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Cymbalta Warning: Discontinuing May Result in Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

  [ 503 votes ]   [ 171 Comments ]
By Karen Lee Richards • • March 10, 2014

Cymbalta Warning: Discontinuing May Result in Severe Withdrawal Symptoms
In 2008, Cymbalta became the second drug to receive FDA approval for the treatment of fibromyalgia. It was classified as a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) antidepressant. At the time, the FM community was excited to have another medication available that would hopefully reduce pain for at least some FM patients. Little did we suspect the misery that could result when those patients wanted to stop taking Cymbalta.

The medical community has long known that abruptly discontinuing any antidepressant can result in Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome. That's why patients are (or should be) strongly urged not to suddenly quit taking an antidepressant but to talk with their doctor about gradually tapering off the medication.

Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome

However, neither physicians nor patients expected the severity of withdrawal from Cymbalta. In fact, it's bad enough to warrant its own diagnosis – Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome. An FDA advisory committee report about Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome states, “Much anecdotal evidence has accumulated documenting the injury, distress and life management impacts caused by discontinuation of Cymbalta. The effects of discontinuation can be severe and extend for weeks or even months.”

As you read through patient descriptions of their Cymbalta withdrawal experiences, it's not uncommon to see terms like “horrific,” “a nightmare,” and “going through hell.” Some of the withdrawal symptoms described include:

“Brain zaps”
(electric shock sensations)
Extreme mood swings
(“irritability that quickly turns to rage”)
Suicidal thoughts Paranoia
Dizziness Confusion
Nausea and Vomiting Limb pain
Headache Fatigue
Nightmares Insomnia
Diarrhea Anxiety
Excessive sweating Agitation
Involuntary crying or laughing Hypomania
Tinnitus Seizures

The Discontinuation Dilemma

When it comes to discontinuing Cymbalta, the prescribing information says, “A gradual reduction in the dose rather than abrupt cessation is recommended whenever possible. If intolerable symptoms occur following a decrease in the dose or upon discontinuation of treatment, then resuming the previously prescribed dose may be considered. Subsequently, the physician may continue decreasing the dose but at a more gradual rate.”

While gradually reducing the dose sounds like a reasonable approach, there is one very big problem. Cymbalta is only available in three dosages: 20 mg., 30 mg. and 60 mg. To complicate things even further, Cymbalta is a capsule, not a tablet that can be cut in half. Adding insult to injury, patients are warned, “Cymbalta...should not be chewed or crushed, nor should the capsule be opened and its contents sprinkled on food or mixed with liquids.” So although Cymbalta manufacturer, Eli-Lilly, recommends gradually reducing the dose, there is virtually no way to actually do that.

What Can You Do?

If you're currently taking Cymbalta and want to stop, talk with your doctor about developing a discontinuation plan. Make sure your doctor is aware of how severe Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome can be and discuss possible options for treating the various symptoms that you may experience. Some doctors have tried switching patients to a different antidepressant that is easier to taper off of and then treating other symptoms with appropriate medications (like antiemetics, antihistamines, etc.) through the withdrawal process.

If you are contemplating whether or not to take Cymbalta, be aware of what you're getting yourself into. Trying to get off of the drug may leave you feeling far worse than the fibromyalgia symptoms you're trying to relieve. Thoroughly discuss the pros and cons with your doctor before making a decision.

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Article Comments Post a Comment

Boy---You Ain't Kidding!
Posted by: BarbRishaw
Jan 18, 2015
I've taken Cymbalta for several years (for depression and muscle aches associated with me/cfs) and it's a fairly effective drug.

However, readers should take the discontinuation symptoms described in this article VERY seriously. It's no exaggeration. Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome (CDS) can be extremely uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. And a mild case of CDS on one occasion is no guarantee your next time will similar---it could easily be quite severe.

Cymbalta isn't an evil drug. It can be an effective weapon against anxiety, depression and pain. But using it comes at a price.
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Savella does too
Posted by: oneofakind503
Jan 21, 2015
I had a very similar experience getting off Savella. My doctor says they are similar meds. Anyone else have that happen? It was horrible. I reduced very slowly and it was excruciating each time. A year later I finally stopped the last dose and still spent months with agonizing symptoms including came close to trying suicide. Never again will I try these fibro meds. Lyrica was horrible too.
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Been there done that!!!
Posted by: tearydawn
Jan 21, 2015
I was only on it for a few months. Getting off led to the worst side effects I have ever experienced, so much so, that I will NEVER take it again and warn others about it as well. I couldn't turn my head without the whole room following slowly after. I felt drunk with no ability to sober up. I was raging. I was severely depressed and wanted to lash out at those around me. That is no who I am. It was the worst experience EVER and this drug should not be on the market. The side effects lasted for a couple months, not a few days and I DID taper off very slowly.
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Cymbalta withdrawal
Posted by:
Jan 22, 2015
Horrific is the correct word for Cymbalta withdrawal. I ran out over the weekend and couldn't afford to fill my script. I had every symptom described in this article except for the seizures. Between Cymbalta and Lyrica I don't know which withdrawal is worse and unfortunately I don't think either are helping my Fibromyalgia but I'm just too damned scared to give them up. I now know why it's so hard for a junkie to give up drugs
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Posted by: waterdipper
Jan 22, 2015
Hang in there. We know not all (many) drs are up-to-date, knowledgeable about all the variable symptoms we patients share with each other and know are real, not our normal before FM.

Individual variability to each medication is an important factor.
I pray for a resolution to your symptoms and
guidance to a better health guiding doctor.

Sometimes psychiatrists can know more about the meds.
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Posted by: waterdipper
Jan 22, 2015
Since Cymbalta, I have daily morning nightmares.

Re-tried Cymbalta over a two-year period 3 different times.
Same thing. Nightmares.

Dr (rheum) response: Class I, II, and III FM patients.
and Class II get Cymbalta and Lyrica.

After reading this article, a the class action lawsuit?, will consider discontinuance. Now, how, Lily?-generic manufacturer?

Need Congress to revamp of our health system and FDA and better regulation . Pharmaceutical industry enjoys exorbitant growth rate of up to 24% compared to the US economy (2%?).
Put first common people who are suffering in so many ways each tied to the other: financially, emotionally, physically, happiness and well-being!
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Posted by: wonderlik
Jan 25, 2015
Living in the country where there are not a choice of psychiatrists I have also been put on Cymbalta. A Dopamine tablet was also added. My fybromyalgia was never very severe. In fact I wasn't aware I had ituntil my dr. diagnosed me with it.

I am taking the Cymbalta for depression - that's why I went to the dr. - a GP.

My Question is now: Is there a certain time that I must stop taking Cymbalta or for how many years can I take it.
Why should I stop taking it? Why do others stop taking it?

Should I rather see a psychiatrist in the city??
I hope there are some one who could give me answers.
Thank you.
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Stopping Cymbalta, etc.
Posted by: Gibby1960
Feb 5, 2015
I stopped taking Cymbalta 90mg, Wellbutrin 300 and 150mg, and Amitriptyline 25mg. I didn't know about the severe withdrawal symptoms of these supposedly helpful medications. I have been so ill. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, dizziness, crying, headaches, flu like symptoms, severe itching, rash, muscle pain, unbelievable sweating like hot flashes on steroids, and insomnia to mention a few. I could not figure out why I was not getting better from what I thought was the flu or other such virus. Now that I know I need advise on how to push through this? I am NEVER letting this happen again. I will never take a medication that I do not research first. This is unreal!! Any help?
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same boat
Posted by: shrry
Nov 10, 2015
I stopped taking Cymbalta 90 cold turkey because I switched insurances and the new insurance had to put out all the hoops to jump, needless to say I have been without if for 5 days and I am so sick, I have never felt this way in my life, nausea, headaches, brain fog, crying all the time, I can't believe all of this is from side effects of not having Cymbalta, my dr is trying to fix the problem, but I am sure that I am not going to start taking it again.


Cymbalta withdrawal
Posted by: Lahomaviv
Feb 17, 2015
Well I can't decide if I feel better after reading these comments or worse. Without giving the long back story, I will tell you I have been on Cymbalta 120 mg and Zoloft 200 mg for about 10 years. It has worked pretty well. A year ago I began to have extreme difficulty with memory. I really believed that I had early onset Alzheimer's disease at 51 years old. I was terrified to say the least. I could no longer think well enough to continue working in my profession in accounting and business management. Fast forward a year, a lot of reading about the medicine I was on, drug interactions, homeopathic medicine, etc. and I am now off Cymbalta 100% as of 3 weeks ago. I first cut my dosage in half to 60 mg for about 3 weeks and then to taking no Cymbalta. The withdrawal, physically, was not too extreme, the withdrawal is extreme. The mood swings, wanting to die, fights with my husband, crying fits, blurred vision, stiff neck, diarrhea, headaches, and just general pain is miserable and does feel like I am in HELL! At least now after reading these posts, I now know I am not crazy. This sucks. I see my doctor next week and I will be filling him in on what has been going on. I have talked many times with him about being on both of these drugs, and I have never heard until today in reading these posts that there was something called Cymbalta withdrawal syndrome. It really makes me wonder about my Psychiatrist, how could he not know this. I am so scared that my life will just be this way forever and at 52 my life feels like it is over.
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At a loss
Posted by: cymbalta1
Mar 3, 2015
I weined myself off Cymbalta about a month ago. The side effects are still just a real as when I was on the med. I am having the withdrawal symptoms even after being off the med for a month. I have nightmares, I become agitated, my panic attacks have come back with a vengeance as well as my depression.

I can't remember things, I feel angry and just down right afraid. What I don't understand is why was the public not notified of this medication. My doctor never said anything about this shit.

