-D is low, it only means that the resources are low. The factory doesn't necessarily shut down if it still has raw materials to work with. Also, there was no control group here. They should have tested a health sample population in the same region to see if the general population has a similar deficiency.
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