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Video of Rich Van K's ME/CFS & Methylation seminar in Sweden

  [ 7 votes ]   [ 3 Comments ] • October 5, 2011

Rich Van Konynenburg, PhD, gave a seminar in Sweden last week explaining the Glutathione Depletion-Methylation Cycle Block hypothesis of ME/CFS (and fibromyalgia) - and the recent trial of a protocol for treating it. The result is an excellent 3-part video that can be watched free online. As Rich explains it:

Hi, all:
I'm just back from Sweden, and the IAOMT [International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology] group who invited me to speak there has already put a video of my seminar on the web. The IAOMT was originally a group of biological dentists, interested particularly in mercury toxicity, but the Swedish branch has developed to include what we would call alternative or integrative physicians as well, and their interests extend to many of the issues involving ME/CFS.

You can find the video at this url:$%7Bweburl%7D

It is quite a long video, in three parts. They gave me several hours, so that I was able to go into considerable detail. I presented a basic description of ME/CFS and then discussed:

• The Glutathione Depletion-Methylation Cycle Block hypothesis,

• How it explains various aspects of ME/CFS,

• And testing, treatment, and the clinical study performed by Dr. Neil Nathan and myself.*

I hope you will find it interesting.

- Rich Van Konynenburg, PhD, Oct 4, 2011

* See also: “A Simplified Methylation Protocol is effective for the treatment of CFS and fibromyalgia,” by Neil Nathan, MD

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Article Comments Post a Comment

Autism and ME
Posted by: IanH
Oct 6, 2011
Rich VanK maintains that children who get ME develop Autism. This is questionable. While I do think there are links this developmental pathway is not ocnfirmed. Even in my own family, my daughter had ME at the time of her son's birth, he has ME (now 8 years old) but he does not have autism. However he has an uncle who does.
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Clarification of relationship between ME/CFS and autism
Posted by: richvank
Oct 18, 2011
Thanks to ProHealth for posting this notice in the library here. I want to clarify my view of the relationship between ME/CFS and autism, because I think there may have been a misunderstanding. My view is that ME/CFS and much of autism share the same basic biochemical abnormalities and probably many of the same genomic polymorphisms, though there has not been a complete genomic study of ME/CFS to test this latter view. It's true that autism has some strikingly different brain-related symptoms from ME/CFS, and also that the epidemiology of these two disorders is quite different (primarily baby boys get autism, and primarily adult women get ME/CFS, though these are not exclusive categories). I have suggested that these diffences stem from the different ages at onset. Autism onset occurs before the brain is fully developed, while ME/CFS occurs after at least the initial brain development has occurred. The development of the biochemical vicious circle mechanism that characterizes these disorders interferes with brain development if the onset occur early. It should be noted, though, that the adult with ME/CFS shares many of the other aspects with the autistic child: oxidative stress, buildup of toxins, immune dysfunction, digestive system problems, and others. I believe that there is genomic component involved in the etiology of both these disorders, and I think that accounts for the frequent reports that autism and ME/CFS have occurred within the same families, and also that more than one case of either autism or ME/CFS have also occurred in the same families. Again, I think that which disorder a given person will have depends on the age at onset. I invite those who are interested in more details about this to view the video of my seminar, at the site given above. Best regards, Rich Van Konynenburg, Ph.D.
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Slides from seminar are available
Posted by: richvank
Oct 18, 2011
Please note that the slides from the seminar can be downloaded from the IAOMT site, also. They can be found at this site under the word "bildspel."

Best regards, Rich Van Konynenburg, Ph.D.


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