I am afraid to go on anyting else to fix this problem I have with the withdrawl symptoms or my biggest fear is they won't be able to fix it.
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cymbalta withdrawal syndrome
Posted by: cymbalta43
Mar 7, 2015
I have been on Cymbalta 120mg for about 5 years. Inow have insomnia for which I have been prescribed zoplicone 10mg. It does not always work. I also suffer from a phantom itch that can strike anypart of my body and have gained weight. My knees and feet still experience pain at times. I was put on the medication for osteoarthritis and then depression when going through a tough relationship time. My daughter is an BScN and was horrified to see the drugs and dosage I am on. I am going to see my doctor for help with discontinuing cymbalta and the zoplicone. I will let the blog know how my journey progresses as it is frightening that there are no 'good' ending stories here to give hope for a drug free future.
Reply Reply

Cymbalta withdrawal
Posted by: Lkr64
Mar 14, 2015
Hi- I just found this site. I really thought something was drastically wrong w me(not that this isn't -just thought I had a disease or something)! Have been on 90mg of cymbalta for aprox 12 years( or as long as the drug has been around) . Have recently. Been diagnosed w an autoimmune disease that is affecting my liver. I therefore decided I needed to come off the cymbalta.......and you all seem to know what happened next! My question is-has anyone experienced vertigo so bad they can't walk? My head literally feels like it's going one way and my brain the other! I almost totally passed out today just standing at my counter-not moving too fast or doing anything crazy. Thanks to this site I have been made aware that cymbalta comes in 20mg-I'm Down to 30. Have been trying to do a pill for two days then no pill and so on-but I think maybe it would be better to go down to the 20 and then try the skipping a day . My heart and prayers go out to you all. No one can fully understand the hell you all have been through unless they have spent a few minutes in your shoes. If anyone could comment on the horrendous vertigo/dizziness I would be most grateful! Thank you so much.
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Withdrawal from Cymbalta
Posted by: addmetothelist
Mar 18, 2015
I feel like I am reading my own diary while reading everyone's comments regarding Cymbalta withdrawal. My withdrawal symptoms began when I ran out of my meds and was told I needed to see my doctor for bloodwork before getting a new prescription. By time I had my bloodwork done, saw my doctor for results, I had been off my 60 mg Cymbalta for 7 days. I felt horrible. I went back on the minute my prescription was filled. That same week I went on I did research and saw what everyone had posted and decided, I cannot take being on something like this. I have Fibromyalgia and minor anxiety. I immediately started decreasing my dose by taking 3 of the small pellets out of the capsules. I did this for 2 weeks. Next I took out 6 pellets for 2 weeks. I then started taking the capsules with 6 pellets removed every other day. I did that for another two weeks. I am now taking one capsule every 2 days (less the 6 pellets). I will start taking one tablet every 3 days in the next couple of weeks then hopefully one a week. I am still having vertigo, brain zaps, nausea, not so much nightmares but extremely vivid realistic, detailed dreams. No wonder I am tired. I actually had to leave work one day from Vertigo. I had thought for the past couple years that my menopause had ramped up a level because what were previously night sweats and an occasional hot flash developed into numerous hot flashes all day, I have a fan by my recliner at home and one by my computer at work. I take something into every meeting to fan myself with in the event I start sweating. I am a month shy of 59 yrs old, I feel 80. I took this week off from work to be able to focus on "getting off it". I previously took Tramadol for pain associated with my fibromyalgia and Lexapro for my anxiety. I have both standing by to take the minute I have not taken Cymbalta, at all, for at least 5 days. I cannot wait for that day. I am in constant touch with my physician while I am doing this. I am sure the reason she did not feel compelled to just refill my prescription initially was that she was under the Eli Lilly, 1% spell. If I had it all to do over, I would never had taken Cymbalta in the first place which would have meant living with some bad days with my fibromyalgia and stayed on my Lexapro which I never had any side effects from and it worked to ease my anxiety well. The whole reason was to limit the use of Tramadol and kill two birds with one stone by attempting to give me more relief for my fibromyalgia and taking one pill for that and my anxiety. I encourage everyone experiencing these issues to try and hang in there, talk to your doctor while attempting to decrease your dose, and hopefully we will make it through. Just get off of it no matter what.
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Posted by: vickiede52
Mar 19, 2015
I have been trying to stop taking this because it's not helping my pain. I started experiencing headaches, a blackout, brain zaps, weakness, nightmares, insomnia, dizziness, lightheadedness, extreme nausea and loss of muscle control. I have been sent for CAT scans, MRI, ultrasound and blood work just trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I took one pill and bam, all my symptoms went away like they were never there. That's when I Googled withdrawal symptoms. I want to get off this med. I have nightmares with it and without it. I can't sleep at night and can't hardly stay away in the daytime. I'm tired all the time like I've been fighting in my sleep. HELP!!!!
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withdrawals awful
Posted by: monkeybrain
Mar 20, 2015
I am a recovering alcoholic haven't drank for many years. This Cymbalta withdrawal is worse than a 5 day Whiskey binge only when you wake up it still there. Just like DT's nausea vomiting joint and muscle pain headache from hell nothing touches it!!!! I plan to get off it one way or the other I have tried and had to get back on cuz I couldn't take the WD's I was prescribed it for depression because of my horrible back pain I take an Hydro or Oxy every 4 hours but 6 weeks ago I fell down and it actually fixed my back a little and now I want to stop taking Lyrica and Cymbalta. Why it is prescribed surely they didn't study the withdrawal in the drug trials of these drugs If anyone knows of any thing helpful write in here and to we must work together for change what is this Lily 1% spell the Dr. gets do they get money for prescribing it??
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cymbalta brain zaps
Posted by: AndrewJohnson
Mar 24, 2015
First I want to say that I am not a small guy,6ft 3in. And 235 lbs,and this little pill is causing me all kinds of trouble.I am also by no means the type to write or comment on a message board, I don't even have a Facebook account/profile but if my comments can somehow help with the problems some are having with cymbalta, it will be worth it. I was taking it for a lot of the same reasons many have mentioned and it didn't seem to help at all. I then decided to quit, the first time it was awful, severe dizziness, headaches and nausea. None of which was mentioned before starting the medication. I had to take it again just to be able to function. I did some research and tried the "taper off" method with almost the same results. The "brain zaps" is definitely a real thing for me, the biggest problem really. I notice them the most when changing the focus of my eyes. For example, looking up from your phone to look at someone, any rapid movement of my eyes from one side to another, or closing your eyes for a few seconds then opening them. I also had some vertigo but not sure it's related. I am currently in day 10 of not taking it at all, the first few were tough, had to take three days off work, but the "zaps" are becoming less frequent. I am feeling irritable and still having headaches. My question is how long will this last? I mean how long does it take to get out of your system? Hopefully not long term! Hearing that someone else had these problems made me feel a little better that I wasn't the only one. The scary thing is that none of the doctors I have talked to have any answers. (3 by the way) I am a real person with a real job and have learned a valuable lesson about looking into medications before I start taking them. It has been tough on my family too, they have to put up with me!! I hope that our comments and discussion may be able to somehow help each other get through this and move on. thanks for those courageous enough to post comments you never know who it could help. -AJBean
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Posted by: LeeW
Mar 25, 2015
What is the bead method?


Posted by: gemar69
Mar 25, 2015
How did you try to "taper"? I have using the bead method since November with much success. I tried a year and a half ago to drop from 60mg down to 30mg with HORRIBLE results. Using the bead method and incorporating supplements and eating healthier has been helping greatly and the withdrawal symptoms are very minimal.


Posted by: LeeW
Mar 25, 2015
After being on Cymbalta for about 5 years, I accidentally missed 3 days of doses and didn't realize it. I thought I was dying. I have never felt so bad! It's now been 10 years, and the thought of having to stop it abruptly really frightens me. I even get anxious at the thought of tapering.
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Posted by: greeneyes48
Mar 26, 2015
I totally understand the way you have to be taken off the med bc I tried to take myself off the med an I had so many other problems with it I went back on the med and my doctor said to me you just take your self off without wenso I recommend for anybody else that is on sub Alta to please to please wean yourself off with doctors watching over you because the symptoms are severe and really can hurt you in worse conditionning
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My symptoms
Posted by: debbisutton1955
Mar 26, 2015
While I was on Cymbalta the first year was really great, it helped me by managing my pain & depression. After 1 year I started hearing a strange woosh woosh sound in my head when I blinked or shut my eyes. I seriously thought I was going crazy, so I went off the Cymbalta cold turkey...I do not advise this as I had nightmares, and I cried all the time. I finally got in to see my Dr & she put me on a new antidepressant but I dont feel less pain like I did on next visit to the Dr I will definitely ask for something else for the pain! I hope this comment helps someone out there.
Heres to light or painfree days!
Debbi Sutton
Reply Reply

Posted by: SandyLanierRogers
Oct 25, 2015
I have the woosh woosh sensation or feeling to. I have some sort of static or shocking feelings too. I'm just going to keep tapering off it. I figure, I know why this is happening and I just have to deal with it. Yuck


withdrawel from cymbalta
Posted by: frankilee
Mar 27, 2015
I have reead alot of comments about withdrawl symptoms, well my doctor did not get a PA from ins. Co. And i had been on cymbalta for 7 years and taking 60 mg. A day well i ran out waiting for pa cause once a year my ins. Require it, well then i started feeling funny i was having nightmares ever night and i was having trouble with chest pains my memory was not so good my eyes was blury and so on and on i was not feeling like my self ,then it hit me i had no cymbalta to take well i called the doctors office i think they thought it was a joke, well it aint no joke then i called px and the told me yes i was having withdrawl ,so the px her self is going to see about it going thru to my cause she agreed it could do alot to a person to just cold turkry.i know cause its happing to me ,so i hope no one goes thru what everone else oe my self is goung thru.please dont ever stop nothing like this cold turkey.
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Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome
Posted by: EdwinaEarthshine
Mar 27, 2015
I was put on Cymbalta for Fibro as soon as it started being marketed for that specific illness. It did allow me to work full time for two years, but then it quit working and so did I. My illness came back with a vengeance and then I tried to get off of the Cymbalta which turned into a months long nightmare. My doctor thought all of my symptoms were from my illness so at first didn't know about this syndrome. I found out about it because I googled "brain zapping" which was my worst symptom. I found a wikipedia article about SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome at that time and shared it with my doctor. At first I was decreased to the lowest dose and told to take it every other day, but that did not stop the symptoms I was having (many on this list). What I had to do was to, literally, empty each capsule out onto a plate, count out the little balls. Then put 3/4 of the little balls into empty capsules I purchased separately from a supplement store, and take that 3/4 amount for a week. Then do the same thing, decreasing another 25% for another week, then decrease another 25% and so on. If the symptoms returned I had to add back in more little balls. It took me a good 6 weeks to two months to finally get off of that drug. I know the method goes against the manufacturers advise, but it worked for me and there are no meds we were aware of to treat things like brain zapping so I was forced to try this. I'm glad my doctor supported me.
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Furious about this whole Cymbalta tapering thing!
Posted by: Felin
Mar 30, 2015
I am so angry about what I've learned about tapering off of Cymbalta which I intend to begin soon.

I have found a really fantastic website that gives super advice on how to taper and how critical it is to go ultra slow.

