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The Latest Supplement News & Research

An Introduction to Lyme Disease and Thyroid Health
Health advocate and Lyme survivor Jenny Lelwica Buttaccio shares pharmaceutical and natural remedies that support thyroid function in Lyme disease.... July 24, 2017

Healing the Gut with Stews, Soups and Supplements
Author and Lyme advocate Connie Strasheim shares about the healing power of soups, stews and supplements for restoring gut health in Lyme disease. ... July 14, 2017

Greater magnesium intake from food and supplements associated with decreased fracture risk
Higher dietary magnesium intake has a protective effect on bone osteoporotic fractures, particularly in women.... July 12, 2017

Are Americans Really Getting Too Much Vitamin D? A Critical Look at Recent Media Warnings
Current misinformation suggests Americans may be taking dangerously high levels of vitamin D, when in fact most are not getting nearly enough.... July 10, 2017

Healing the Gut: A Crucial Component of Recovery from Lyme Disease
Author and Lyme survivor Connie Strasheim shares tips for healing the gut in Lyme disease, and how the health of the gut is linked to the health of the entire body. ... July 7, 2017

VIDEO: Unique Approaches to Lyme Treatment with Dr. Shawn Naylor, DO
Health advocate Scott Forsgren interviews Colorado Lyme-literate doctor Shawn Naylor, DO on Lyme disease treatment.... July 1, 2017

Acetyl-L-carnitine improves memory and cognition in hypoxia-induced neurodegenerative conditions
Abstract: Acetyl-l-carnitine may improve memory and cognition and help to halt neurodegeneration in neurological conditions such as Lyme.... June 30, 2017

Phytochemicals and Micronutrients that Have Synergystic Anti-Borrelia Effects
Abstract: This study demonstrates that certain phytochemicals and micronutrients, when combined, have synergystic effects against Borrelia.... June 28, 2017

How Fish Oil Benefits Heart Disease Patients with Depression
Depression and heart disease might seem like two completely different diseases, but they share one common underlying factor: inflammation.... June 22, 2017

Curcumin Has Powerful Effects Upon Neurodegenerative Diseases
Abstract: Curcumin, a compound in turmeric, has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and has recently been shown to modulate several neurodegenerative diseases via epigenetic regulation.... June 19, 2017

The Efficacy of Different Artemisia Derivatives Against Babesia Gibsoni
Abstract: This study evaluates the efficacy of three malarial derivatives against Babesia gibsoni. ... June 16, 2017

The Role of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency in Neurodegenerative Disease: Why Supplementation is Crucial
Lyme book author Connie Strasheim shares about the importance of B-12 supplementation in Lyme disease, and symptoms and consequences of B-12 deficiency. ... June 14, 2017

The Genetic Mutation That May Compromise Your Health - And What to Do About It
Like all vitamins, folate or vitamin B9 plays a vital role in health. It's especially important for pregnant women and children as they grow. A deficiency can lead to serious health problems later in ... June 12, 2017

NAD+ Ignite with Niagen

Natural Remedies

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Natural Relief for Soreness, Pain and Swelling - Putting Out the Fire Natural Relief for Soreness, Pain and Swelling - Putting Out the Fire
Quercetin: Natural Support for Allergy & Inflammation Relief and More Quercetin: Natural Support for Allergy & Inflammation Relief and More

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