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How To Recover From Sore Muscles

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Everyone gets sore muscles from time to time. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or just simply amble about — at some point you want to know how to recover from sore muscles!

Sore muscles are a frequent side effect for people who participate in athletic competition and train regularly. They often face two big post-performance problems: sore, achy muscles and swollen, stiff joints. Beyond the pain and discomfort, sore muscles and achy joints can interfere with the next training session and make everyday activities a struggle. In time, they can lead to chronic aches and pains.

The typical advice given to recover from sore muscles is to cool down after a workout, get a massage, and use heating pads and ice packs. Some innovative approaches include eating mushrooms for their anti-inflammatory properties that may be effective in reducing some muscle soreness.

Yes, reducing inflammation is the key in muscle and joint recovery, but there are two supplements far more effective at doing that than mushrooms: Curcumin and Pomegranate; particularly, the fusion of two very special forms of these compounds…

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