It's survivingantidepressants dot org

May God see us all through this!
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OK to stop cold after 3 Days on????
Posted by: RobertMajor
Apr 1, 2015
OK, I've been reading and reading and reading hundreds of comments about this drug. I'm on my second attempt at taking it, 3 days in. The first time I made it only two days in and then quit (and didn't have any w/d that I remember).
If there are THIS many people having these kinds of issues with this drug, why the hell is it still being so carelessly prescribed?
I was terrified when I started it, but after today, I feel more anxious because I DO NOT want to get stuck on a drug like this. I have some chronic pain, and have had panic attacks and depression stemming from the pain and it's location. But I guess I don't see how my Dr. thinks being on this is really going to help anything in the long run. Eventually he'd probably keep increasing my dose over time, and then in a year or two or so, switch me to something else, at which time, I'd have to pay the piper.
I feel for anyone who has to deal with getting off this drug, probably on top of other issues you already have. But thanks for speaking out.

Can anyone tell me if I'm OK to stop taking this after three days on it, without hurting myself? Do I need to taper at all?

Reply Reply

discontinuation of cymbalta
Posted by: ttammaro68
Nov 25, 2015
You should be able to just stop this med after being on it only 3 days. Your body had not had time to acclimate to the drug...with any antidepressant, narcotic, etc, that takes about 4-6 weeks. You should be fine. I know you asked the question a while back but here is the answer in case someone else is in your shoes.


one week on Cymbalta
Posted by: bugman62
Apr 8, 2015
I was on Cymbalta 20mg for depression for a week while in the hospital. After talking to my phyc Dr he said I could stop taking it, i am on Kolonapin. But I am feeling down again and bad thought. is this part of thee withdrawl? I was on this only 7 day. But the Doctor's have changed meds on me so many times the past three months sometimes I dont know if I am coming or going..
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stopping cymbalta cold turkey
Posted by: ttammaro68
Nov 25, 2015
It should not cause withdrawl when stopping cold turkey after only being on it for a week. I have been doing so much studying on this drug and the best I can come up with concerning your question is that it takes 4-6 weeks for a drug to acclimate to the body therefore causing withdrawl after stopping 4 weeks or longer into taking the drug.


VA Placed me on Generic
Posted by: dbranson59
Apr 9, 2015
I am now on a generic version, and since being on it, brain zaps are worse than when I first tried to stop, I have loud ringing, etc. Anyone out there on the Generic, and if so are you having withdrawal symptoms? I may as well stop taking it. I feel miserable.
Reply Reply

generic one (Duloxetine) is worse?
Posted by: happydose
Jun 23, 2015
i am on generic one Duloxetine since beginning. I have super good medical insurance unfortunately, the policy says the pharmacy can't give me the one with brand name unless there is no generic form.

When i found this forum, i actually cried. Thank God! it is not just me!

Do you think if the generic one is worse regarding with the withdrawal ?


Posted by: maijaFM
Apr 9, 2015
i refused Cymbalta due to seeing my psych patients go through terrible side effects. I tried Savella and it was wonderful except for one thing. My BP went up to 220/120! It is listed as a warning on this drug so beware!
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How I stopped taking Cymbalta
Posted by: sunnyaswell
Apr 10, 2015
I started taking Cymbalta (60 mg) as an anti-depressant back in 2012. At first this drug helped to make me feel better mentally. However, one of the negative side effects of taking Cymbalta, is severe fatigue. I felt tired most of the times, and lacked the energy that I previously had. Not having the energy to exercise, play and live was in turn making me feel "depressed" (my depression didn't make me feel tired, I just didn't feel like doing anything) I therefore felt that this drug is useless, and wasn't really adding any benefit to my life.

In October 2014, after a visit to a Doctor, I reduced my dosage to 30 mg's. I continued to take this dosage until February 2015. (4 months) I experienced mild brain zap, but I noticed less fatigue and an increase in energy levels.

During March 2015 I further reduced my dosage to a non prescribed 15 mg by very carefully pulling the capsule apart and tipping the granules from one half of the capsule into the second half, until both capsules had roughly the same amount. Place a tiny amount of butter or margarine onto the ends of the capsule halves to prevent the granules from coming out. Take one half of the capsules that has been sealed with a tiny amount of butter, with a full glass of water, and with food, and do not lay down for some time after taking capsule to ensure that the capsule passes through to the stomach before the granules are released. Place the second half of the capsule in a container, which will be ready to take the next day.
I continued to pull the capsules apart for a further month to have the 15 mg dose. I noticed very slight side effects such as the brain zap that they mention a lot on this forum. It was however very slight.

During April 2015 I stopped taking Cymbalta altogether. After two days the side effects did increase. I felt sick in the stomach, and like I wanted to vomit, brain zap, confusion, and slightly irritated and agitated.

However, after 6 days I noticed the side effects did reduce to a very mild level.
What helped me was drinking plenty of water, at least 10 glasses a day to flush the system and re-hydrate, paracetamol twice per day, being patient with my situation, having support from loved one's, and laughing, yes, laughing.

After reading most of the comments on this forum, I believe that being angry and frustrated with your situation, and blaming Doctors, and drug companies for the Cymbalta side effects will only increase the sickly feelings that you will have as you are trying to come off the Cymbalta. Remaining calm and patient will help greatly with the side effects, so BE PATIENT with yourself.
Don't go cold turkey from 60 or even 30 mg's as the intensity of the side effects will be much greater than if you were to split the capsules and take a smaller dose for a short period.

So beside the slight, but manageable brain zap after 6 days of cold turkey, I feel fantastic and have so much energy and zest for living.

Good luck, be happy and patient with yourself. It worked for me.

Reply Reply

Posted by: 4today
Apr 11, 2015
I have been on Cymbalta for over 7 years .. and with support .. and a plan .. starting going off .. at the end of Jan 2015 ..
I went from 60 to 45 .. 30 15 to Zero
By far .. going from 15 mgs to zero has been the hardest
I opened up capsules .. to go from 60 to 45 etc
Going from 60 and down .. I spent 10 days on each new level
Full blown anxiety/rage ..
I have been at zero now for over a month .. I have HUGE support which makes it worthwhile
I am now doing visualization .. to help .. breathing exercises ..
I also experienced headaches .. waking up for over a month .. those were tough
My support person .. BIG on Stretching to release the anxiety .. it helps ..
Also .. this sounds weird .. but just hanging .. with your arms from a pull up bar
It is a HUGE relief ..
... Also my support person recommended .. DEEP tissue massage every 2 weeks ...
That has also been good
I will continue .. and feel like I can make it ..
Hope this helps someone
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Cold Turkey
Posted by: Milung
Apr 18, 2015
I was put on Cymbalta for nerve pain in 2013. The pain stopped after two weeks of taking the drug. In November 2014 I lost my insurance and decided to take myself off of it. Other than the nerve pain I am health. In the year of taking it I gained 45lbs in that year and started sweating like crazy especially at night. The was a walk in the park as far as whats going on now. Stopped it in November, missed my menstrual cycle in December (I am and always have been like clockclockwork every 28 days) then in January my cycle lasted 6 weeks, all along I had the brain zaps and bronchial issues. Doc put me on 14 days of some type of inhauler in February and in March I had pneumonia, after finishing my antibiotics, steroids and albuterol I was still sick. Did xrays again and pneumonia was gone, but my bronchial issues still stayed. Blood work came back showing inflammation and doc said it would pass in time. Since January when my bronchial issues started I have passed out 5 times while laughing hard. I'm 39 and have always been healthy besides my lower back issues. I am beside myself with what is going on with me. I'm just wonderi6how long the withdrawal symptoms last.
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Cymbalta Withdrawal Syndrome Class Action Lawsuit
Posted by: CelticGoddess
Apr 18, 2015
When I found this Cymbalta Withdrawal article on 4/18/2015, there are 94 comments and 407 votes showing over-whelming approval of the content. I've detailed here how I tapered down my dosage of Cymbalta. If that doesn't interest you PLEASE scroll past this and click on the link to the Class Action Lawsuit.

I'm lucky. Despite my doctor's urging I refused to go beyond the 20 mg dose. The doctor was D.O. I was already taking 50mg of Zoloft. At the time I was under tremendous stress dealing with my teenaged daughter's autism. My gut knew I shouldn't follow the advise of a D.O. on these matters. But I was vulnerable. And it seemed to help. After 2 years I went to a psycho-pharmacologist MD who was disturbed to find me taking 2 anti-depressants. She decided,- I know you know what's coming - yes, that I should discontinue the Cymbalta/Duloxetine. She was however, aware of the withdrawal syndrome and advised me to taper it down slowly.
Let's add "painstakingly." Over 4 weeks I opened the capsules and literally counted out the "tiny time pills" inside. Working on chamois cloth used to clean eyeglasses, (the TTPs bounce and cling to everything) I lined up the "tiny time pills"(TTPs) to a ruler so they formed a straight rectangle. (The line was not a single line, the TTPs were stacked) I removed 1/4 of the (TTPs) with a fine sharp knive. Painstaking? Yes. But I was terrified of withdrawal symptoms. I counted how many TTPs were in the 1/4 section. I removed the 1/4 group OFF of the chamois. The remaining TTPS were carefully "pushed" back into the capsule. I proceeded, in the same fashion, to remove this # of TTPs from six more Duloxetine capsules. The following week, I removed 1/2 the TTPs, counted the # of TTPs, etc. etc. After four weeks - I was now counting how many TTPs were in 1/4 of an inch. Then I stopped. Now, 5 days later - despite that painstaking process - I stll have withdrawal symptoms!! My heart goes out to you who are on 60/mg daily for years and are now trying to get off it.

PLEASE - check out this Class Action lawsuit against the makers of Cymbalta specifically for their deception on this issue of withdrawal.

Don't doubt for a second that the pharmaceutical companies are doing everything in their power (and they have A LOT of power) to hide this syndrome from the public. Beautiful sunny day outside, and I'm sitting here feeling nauseous and achey. Not fair. Good luck to every one here.
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Posted by: Plethora91
Apr 24, 2015
Tony, can you sue Eli Lilly on this? Contact a lawyer, get your status on the internet retracted? Just throwing out ideas, what do I know.
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I'm grateful
Posted by: keepingpositive
Apr 27, 2015
I'm very grateful for finding this site. I have only been on 30mg for 4 months at most. Am weaning off 30 mg every other day. Side effects started last week with nausea, slight brain zaps. Today, when watching the news started crying because of the suffering in India due to the earthquake. Here's the deal, I'm very grateful for this information, and I appreciate all the information and replies. I will hydrate, be vigilante with my weaning and recovery and make sure that this drug is in the 'do not disturb' category.
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Permanent brain damage?
Posted by: winter72
Apr 28, 2015
Can someone tell me: Do withdrawal symptoms from Cymbalta do permanent damage? My brain is so out of order after 3 weeks off this evil drug, I'm terrified it is permanently damaged.
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I am scared of this potential brain damage
Posted by: happydose
Jun 23, 2015
Please please keep us posted. "permanent brain damage", this thought scared the hell out of me!


