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New Products (Colostrum & Valerian with Lemon Balm)

  [ 546 votes ]   [ Discuss This Article ] • October 1, 1999

Colostrum’s Immune-Boosting Power

Bovine Colostrum is the “mother’s milk” taken from dairy cows during the first 24 hours after calving. The liquid is characterized by a high protein, immunoglobulin and antibody content, with immune and growth factors that are highly bio-available to humans. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Bovine Colostrum.

Why Bovine (Cow's) Colostrum?
Scientific research, conducted in the last decade in major medical research centers and universities throughout the world, has shown that the combination of the immune and growth factors in Bovine colostrum are virtually identical to those in human colostrum. Research has also shown that bovine colostrum is not species-specific and can work effectively in humans as well as "lower" mammals.

Do I Need Colostrum As An Adult?
Research has shown that once puberty has passed, our bodies gradually produce less of the immune and growth factors that help us fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue. With the loss of these vital components, we age until we eventually die. Colostrum is the only natural source of these life-giving components...the actual immune factors and all of our body's growth factors (hormones) in perfect combination as nature intended. Research has shown that colostrum has demonstrated the ability to kill bacteria and viral invaders, stimulate tussue repair, (particularly that of the bowel lining), stimulate fat utilization for fuel, and optimize cellular reproduction.
In addition, many of us were not breast-fed, so we missed the natural “seeding" of our immune and digestive systems that colostrum gives all newborn mammals -- and that nature intended for us to have. Research by the CDC and NIH has shown that children who are breast-fed have far fewer childhood diseases than those who are formula-fed. So those of us who missed out on the natural benefits of breast-feeding may have immune and digestive systems that are somewhat compromised. Colostrum can help restore these systems to optimum function, no matter how old we are.

What Else Should I Be Aware Of When Selecting A Brand Of Colostrum?
Colostrum should be collected during the first 24 hours after birth when it contains its highest concentration of immune and growth factors and digestive inhibitors. The colostrum should not be exposed to high heat pasteurization which can damage many of the proteins contained. Processing methods vary between products; confirm that you are purchasing 100% Colostrum that is free from growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

What If I'm Lactose-Intolerant?
True colostrum contains almost no lactose, so those that are lactose-intolerant should have no problems with high quality colostrum.

How Safe Is Colostrum ?
Colostrum is a natural food. It can be consumed in any quantity without side effects or drug interactions.

How Does Colostrum Interact With Other Supplements or Prescription Medications?
Although colostrum has no drug interactions, you may experience side effects from other supplements, herbs or medications you take that you never experienced before. Colostrum helps heal the bowel. This means you are better utilizing the nutrients from the food you eat, in addition to more efficiently assimilating anything else you put in your body.

How Much Should I Take, And When?
Every person is unique with regard to the amount of colostrum that is best for them. Many natural health practitioners suggest that, for best results, colostrum should be "front loaded", that is, taken in larger doses initially, with lower doses after the desired results are obtained. If the benefits you have experienced diminish when you decrease dosage, go back to your initial intake. For best results, begin with 2-4 taken twice daily, or as recommended by your health care practitioner. Take colostrum first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty, and then again a couple of hours after lunch.

What If I Start To Feel Worse When I Start Taking Colostrum?
Some people may experience a healing incident as the body releases toxins. Symptoms could be digestive problems, skin eruptions, rashes or flu-like symptoms. These symptoms usually disappear in a couple of days. It's interesting that if you listen to your body, you become aware of where colostrum has gone in your body to do its work colostrum's growth factors may create initial pain in areas of old wounds or injuries as they heal. If this becomes uncomfortable, you may want to cut back on the colostrum for a few days, and then resume at a lower quantity, increasing your intake slowly as you reach optimum levels.

What If I'm Pregnant or Nursing?
Ask your doctor or medical professional prior to taking any prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, herbal and nutritional supplements. This includes colostrum.

Can I Give My Children Colostrum?
The immune factors in colostrum may be very beneficial to your children -- especially in circumstances such as lingering or recurring viral and bacterial infections, etc. We suggest that you consult with your health care provider.

How Is Colostrum Different From Herbal Remedies?
Herbs are plant-based nutrients that may nourish or stimulate the body to produce that which is needed. Colostrum not only stimulates the body to produce its own life-giving immune and growth factors, but also actually supplements and replaces them, as well.

Can Colostrum Help My Nutritional Supplements Work Better?
Yes. Colostrum can restore homeostasis in the bowel by killing harmful bacteria and viruses, restoring levels of beneficial bacteria, and healing the bowel lining, When this takes place, all nutrients (including vitamins, minerals, herbal and other supplements) and oral pharmaceutical medications are utilized more effectively. This can reduce or even eliminate the need for many additional supplements and medications. If you experience increased side effects of medications and supplements, consult with your healthcare provider for advice and a re-evaluation of you supplementation or medication needs.

I Can't Swallow the Capsule. How Can I Take Colostrum?
Colostrum works best taken in capsule form, on an empty stomach, with 8-12 ounces of water. If you cannot swallow capsules, you may open the capsule and mix it with a few tablespoons of yogurt, applesauce or other food. Don't forget to drink the water. Do not take any other supplements with colostrum and wait at least twenty minutes before you eat.
Source: BioSynergy Nutriceuticals.

Valerian with Lemon Balm

Valerian Root and Lemon Balm combine to form a safe, odorless, non-addicting choice for insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and pain. When taken before bed, this herbal combination induces a restful night's sleep without the fear of over-sedation or the “grogginess” or “hangover” often associated with prescription sleep aids. In fact, it is safe enough to take during the day as an effective answer to muscle tension and mild anxiety.

Valerian Root is a centuries-old answer to sleeplessness, said to increase deep sleep and dreaming. By the 1700s, it was an accepted sedative and was also used for nervous disorders associated with a restless digestive tract.
Lemon Balm is commonly paired with other herbs like peppermint for digestion as well as with valerian for insomnia and nervousness and anxiety.

The effectiveness of valerian and lemon balm was tested against halcion, a prescription insomnia drug. Study participants were monitored for nine nights and study results found that the valerian/lemon balm combo matched the prescription counterpart in ability to induce sleep and in quality of sleep. The big difference was felt the next day: those taking the prescription reported feeling “hungover” and had trouble concentrating, while those taking the herbal remedy reported no next-day side effects.

The combination of valerian and lemon balm is a all-natural was to slip into sleep and ease out of nervous anxiety.

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4. Balch, James F., Ph.D., Balch, Phyllis A. C.N.C. Prescription for Nutritional Healing. New York, Avery Publishing Group, 1993.

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