Supplements with Iodine

When you think about iodine, there's a good chance that iodized table salt comes to mind. For many of us, table salt is the main supply of the micronutrient our bodies require to make thyroid hormones. Today, iodine deficiency represents a silent epidemic. Without adequate intake of iodine, the body cannot produce enough of the thyroid hormones that are required to restore damaged cells and support a healthy metabolism. Pregnant women and people who live in regions with iodine-deficient soils are at higher risk of iodine deficiencies. Symptoms might include neck swelling, unexpected weight gain, fatigue, weakness, hair loss, dry skin, irregular heart rate, and memory impairment. However, iodine supplements can help support cellular and metabolic function.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers need additional iodine for fetal and infant development, because it allows their babies to grow and develop properly. This powerful micronutrient is also directly linked to the development of the brain and nervous system during childhood, but that's not all. By adding supplements with iodine to your daily wellness routine, you may also reduce the pain or symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease, various skin diseases, diabetes, strokes, hypothyroidism, and other health conditions. Our selection of iodine supplements features a variety of capsules and tablets that are easy to add to your daily vitamin regimen. No matter what your particular set of needs may be, we have you covered in our collection.

Make the smartest decision you can for your overall health by stocking up on supplements with iodine. With a wealth of trusted brands at the ready, such as Life Extension, MegaFood, Nature's Way, NOW Foods, and Terry Naturally, you can supplement your healthy lifestyle and feel great about the products you're taking. If you have an autoimmune disease or thyroid condition, we highly recommend that you consult a trained medical professional to determine the best plan of action before supplementing with iodine. Don't forget, you can save time and up to 40% off regular pricing by taking advantage of auto-ship on select products. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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