B. Clark
Posted by: BettyClark
Apr 30, 2015
I have been on Cymbalta for 2 years prescribed by my doctor for mild depression and chronic pain in my back. Oh, it helped and my pain was improved. As time went by my back pain became an issue once again. I was also having sweats where the sweat would drip onto my body from my hair. I decided to come off ---piece of cake I thought. I was wrong. Even with my doctor telling me to taper off which I did. Fourteen days later and now off Cymbalta completely for six days, I have felt awful, having a bout of arthritis or bad flu symptoms all over my body. Sweats are a problem still and I have not slept in 2 nights. I have had GI symptoms, bad headaches, feelings of being very jittery. My head has come into play now with strange feelings, dizziness, making me fearful to try and drive. My eyes have had some type of fluttering in my eye lids. I returned to my doctor and was given a prescription for Effexor XR 75 Mg. I am too afraid to try this drug. I just want to get back to normal. I would never have taken this drug IF I was told of the above. Good luck and God be with you as you leave Cymbalta behind.
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Need help with a tappering plan
Posted by: brightsocks
May 2, 2015
Hi all, these comments (and the article) are really helping me. I am in the same boat as you right now. I am currently on 50mg Cymbalta. I tapered down VERY slowly from 60 to 50 since January. During this tapering period, I would cry all the time for no reason, have night sweats, joint&muscle pain, headaches, fogginess/zombie-feeling, depression, and brain zaps. These symptoms have finally become "stable"-ish on the 50mg as I have been on 50mg for about 3 weeks with no more tapering. I am terrified to even begin to try going to 40mg and continue on this path of tapering because it was so hard to only go the 10 mg down from 60 to 50. It took 3-4 months to feel ok at 50mg and who knows how it's going to be as I taper to 40mg.

If anyone has a plan to go slowly off them, please help.

Is there anything I can take that will help with the withdrawal symptoms that actually works? I would consider going on Zoloft or another drug to help the process of getting off this one. Something more natural would be better though (or maybe a GABA supplement).

Thank you! Good luck to you all. I feel your pain and my heart goes out to you.

Love, Alex
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trying to discontinue cymbalta
Posted by: nagasvini
May 5, 2015
I am 48 years old. I have been on 120mg for 5 years. I gained so much weight and was so tired all the time , I asked my doctor if I could discontinue this medication. I was on for fibromyalgia and ocd. I am down to 30 mg now. I can't move I hurt so bad, it hurts to touch any part of my body, I cry all the time, I can't think. I am so full of hate for no reason. I'm sweating one minute and the next freezing. I have four PhD's and a career that I can't begin to function in. I am so scared. ..
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Cheaper in Canada?
Posted by: jensenm
May 12, 2015
i started taking Cymbalta for nerve pain in my neck - it is amazing. Now I know why
When I missed a couple days of my meds I turned into a
Horrible angry person. I never want to be like that again! Just wanted to reply about 'meds are cheaper in Canada. I take 180mg/day and my monthly cost is $380-$400 soo.... Not always cheaper up here :p good luck weaning off. Sometimes the pain
Relief is worth the side effects - or future effects
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Cheaper in Canada?
Posted by: jensenm
May 12, 2015
i started taking Cymbalta for nerve pain in my neck - it is amazing. Now I know why
When I missed a couple days of my meds I turned into a
Horrible angry person. I never want to be like that again! Just wanted to reply about 'meds are cheaper in Canada. I take 180mg/day and my monthly cost is $380-$400 soo.... Not always cheaper up here :p good luck weaning off. Sometimes the pain
Relief is worth the side effects - or future effects
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Weight gain/cymbalta
Posted by: jbirx720
May 13, 2015
I also gained a lot of weight taking cymbalta. My doctor is anything but helpful. I'm slowly weening myself off of this dreaded drug for fibromyalgia pain
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Cymbalta withdrawal
Posted by: Emum
May 16, 2015
I had been on 60 mg for quite a while. Can't remember how many years. I could tell when I missed doses by the bad headaches I had. I went off the 60 mg cold turkey, not thinking about tapering because I was switching to Wellbutrin (not in the same class). Let me tell you it has been a nightmare. Sweating, bad headaches, vertigo, nausea, feeling like someone is holding my neck and squeezing. This is going on week 5 of being off of this. I have no energy and am only comfortable lying down. This is awful. I am glad to know that I am not alone in the ways that I feel. I pray that this won't last much longer, but it is hard to tell.
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I'm so glad it's not just me
Posted by: swishywishy
May 16, 2015
I was on Cymbalta for 5 years; first 30mg/day, then in June 2014 it was upped to 60mg/day. And then in April of this year, I had to have emergency surgery, and ended up in the hospital for 6 days, and due to my antibiotics, was unable to take Cymbalta. It's been almost 4 weeks now, and I'm still getting the brain zaps, the vertigo, and the over all feeling of general wonkiness - oh, and *everything* makes me cry. I never intended to go off cold turkey, and the reason I was on it was more situational than anything else - I was in a cruddy job, and needed the help to deal with people on a regular basis. Now I'm not so much in the cruddy job, but I have cruddy insurance, and I can't afford the prescription.

I came across this site while looking for some guidance as to how long I'm going to have to deal with these withdrawal symptoms. I just want to feel ... human again. I keep trying to tell myself that it's going to get better, the withdrawal is really getting me.
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Posted by: sshaver58
May 26, 2015
I stopped my cymbalta due to pharm not having a refill for me and drs being gone for the long weekend.
I am in the midst of the withdrawals, the dizziness and brain zps are the worst! I feel as if my brain is moving in slow motion! ugh...i have to work today and am looking forward to going to the office and hibernating in my office.
I am afraid to drive! I will call dr today..but dont want anymore ..might as well ride it out!
severe sweats and back pain! ugh hard to sleep.
going to try St Johns Wort
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Please find a New Pharmacy
Posted by: heythere
Sep 12, 2015
If you are in the US, it is legal for a pharmacist to approve say, 2 or 3 pills to get you through the weekend. Did you explain your situation to the pharmacist? If they knew you were completely out and made no offer to help, they are not doing their job. Try again if they are open. Unplanned withdrawl from your prescription is NOT acceptable.


Pretty upset
Posted by: Kar74
Jun 4, 2015
I just found this site, thankfully.
I've been on this junk 60mgs a day for two months.
My doctor put me on it for my MS that I was recently diagnosed with. Said it would help my back pain.
I've been in constant pain for four weeks. So I've been on the MS sites looking for info. I didn't see this drug used, so I started weening off it days ago so that I can get it out of my system.
I have PTSD so I always have nightmares, but the past few nights have been miserable.
The thing that gets me is this stuff mirrors MS symptoms, and it also decreased my bodies ability to heal. I got a small scrape two weeks ago, and it has ulcerated.
My doctor is getting a call from me tomorrow and I'm calling the MS Foundation tonight. I can't imagine the hell each of you are going through. I send prayers for strength, courage and healing hope.
Thank you for sharing your stories, you've helped myself and my husband today.
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How do I get off Cymbalta?
Posted by: JustMe15
Jun 7, 2015
i have been reading others comments but none of them are like my situation. I was put on Cymbalta after having a bad experience with Lyrica and hydrocodone.the combo was given after back surgery. Made me very suicidal. My doctor then put me on Cymbalta 60mg. Now I take 30mg. I WANT off this drug. There should be a way to discontinue it. There has to be a way.
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Count the beads
Posted by: Bxgrl
Jul 8, 2015
I think counting the beads is the only way to withdraw. Open the capsule and put half the beads back in. Keep the rest for later. Cut the beads in half each week. I got down to 10 beads and now i stopped. Still some anger issues but better than when I tried to wean off the 30 mg. Capsule. You could actually go down to 1 bead if you need to. Good luck.


Count the beads
Posted by: Bxgrl
Jul 8, 2015
I think counting the beads is the only way to withdraw. Open the capsule and put half the beads back in. Keep the rest for later. Cut the beads in half each week. I got down to 10 beads and now i stopped. Still some anger issues but better than when I tried to wean off the 30 mg. Capsule. You could actually go down to 1 bead if you need to. Good luck.


Duloxetine withdrawal from 120 mg/day
Posted by: Ciaobella72
Jun 7, 2015
I was taking 120 mg a day for almost 7 yrs for severe back problems--I've had 5 spinal fusions. Finally decided to wean off the stuff to see if I still needed it. Wow! Really tough! I'm a 72 yr old female. I got down to 60 mg after 1 month of weaning but the withdrawal symptoms were too much--headache, itching (crazy!), nausea, insomnia--that I went back up to 75 mg so I could run a full 26.2 mile marathon last week. In spite still having w/d symptoms I came in 3rd. So I'm starting the weaning my breathing is so difficult-as if I have asthma. Plus, the itching--my skin is broken in places--& headaches! Has anyone ever come up with any supplements or other more benign drugs to get through this? I just can't see myself going through 2-3 months more! Thanks!
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Success in Weaning off of Cymbalta
Posted by: mondragon04
Jul 2, 2015
I was on 60 mg of Cymbalta for only 6 months....6 very long months of weight gaining, sweating, memory fog and severe mood swings. I too have had several fusions with allografting from my pelvic, front and back. I deal with nerve damage as a result of two ruptured discs in my nect and one in my lower back. My family Dr. felt I was starting to show signs of depression from dealing with the pain and daily issues associated with nerve damage, my pain Dr. agreed and I was put on Cymbalta. I had taken Lyrica almost two years earlier and I made the horrible mistake of weaning myself off of it way to fast and probably should have been hosptilized. Lyrica is twice as bad as Cymbalta, whatever you do NEVER take it, It is 100 times worse than Cymbalta!!! I was assured that this would not happen again if I decided to not continue taking the
Cymbalta, they of course were very wrong. I was super lucky, my family Dr. believed me and did his research. He had me stop taking the Cymbalta and immediately replace it with 10 mg's of Prozak, yes, Prozac for seven days only. It took the edge off, the withdrawal symptoms were very mild and by the 7th day I was well on my way being over The hard part. It might not work for everyone, the Prozac was not addictive for me and I believe that it had a lot to do with the fact that I wasn't really depressed in a chemical way just a little down and frustrated on learning how to deal with chronic pain. Hope this helps. ??


