Supplements with Colostrum

Could your immune system benefit from a bit of a boost? At ProHealth, we make supplementation quick and easy by supplying a wide selection of products from industry-leading brands, such as Kirkman and Neurobiologix, as well as our own line of immune support supplements. When it comes to a healthy bacterial balance in your gut, natural remedies typically deliver the most surprising and rewarding results. Colostrum, for example, is the first form of milk that's produced by the mammary glands of mammals immediately following the delivery of a newborn. Due to its high nutrient content, colostrum provides everything a baby needs to thrive at the beginning of life. Colostrum supplements, on the other hand, have been found to promote the growth of bone tissue, cartilage, muscle, nerves, skin, and so much more.

ProHealth proudly offers a wide selection of supplements with colostrum that have been handpicked to suit a wide range of needs and health goals. Kirkman's bovine colostrum is available in the form of a liquid dietary supplement that is completely free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and other additives. This liquid colostrum supplement provides the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals, giving you the jumpstart needed to make your health a priority. We offer our own colostrum supplements that derive from hormone-free, organically-fed cows and have been rigorously purified to ensure the best medicinal results. Bowel Restore by Neurobiologix is a supplemental powder that contains high amounts of proline-rich proteins (PRPs) and regulates cytokine production to balance the immune system.

By adding supplements with colostrum to your daily regimen, you can reap the overall health benefits and achieve optimal immune function. Before supplementing colostrum with formula, we highly recommend that you consult a trained medical professional to determine the best plan of action for you and your baby. Save time, stress, and up to 40% off regular pricing on select supplements by taking advantage of auto-ship. If you have any questions about colostrum supplements or would like to learn more, please contact us today for further assistance.

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