Cymbalta discontinuing withdrawal syndrome
Posted by: chrismay
Jun 11, 2015
I have been on Cymbalta for over 14 years at 120 mg It took me over a year to ween down to 90 very smoothly. But when I reached 60 mg. All hell broke loose . With all the hellish symptoms , massive beaches, palpations , deep depression, dizziness , confusion , agitation, nervousness . throwing up, fever, and than to top it all off I developed persistent arousal disorder. I couldn't take it. I wanted to kill myself. There was no where to turn. I couldn't go to the ER. There was nothing they could do for me. I called my doctor whom I pay 400.00 dollars a visit. I told her I couldn't take it. I was in deep in a hellish pit that I want to kill myself. She gave me no answer …. I told her to call me in a prescription for 10 mg of Paxil. cause I had taken that years ago and had no problem with it. She did.. after about 4 days I started to feel some of the symptoms dying down. After being on the Paxil for 3 weeks most of all the symptoms are gone except my depression. I am now on 30 mg . I am going to start weening myself off of the Paxil in a month or so. I figured it would be easier with the Paxil because it comes in a tablet form and I get cut them in little pieces until I am weened off. It's a try. I hope maybe this can help someone who is experiencing being in torture. This might be way out. I will keep everyone posted.
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severe and frequent Cataplexy during cymbalta withdrawal period
Posted by: happydose
Jun 23, 2015
This is my second week after stopping cymbalta. I didn't know how i got through the first week. I took pain killers every 6 hours to reduce the intensity of the headache. Yeah, it looks like I had all the symptoms. One of the severe withdrawal symptom nobody mentioned is body shaking, frequent and severe Cataplexy. If you want to know what is Cataplexy, you can search online. Here is one of the link I had mild cataplexy before taking cymbalta three years ago when I had big emotional change such as laugh, excitement, my head would drop and my legs would buckle. At most couple of times a week, that was all. However, man! This cymbalta withdrawal is like a hell 3.0. I keep shaking almost 24/7. Two days ago, when i was climbing up stairs at home, I had a collapse. I lost control of my body muscles from neck, arms to legs. The coffee i was holding spilled on the carpet which i couldn't help. My body flopped, I fell down 7 stairs until my head bumped into wall. I was fully conscious all the time though. 3 days later, my right side of head still had a large painful bump on it due to the fall. It scared the hell out of me. Now, the biggest question for me is, will it permanently damage my brain??? I can't live without a good healthy brain.
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How long does withdrawal from Cymbalta last? Effexor& Wellbutrin Weight gain/loss
Posted by: maryhelen23
Jun 26, 2015
I was put on Cymbalta while coming off of Effexor for a couple of weeks. I have been off of Cymbalta for about 2 weeks. I am also taking Wellbutrin. I am experiencing moodiness, crying spells, stomach upset, some brain zaps, foot & ankle swelling. For those who have stopped taking Cymbalta, how long did it take for withdrawal symptoms to go away?

Also, has anyone been on Effexor & Wellbutrin, come off Effexor, & been able to lose weight? I have not been able to lose weight on antidepressants. I keep gaining weight- without changing my diet.

I have found that SAMe has helped tremendously with the moodiness & crying spells.

I have heard that Powerade/Gatorade helps with brain zaps.
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quitting Cymbalta
Posted by: MaizelGM
Jun 26, 2015
I was taking Cymbalta for about 7 years.Because of a change in my benefits the price skyrocketed. I was on 2, 60 mg pills once a day or 120 mg. I have never seen another person with that high a dose. However, I was moderately to severely depressed and asked my psychiatrist why,along with 2 other medications I wasn't feeling better. He had to change my drugs about every year to relieve my symptoms because my body seemed to get used to them and I needed to change to find relief. He prescribed Cymbalta. I tolerated it well for a long time. My Dr.who I had been seeing for 16 years,suddenly died.When I first met my new Dr. she recommended I keep the drugs the same for a while until she saw what she thought might help. She observed that I had symptoms associated with Cymbalta. She wanted me off as there are many side effects known now that were unclear before. I was forced to go cold Turkey as I was unable to get a hold of my Dr. for 10 days and I had no refills. After a few days I thought I had a stomach virus.Then I had dizzy spells,whooshing in my ears. I was having a new symptom as each day passed.I had 4 pills left. I took one every other day and started feeling better on 60. mg. when I did get a hold of my Dr. we dropped it to 40 mg for 4 days and then 20 for 4 days,20 every other day.I have just started the 40mg. a day and I feel fine.As I continue to reduce the amount I hope I won't have withdrawal.Just the few days I was reacting was hideous. DON'T take this medication.There is a class action lawsuit on this drug.There should be.I hope my withdrawal works as planned. I am now sexually active again.
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cymbalta wean too fast
Posted by: ttammaro68
Nov 25, 2015
Please slow down your weaning! 20mg every 4 days is WATCHING TOO MUCH!


weaning plan way too fast!
Posted by: ttammaro68
Nov 25, 2015
Too fast!


quitting Cymbalta
Posted by: MaizelGM
Jun 26, 2015
I was taking Cymbalta for about 7 years.Because of a change in my benefits the price skyrocketed. I was on 2, 60 mg pills once a day or 120 mg. I have never seen another person with that high a dose. However, I was moderately to severely depressed and asked my psychiatrist why,along with 2 other medications I wasn't feeling better. He had to change my drugs about every year to relieve my symptoms because my body seemed to get used to them and I needed to change to find relief. He prescribed Cymbalta. I tolerated it well for a long time. My Dr.who I had been seeing for 16 years,suddenly died.When I first met my new Dr. she recommended I keep the drugs the same for a while until she saw what she thought might help. She observed that I had symptoms associated with Cymbalta. She wanted me off as there are many side effects known now that were unclear before. I was forced to go cold Turkey as I was unable to get a hold of my Dr. for 10 days and I had no refills. After a few days I thought I had a stomach virus.Then I had dizzy spells,whooshing in my ears. I was having a new symptom as each day passed.I had 4 pills left. I took one every other day and started feeling better on 60. mg. When I did get a hold of my Dr. we dropped it to 40 mg for 4 days and then 20 for 4 days,20 every other day.I have just started the 40mg. a day and I feel fine.As I continue to reduce the amount I hope I won't have withdrawal.Just the few days I was reacting was hideous. DON'T take this medication.There is a class action lawsuit on this drug.There should be.I hope my withdrawal works as planned. I am now sexually active again.
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120 mg
Posted by: Bxgrl
Jul 8, 2015
I also went up to 120 mg. Worked for my arthritis pain for a while and gave me some more energy so I could get through my last two years as a teacher. After changing my eating habits from good to fantastic, organic and raw foods, I decided to get off the cymbalta. I did ok until the last few weeks where I got down to counting beads of 10. Out of the approx 160 that are in a capsule. Having a hard time with anger issues, but I think I can do it. Completely stopped for two days now. You can do it if you count the beads.


duloxetine (cymbalta) withdrawal
Posted by: firefusion
Jun 27, 2015
Until 3wks ago I had taken 120mg each am for depression,for the last 5yrs. Over the last 6 Mos it became less and less effective.The doctor added 300mg of wellbutrin. No change. Tapered me off duloxetine and added fetzima. Last 30mg of duloxetine was 5 days ago. Since then depression has not changed but I have terrible nightmares, shock feelings in my head, I sweat so bad my hair is plastered to my head, so I can't leave my house, irritability, and I feel like crying. This is a nightmare! Is there anything out there to relieve these symptoms?
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Something to try
Posted by: ry92696
Jul 31, 2015
I have a damaged autonomic nervous system from a different class of drugs (Fluoroquinolones) and what helped me quite a lot was Idebenone. It cut the anxiety enough that I went from needing to crawl out of my own skin to functional within fifteen minutes after the first pill. It was not placebo-- I was afraid to take it since the side effects can be insomnia and anxiety for some people. I wanted the antioxidant effect from it though, as fluoroquinolones increase oxidative stress, so I took it anyway and braced for the worst. Instead I not only found relief from the crushing Cipro anxiety, the depression I'd had pretty much my whole life just went away and other than a couple of bad, dark days in those initial post flox months, it has not returned. Idebenone does everything Prozac did for me (I was on it briefly years ago) but without side effects.

It is not from Big Pharma, it's a supplement. I get it from HBC Protocols online. I'm not connected with them in any way except that I buy my Idebenone from them. Their staff will talk with you on the phone if you have questions and they are pleasant and helpful-- as helpful as anyone can be navigating this minefield of treating yourself after a drug practically destroys your life.

Supplements are not without risk and it would be best to research thoroughly and consult your doctor and pharmacist before simply jumping into trying Idebenone. Especially since it sounds like Cymbalta can mess up your liver.

However, I post this here because some of your symptoms are similar to mine, which are very similar to those recovering from benzodiazepine withdrawal. (Another class of drugs to avoid.) Some of my Floxie friends are also going through Benzo withdrawal and found Idebenone helpful. One person found it increased his anxiety. It works by improving your body's ability to make serotonin from tryptophan. I think it ferries tryptophan across the blood brain barrier, but I'm not completely sure about that. They claim it improves brain chemistry and facilitates communication of the two hemispheres of your brain. I just know it not only improved the function of my brain after it was damaged by Cipro, but it treated my depression so that it is just gone. I am functioning better than before I was floxed by Cipro. The daily struggle with depression is just not a part of who I am anymore. I take 50 mg 3x a day with food. The serotonin boost lasts four hours. The half life of the drug is longer though. It is also a truly kick ass antioxidant, which is not a bad side benefit. You won't get that with Prozac. It's at least something to look into. There is risk with anything. But for me, Idebenone was a life saver and a godsend.


Tapering of the beads.
Posted by: Bxgrl
Jul 8, 2015
I have been on cymbalta for almost 2 years. I wanted to stop taking it and discovered that if you open the capsule you can separate the beads and lower the dosage. I started by cutting the 30 mg pill by 1/4 th. After about 5 weeks of doing this I am down to 8 beads. The withdrawel is still bad. I have not taken any for two days and I feel very agitated and angry. Flew off the handle yesterday and directed it toward my family. Every little thing gets me upset. I refuse to take any more though. How long can this last? Oh yes,weird flashing and some brain zips too. I will report back in a few weeks to see if I make it.
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Cymbalta Withdrawal
Posted by: BNicole7
Jul 22, 2015
I also have run out of cymbalta before before I could get to the dr. FYI - if you tell the pharmacist that you will suffer from these withdrawal symptoms, they might be able to give you one or two pills to hold you over. Just something to remember!
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Withdrawal from Cymbalta - MAJOR PROBLEMS!
Posted by: VNGRDNG
Jul 26, 2015
I am one week away from retirement (have had Fibro since 1995 diagnosis, worked full time until now). 3 Weeks ago, I ran out of Cymbalta (Dulexotine) 40 mg. and just prior to running out, I called CVS to refill. Doctor denied refill stating I had to come in -- NOTE: I was just into the DR 1 month ago! I only had 4-5 Capsules left, so tried to wean off 1 cap every other day. HORRID Withdrawal symptoms! Have been on Cymbalta for 1.5 years, and started getting severe liver pain back in March 2015 (MAYO Clinic in Phx discovered I have several large, benign liver cysts, just monitoring). The Hepatology Dr @ MAYO said nothing about possibly Cymbalta causing those cysts. I now have read recently about possible bad liver damage, so was wanting to get off Cymbalta anyway.

I'm trying to self-wean off Cymbalta by using Prozac 40 mg from previous RX -- this is not working. I'm experiencing horrible headaches, confusion, forgetfulness, some depression and anxiety, HEAVY sweating, and LOTS of muscular pain.

Since I have no more Cymbalta (and today is Sunday), should I go get more of it from CVS Pharmacist, or just push through the final cold turkey withdrawal???
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weaning off Cymbalta
Posted by: Penelope650
Jul 29, 2015
I started taking it for fibromyalgia and depression. My primary Dr. Didn't want me to take cymbalta and welbutrin so he decided I should stop cymbalta since it had stopped working. I tried to stop it before and got horrible brain zaps. What I did was buy small empty gelatin capsules to split doses. I started at 60mg and am ready to drop to 10mg. This has taken me several months to get here. My Dr isn't happy about how long its taking, but it's MY body, my side effects, and my choice to take it slow. There is hope.
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weaning off Cymbalta
Posted by: Penelope650
Jul 29, 2015
I started taking it for fibromyalgia and depression. My primary Dr. Didn't want me to take cymbalta and welbutrin so he decided I should stop cymbalta since it had stopped working. I tried to stop it before and got horrible brain zaps. What I did was buy small empty gelatin capsules to split doses. I started at 60mg and am ready to drop to 10mg. This has taken me several months to get here. My Dr isn't happy about how long its taking, but it's MY body, my side effects, and my choice to take it slow. There is hope.
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Need some advice
Posted by: oneofus
Jul 31, 2015
My Dr. Persecuted me 20 mg of Cymbalta just 2 weeks ago. The first 3 days were horrific as I adjusted to it and I experienced many of the same symptoms people have described with withdrawal. It me me so tired at first that I was taking it at night but then earlier this week (only my second week on it) I missed my evening pill and took it first thing in the am when Id realized I'd missed it. This time I felt wired but almost drunk at the same time and had extreme nausea and was bouncing on a whim between crying and exploding with anger. And some how I'm exhaused during latter parts of the day but unable to sleep at night. My anxiety has lessened a little but I feel like it's not enough but I'm very reluctant to increase the dose after reading about the difficulty weaning off this medication. I want to stop taking it now before I'm up to 60 or 90 mg as it appears that's how most people are treated on this. Starting low and gradually increasing their dose. Should I stick with it in hopes that it will continue to improve my anxiety and old or stop now before it's too late and try something else? Any advice or recommendations will be helpful.
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Generic substitute "Coperin" can help
Posted by: clairebart
Aug 1, 2015
Hi everyone,
I have been reading your posts and thought it would be useful to let you know how i got off cymbalta. I have been on it for 5 years and had tried a few times but always went back because of the w/ds. They dont do lower than 30mg and stopping those cold turkey was death.I used to try and divide the powder up into smaller doses and put it into empty capsules (available on ebay) but it was so hard to get even doses that it often made it worse.

Im in australia so dont know if you guys have this drug available in the US. Purely by chance getting a script filled at the chemist they gave me another type of duloxetine cymbalta, which is called coperin. the good thing about these is the capsules are full of tiny pellets and dividing them up into even doses is easy. You should ask about a brand substitute that may be in pellet form. There are 12 in a full 60mg capsule and i literally reduced just one or two pellets at a time. my husband would split a few capsules and make up equal lower doses, so no pellets were wasted. This worked out really well because as you would also know the 60mg script is the same price as the 30mg but you get more mileage from the 60s when you split them. I would stay in the next lowered dose, sometimes for a month if the w/ds hung around. I still got the w/ds but coming down so gradually made them bearable.

It took about a year but three weeks ago i came off them completely. the brain zaps were quite mild and the fm pain is being managed by trigger point therapy. another golden find - the trigger point therapy workbook by claire davies, probably saved my life because fibromyalgia was agonising hell and made my life miserable. get it.

Its still not easy though but if you have to go back you only need to take a couple of pellets (still put them in the capsule) rather than going back on higher doses. it might even be helpful to take them every other day then every two days etc when weaning off to lessen it even more.

i also saw a good natural medicine guy who gave me some stuff to deal with this symdrome. dont know what its called, plain bottle with no name on it. so far so good. If i find out what its called i will post.
Good luck, its def worth rining out if a brand substitute is avaiable in pellet form.
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withdrawal symptoms
Posted by: 3-dee
Aug 2, 2015
Came off cymbalta after about 15 years or more. Side effects were many and almost unbearble. I had brain tremors anxiety sweats emotional numbness except for rage that i am to this day (2 years later) still battling! I had so many side effects i can't remember them all.I was told it would take at least 2 years for my brain to heal from the cymbalta, being on it so long! My daughter was on it for a shorter time and had no side effects. Everyone reacts dofferently.
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Cymbalta Withdrawl
Posted by: drozgirl
Aug 4, 2015
I began weaning myself slowly off Cymbalta in June of 2014 after having been on it for about seven years. It has been 14 months now. I gradually decreased the dosage until I was completely off the drug as of two months ago. It has been a nightmare! I am still experiencing the brain zaps DAILY. I've suffered from insomnia. I have huge mood swings, severe anxiety and depression and, just as other people have commented, irritability that quickly turns to rage. I have to fight thoughts of suicide every day even though I have a great life. This drug should be outlawed.
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Went cold turkey
Posted by: bhusebye
Aug 11, 2015
I went off cold turkey. I used a Vitamin store GABA brand one with a yellow and white label :) to get rid of the brain zaps that were annoying me. What happened to me to begin with is the jump from 30mg to 60 was crushing my soul. These time released drugs are very powerful and need some come in SMALLER increments. If a little works a lot could do better.
I tried to get some help and my Rheumatologist was not in so their nurse sent me to my general doctor. The place where my normal PN I see didn't have her listed. Some other doctor was in and I wanted some help if another SSRI was available. I was screamed at that Cymbalta is the only SSRI approved for Fibromyalgia, and I had been going through withdrawals. This doctor I had never seen before was watching me, my heart was taching because I took my OTC asthma medication before I came in. She asked me if the withdrawals made me sweat then held out her hand to put a pulse ox on my finger. Then she asked why my heartbeat was so fast and I told her I took my asthma medicine before I came in and then I was screamed at again that asthma medication doesn't cause a fast heartbeat and she screamed for an EKG. I sat in the room for 10 minutes and I got up and said something to the nurse, I told her I am tired of coming in here and people not believing me when I say something. I wont take an EKG and I am leaving. Needless to say I have a new doctor's appointment soon and asked for someone understanding who could talk with someone with Fibromyalgia. Fibro has always affected my speech I have difficulty having conversations. I have had it all my life and only in the past 4 months at 47 was I diagnosed. I can remember having either Migraines or seizures at 1 or 2. Seeing kaleidoscope colors with my eyes closed and pain, and having issues studying in high school and keeping things in my mind. I had 140 plus IQ at 9 years old but the fibro has held me hostage in my own body let alone my other genetic issues, Polands Syndrome and so forth.
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Buckle up, it may be a rough ride.
Posted by: cwcymbalta
Aug 12, 2015
Just started experiencing the Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms a few days ago. Been on the generic form of the drug for about 1 year, hated the numbness and apathy. Was prescribed by my Dr for chronic back pain and anxiety. Helped with the back pain, but not so much the anxiety. Now, about 2 weeks after carefully tapering off the drug, I'm dizzy, vision is blurred, angry, hurt all over. I've developed an odd cough. Really glad I found this site. I didn't know what was wrong with me, but on a hunch I googled Cymbalta withdrawal, and voila. At least I'm not crazy.
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Cymbalta withdrawal and side effects
Posted by: Wea1th2erby
Aug 15, 2015
I have been on cymbalta for 4or5years .i started out on 30 mg. and then Dr. Decided that I needed60 mg. never did seem to help for depression or back pain . So I wanted off of it but Dr. Insisted it was helping me alot. Now I realize it is making me like a zombie moving and talking real slow and moving real slow. I have no energy and don't feel like doing anything. I cannot remember things like names Fidel like I have alshamer I was always great speller but can't remember how to spell. My Dr. will not help me get off so I am doing what a lot of you are. Dividing the caps up half for about 2weeks and then divid e again. I am having insomnia real bad 1 and a half hrs. To 3 hours a night . I have excessive sweating all energy has left my bodÿ and a lot of other problems. In another week I am going to stop it all to gather. How long will withdrawals last?
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Withdrawal symptoms last???
Posted by: llkotara
Nov 8, 2015
In several articles I have found our symptoms could last weeks or months or longer. I the way I understood what I have read is it depends on the amount taken, how long it was taken, and the individual persons body's ability to recover.
Sorry there is not a more direct answer. Trust me I have been looking. ????????????


Cymbalta dilemma
Posted by: jecca80
Aug 18, 2015
I have been taking Cymbalta 60mg for almost 11 months now. For post traumatic stress/aniexty. I am lucky and do have insurance that helps to cover the costs, however even a $50 copay is very hard to swing, right now. I haven't taken a dose in 2 days. I have started having numbness and tingling in my hands. My head feels foggy and I'm extremely emotional. I know these symptoms are my own fault. But I had no idea before starting this medication how bad it would be if, I had to wean myself off. I haven't told my husband I wish my doctor would have given me better feedback about this drug.
Any suggestions for managing this would be greatly appreciated. Cymbalta :-(
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Posted by: 54donis
Aug 22, 2015
Going cold turkey off. Accident that has happened three times, so this time I said enough. Everything they are listing is exactly what I am going through. Thought my body was dying on me. I have a sign up that says not to make any major decisions until I have a clean head, if that ever happens. No extra depression, but act like I am. Anyone have any idea on how this lasts??? I need my head.
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Some questions
Posted by: BNicole7
Aug 23, 2015
Hi All,
I am so sorry to hear of everything that you are all experiencing. I weaned myself off of cymbalta because my husband and I hope to be getting pregnant. Different doctors and different pharmacists all told me to do it differently. I took it into my own hands and have now completely been off of it for 3 weeks.

I cannot stop crying. I am SO down but really trying to stay off of any meds so as not to harm a baby that I can hopefully conceive.

How long did you feel like crying all the time after stopping cymbalta? I can't continue living this way...

Thanks for the input
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Physch Drs just as bad
Posted by: stateless
Aug 27, 2015
Have major depression following Breast Ca.Major complications all the way- radical mastectomy-chemo-radiation.Went to Psychiarist for help and put on 120mg . Since then I have been suicidal-one attempt and still regret getting found.I have left my job my husband my children my home-EVERYTHING!! Running very low on money
And with massive lymphoedema that requires 24hr compression no way to get a job.Have most of side effects.Insomnia then nightmares are a shocker. Heart racing-Massive feelings of anxiety-sweating.
I now drink way to much alcholol to numb these dreadful feelings but untill today never knew this was the duloxetine.Have not had any for 2days as ran out and cannot afford it any more.
When I run out of money I run out of time.
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Cymbalta Withdrawal
Posted by: screwed
Sep 1, 2015
On week 7 of a cold turkey discontinuation of 90mg's Cymbalta after taking it of 7 years. Also, I am on my second week of reducing my Morphine intake from 120mg ER, to 90mg's ER. I am an extremely tough, determined, driven individual. I've had 5 back surgery's over the past 15 years. I have taken every opiate there is. I quit Methadone cold turkey, only to have to go back on another pain med few months later just to function in my career. With the exception of going back to Cymbalta, IS THERE ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DONE MEDICALLY TO REDUCE THIS WITHDRAWL? Please spare me all the herbals, omegas 3's, St. John's Wort, plenty of water and exercise B.S. And No prayers. Just a viable option.
Thank you.
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Duloxetine-generic for Cymbalta- discontinue? lol got same symptoms taking it!!
Posted by: karolee
Sep 3, 2015
I was prescribed Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 8/5/15, for fibromyalgia. 30 mg 1 daily. It did not seem to take any of my fibro symtems away. But I did seem to be getting worse as far as dizziness,burning limbs,etc. Being a Sped. Teacher for 21+years, I found myself having unusual ticks, talking to myself outloud, cussing, almost like tourettes! Not even thinking the meds had anything to do with it, just knew pain and other fibro symptoms were not getting any better, I went back to Dr. So she doubled the dose to 60mg/day.which I started about a week ago.All of those crazy symptoms got even worse! DR.
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Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome
Posted by: MyPetDog
Sep 5, 2015
I have never publicly written on any topic, but I feel compelled after reading posts. In 1999, after years of reporting symptoms indicative of adrenal/hormonal issues to my doctor, I was sent to a psychiatrist who said I would need to take welbutrin for the rest of my life. Ongoing migraines greatly worsened. After an unidentified botched cervical spine surgery & years later a serious crushing blow to my neck, that my doctor called arthritis & old age, I asked to be put on Cymbalta to relieve unaddressed nerve pain. Headaches greatly improved. After over a decade of cervical spine issues & a few years on Cymbalta, I finally got X-rays & went to Mayo for major cervical repair to 8 levels of cracked vertabrae. During my recuperation, I ceased using Cymbalta for a few months & was diagnosed with PTSD, given the misunderstood withdrawal symptoms. When put on Welbutrin, migraines came back w/ a vengence. Switched to Cymbalta. Headaches greatly improved, but all other side effect symptoms became chronically more debilitating over the past 3 years. I realized that Welbutrin caused headaches & Cymbalta use led to symptoms I initially believed were due to cervical spine nerve damage. Since January, I too have been going through a living hell with attempts to cut down & eliminate Cymbalta (no thanks to big pharma & insurance companies). The brain & body "zaps" came w/ much pain & worse visual distortion & vertigo. Scary! I have been Cymbalta free for 4 weeks now. My only relief to being constantly electrocuted came 12 days ago after learning of The Road Home Program & beginning to use the recommended supplements (worked in less than 24 hours) I purchased from Neuro Genetic Solutions. While I am still experiencing tremendous anxiety & my brain cannot get off this carnival ride, at least the world quit spinning around me. I dare to drive to the grocery store from time to time again. I don't see the world through vibrating venetian blinds all the time, anymore. Certain neuropathic symptoms have improved. Finding this site & gaining insight from others posting comments has helped me to regain hope that I am not experiencing significant early Alzheimer's onset. I understand why anyone would prefer death to this & have had to rely heavily on my authentic spiritual self to get through each hour of each day. My heart goes out to those who have lost love ones due to this & other psychoactive drugs. I cannot imagine where I would be without the added help from supplements used in The Road Back to get through the worst of the worst symptoms. It felt like my tendons were actually tearing as muscles contracted in pain during electical surges. Although I have been blessed with improvement, yardwork will have to wait until next year due to other lingering symptoms. Unfortunately, the medical community has been of little help to me & has spent the past 3 years (decades, really) using shameful ways to cast blame & degrade my character rather than confront their lack of knowledge & understanding of medication induced symptoms. It seems I am expected to accept that my symptoms are no more than self induced anxiety & I would get better if I learned better anxiety reduction techniques. I wish! In the meantime, I rely greatly on trying to maintain a healthy diet & look forward to when basic daily exercise can be appreciated. So, to all of you in my position, I say, "Hang in there! It's not you, it's the meds!"
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Anxiety/Depression and weaning off cymbalta
Posted by: Msteelerod
Sep 7, 2015
About two years ago the panic attacks I was having were really getting out of control, I was in college so I was desperate to find a solution as to not compromise school and my job. I started at an MD who immediately put me on Zoloft and that was an awful experience, so I saw a psych doc instead and I got put on cymbalta and Xanax. I did no research before starting these drugs which was the biggest mistake.

Now I've decided I want to be free of big pharma and I've gone down to 30mg so far and it has been so difficult. Mood swings l, depression, and anger (people normally describe me as the most patient person they've ever met), I've been having awful nightmares, pretty bad headaches, I can only eat sporadically, and those old thoughts of suicide have been creeping back into my mind.

When I was combating Zoloft I was throwing up constantly and I lost ten pounds in a scary fast time I was shriveling up and too scared to leave my house. The thing that probably helped me most was smoking pot; it calmed my nerves, it helped me sleep, and it helped restore my appetite and ability to keep food down. Now smoking has been helpin with my weaning off of cymbalta but I'm definitely more interested now in more natural holistic remedies rather than being pumped full of pills. My first step I took is dedicating at least an hour almost (I can't drag myself out of bed somedays)!every day for working out and improving my diet, but I'm still in this rut and I know it takes time but anything to help ease the pain would be so appreciated. I've also decided to stop drinking completely which I think will help hugely.

Natural remedies interest me the most and methods to ease the tapering becaus I honestly don't know how to do it and I fear if my doctors plan of eventually doing one day on one day off doesn't work then it may affect my ability to go to work everyday. Also she seemed pretty keen on trying to convince me to stay on them even though I haven't had a panic attack in a year.

Pills were the worst thing that ever happened to me. I wish I took the time to understand my body rather than jumping to the quick solution.
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I had to stop cymbalta cold turkey
Posted by: Robinss67
Sep 8, 2015
I was on cymbalta for over eight years for the treatment of neuropathy and fibromyalgia. The "short" story is that I was taking one 60 mg capsule before bed each night. This seemed a better alternative to the Gabapenten/Neuronton that I was previously prescribed (now that one had me doing some very weird things). Anyway, I had no choice but to stop the cymbalta cold-turkey and that was over two weeks ago.
I anticipated some withdrawal symptoms but this is crazy. The only reason I started looking on-line was because I wanted to see how long the withdrawal symptoms last as I have no TV and wasn't aware of this issue. I'm still unable to keep food down, when I can sleep, my dreams are disturbing. I also have difficulty sleeping because I start itching or my stomach will hurt or the mind will start thinking too much. My house is a disaster and I actually want over a week without showering!! I recently lost my job of 25 years because I was taken from work by ambulance, then misdiagnosed (which almost killed me). By the time I was able to get a letter from my doc stating the true diagnosis, my employer had already made up their mind to fire me (and actually refused to believe what my primary care physician provided). So, lost my job, and of course my medical insurance. I get UI but I am supposed to be looking for work!!!! What the heck happens when the UI runs out in two more months and I'm still sick?? This withdrawal BS seems like it's just one more straw to break the camels much abuse do we chronic pain patients have to put up with before someone finally stands up and helps? (Insert uncontrollable crying and vomiting here. Oh happy day"
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Buy Gelatin Capsules
Posted by: heythere
Sep 12, 2015
I purchased gelatin capsules. I opened the 60 mg caps and split them. I made a tiny "funnel" out of a teeny piece of paper. There are tiny plastic funnels on the Web. Also there are "at home" capsule machines. Yes this is tedious, but you are in control then to taper off as gradually as you need. If you have hand/ joint problems, find a dexterious friend or family member to help you. Good luck to all, depression is tough and so is geting off this drug. Take care of yourself!
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10 years of confusion
Posted by: Cymbalatahurts
Sep 14, 2015
I've been on cymbalata for 10 years. I want off these drugs period. Through all of the years that I have been taking them they just haven't helped me. My marriage has been under so much pressure over the years. I even had a hysterectomy to releive some of the side affects, that I just learned I really didn't need. All of the symptoms that I had thinking that it was because I needed the hysterectomy were side affects from cymbalata. Everytime I complained to my psych dr she increased the cymbalta and added more at antidepressants with them. I expected the drs to know what to do and I trusted them to help me. Now its 10 years later and I just want to feel normal again. Any success stories will be appreciated!
Thank you all for sharing!
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Posted by: cymbad
Sep 19, 2015
I've had Fibromyalgia for about 30 years, diagnosed about 8 years ago. I tried bupropion, which did nothing for pain, but helped me not obsess about it.
When Lyrica came on the scene I read the message boards, and realized it wasn't for me, as I had tried gabapentin, to which L. is related. It caused the suicidal thoughts you hear about.
So, on to Cymbalta (generic). Much like the bupropion, it kept me on an even keel but did nothing for pain. I decided to get off of it after a year and a half, having felt the horrible sensations if I missed a dose.
I've read about stepping down via reduced doses, but many report the same symptoms as stopping cold.
I tried a five day step down along with the bupropion and then stopped the Cymbalta.
I have auditory hallucinations--like someone's shaking a tambourine in my head/or a few short blasts of steam; constant tinnitus; feel like the ground is moving under my feet with each step; sudden moves cause the crazy dizziness and floating feeling. Nausea, tummy issues.
I hope people considering starting Cymbalta read these posts.
I came home from work early yesterday, felt too ill. It's Saturday, and as awful as I feel, I have to pull myself together and head out to my local ProHealth Pharm to buy Rescue Remedy, Omega 3, and liquid D3. Some say they help. They can't hurt.
Good thoughts to all experiencing this dreadful withdrawal. May we all make it through.
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getting off 20 MG of cymbalta
Posted by: mikadog1
Sep 20, 2015
I have been on 20 mg of cymbalta for 2 yrs and want to get off. My generic only contains 4 round pellets so not sure how the counting of pellets and reducing would work. Any suggestions greatly appreciated
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cymbalta withdrawal
Posted by: arlt
Sep 21, 2015
I was on Cymbalta 90mg/day for 2 years for depression and back pain. My 30 yr old son died Feb 6, 2015. I was/am barely surviving due to that. I have had sexual dysfunction so my dr put me back on Wellbutrin 300mg XR and I was not aware that I would have any problems. I calculated the half-life of Cymbalta and knew exactly the window of when it would have been out of my system. All of a sudden I felt awful like I was going to have a seizure and could hardly drive home. I started crying and could not stop, tried to eat a sandwich to feel better and went to bed. I had horrible nightmares and started crying and could not get out of bed the next day and had horrible neck pain. I felt like I couldn't move. I got up and fell down. I was so dizzy I had to hold on to everything to get somewhere. I was alone and panicked and just wanted to kill myself. Then I looked up Cymbalta withdrawal and there I saw what was happening to me, luckily, so far I don't have the more serious systemic syimptoms as of yet. The electrical and brain zaps and trouble with my photosensitivity is awful. I will order the special fish oil and liquid of D3 on Amazon to try and get some relief. I am glad I found this site and will never take another Cymbalta and will tell anyone who is on it or considering it the story about this drug.
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doctor advised to stop taking Cymbalta without.any advice or suggestions on withdrawls.
Posted by: kristinastevens
Oct 1, 2015
I am a 54 year old woman that has wide spread pain ,nerve pain and awaiting total hip replacement.(been waiting for that for two years).I also have osteoarthritis in my other hip,lumbar spine and cervical spine. All stemming from a fall 3 winters ago on my L hip down 6 icy concrete steps. Have had many cortisone injections in my joints and numerous trials on numerous meds.My doctor had suggested I try Cymbalta,in which I .did.Was on that 30mg for a month.I noticed that after awhile the affect of lowering my pain was less. After a month she increased it to 60mg. I was on that for 2 weeks and started feeling nauseous.I went to see my doctor on the 23 of Sept right after me cortisone injection in my Lhip and she said we should discontinue the 60mg Cymbalta.With no info on withdrawl symptoms or any other suggestions. Just like that. When I stopped taking it I felt so sick and nauseous and felt like I was and still losing my mind. I didn't realize what was going on with me.I was thinking maybe an infection from my cortisone injection???????Then I phoned my pharmacist and she said I was having withdrawl symptoms from the Cymbalta.I have been extremely aggitated,fatigued ,the sweats are absolutely horrible and mood swings horrible.Ive been crying when even talking to my kids on the phone. I have insomnia. I also take Morphine for my pain and was advised not to stop that because of those withdrawls.I Feel like I am on a collision course right now and so upset I was not informed of this info from my doctor about slowly coming off this. I also have been having chest tightenings and lots of anxiety. I feel totally screwed up.I am so disorganized right now. Absolutely no interest to see anyone or do anything. No energy and horrid. Absolutely not me at all. I feel so violated as a patient!!!!!The ringing in my ears and dizziness and tightening in my head is dreadful.
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Cymbalta withdrawal help
Posted by: bugsyboy
Oct 1, 2015
I was put on Cymbalta the 60 MG 9 months ago for a humiliating problem due to massive stress. For the first two months I worked wonderfully. I noticed that I was always exhausted, clenched my teeth and couldn't relax. I slept aside from night 3x a day for 1-2 hours. I couldn't concentrate and was just miserable. I stopped taking it 1 week ago yesterday. I have had extreme pain in my right arm and the chest pressure mentioned throughout. Until now I was unaware that cold turkey did this. While I have not had suicidal thoughts I have had thoughts like I don't care leave me alone as well as anger/rage. I started lifting weights on Monday nothing crazy. It had helped the arm pain as had stretching and rotation movements for about 5 minutes. I also took walks this week about 2 miles when the chest issue has come up. It also helped. The one thing I cannot figure out is the dizziness. There are certain foods like special k protein bars that have triggered it and or nauseau. I will post again. Hoping this helps someone.
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Posted by: Scott_McG
Oct 16, 2015 are all scaring the crap out of me!
I have been on 60mg for about 2 years now.
I took it for relief of arthritic pain in my knee.
If I ever missed a dose, I had the electric zaps a lot. My wife would say I would "get dark" as well. I have developed tinitus in my left ear. Never thought that it may be due to the pill. Will be interesting if that clears up!

I had a total knee replacement a month ago and I am now looking to stop taking this pill.
I am not looking forward to it now. I have had a couple of suggestions from a pharmacist friend and a doctor friend.
I think the slow reduction method sounds best.
I will try and update as I go along.

God bless you all in this struggle.
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Alternate medications to step down with.
Posted by: thzim23
Oct 20, 2015
Due to the the fact the cymbalta is a wide acting SNRI not a SSRI one med may not work to get off it (as explained to me by my doctor). A combination of desipramine and venlafaxine worked for me the first time I got off cymbalta. Sadly I had to go back on it due to extreme pain coming back due to nerve damage and spinal stenosis. From what I can remember to get off of 60 mg of cymbalta I took 3 50 mg desipramine through out the day and one to two half 75 mg venlafaxine. had very minor side effects from the venlafaxine that compared to the getting off of cymbalta on your own are nothing. Good luck hope this info helps someone.
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Withdrawal symptoms
Posted by: SandyLanierRogers
Oct 25, 2015
Have been on 120 mgs for several years. I was on Cymbalta for depression. I started having cramps in my tongue at night. Looked up the side affects. Thinking it might be tartive dyskonesia. (spelling?). I decided to get off of it. Unfortunately, my regular doctor has retired. I'm just slowly cutting it down. I am spacing the doses further and further apart. I am having some sort of feelings of electric shocks every once and awhile. I'm also having weird dreams and stomach trouble. However, I think I'm going to be ok. Wondering what everyone else is going through.
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Withdrawal symptoms
Posted by: SandyLanierRogers
Oct 25, 2015
Have been on 120 mgs for several years. I was on Cymbalta for depression. I started having cramps in my tongue at night. Looked up the side affects. Thinking it might be tartive dyskonesia. (spelling?). I decided to get off of it. Unfortunately, my regular doctor has retired. I'm just slowly cutting it down. I am spacing the doses further and further apart. I am having some sort of feelings of electric shocks every once and awhile. I'm also having weird dreams and stomach trouble. However, I think I'm going to be ok. Wondering what everyone else is going through.
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Withdrawal symptoms
Posted by: SandyLanierRogers
Oct 25, 2015
Have been on 120 mgs for several years. I was on Cymbalta for depression. I started having cramps in my tongue at night. Looked up the side affects. Thinking it might be tartive dyskonesia. (spelling?). I decided to get off of it. Unfortunately, my regular doctor has retired. I'm just slowly cutting it down. I am spacing the doses further and further apart. I am having some sort of feelings of electric shocks every once and awhile. I'm also having weird dreams and stomach trouble. However, I think I'm going to be ok. Wondering what everyone else is going through.
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Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms are Hell!
Posted by: llkotara
Nov 8, 2015
I have been reading many of the posts and will say I have just gotten off the ganeric of cymbalta and it was done cold turkey, not by choice, and the side effects are pure hell. I have had all except the seizures. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. If you have the choice and or have just started this medication stop now. I have been taking 120mg daily for about 3years and although it worked wonders for my fiber, I ran out and my wonderful doctor and or nurse didn't seem to have the time to call the pharmacy back to get my refill done before the weekend. The first day I was without I started having withdrawal symptoms. They seem to get worse by the hour. The body zaps, I call them cause it was not just my head, are the worst. I also suffer from chronic migraines so with the zaps it of course triggers the migraines. I am scared to let my grand babies come to see me because I do not know how I will react if they get to loud or don't listen. I don't want to scare them by having a outburst of rage or a crying fit in front of them and yes I have had those also. It has been a week and 2 days without the mess and I am not sure how I am going to make it but I know I will not go back on this medication again. I will suffer with the pain and other symptoms of my fiber before I use cymbalta again. I just hope I can make it through with my marriage and family still intact. Prayers to all who are going through this.
I also was not told by my doctor how hard it would be if I ever did want to get off this medication.
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Posted by: shrry
Nov 10, 2015
I agree, I have been taking Cymbalta for the past year or longer, also for depression and pain, I switched insurances and I have been out of Cymbalta for the past 4 or 5 days and I am so sick, sick to my stomach, dizziness, crying all the time, my doctor is trying to fix the problem with the new insurance company, but I am afraid to start taking it again, I can't believe all the side effects I am having!!!
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I stopped taking Cymbalta 20 mgs 5 days ago
Posted by: Misty576
Nov 24, 2015
I stopped taking Cymbalta 20 mgs 5 days ago cold turkey and I have only had mild withdrawals. I wasn't sure that it would be a concern since it was such a low dose. Is there anyone else that has taken 20 mgs and stopped cold turkey? Do you think my withdrawals start getting worse as the days or weeks pass? I have read online that the withdrawals are bad from those who take 60 mgs or more but I can't seem to find anyone who has taken 20 mgs that has stopped cold turkey.
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