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​This LESSON FROM DOGS is about living in the moment and listening to what your body needs.
03/24/19 Read More
This study is will compare modified Pilates exercises to aerobic exercises in the treatment of pa...
03/23/19 Read More
Headaches and migraines can knock out even the toughest of us.
03/20/19 Read More
Yoga therapy can be effectively incorporated as an adjuvant therapy for migraines.
03/19/19 Read More
In this video, Jeremy Orozco offers 8 tips to help eliminate migraines.
03/18/19 Read More
Loneliness has been called an epidemic and a public health threat.
03/17/19 Read More
Coalition CPATF submits a letter to HHS regarding the Pain Management Draft Report.
03/16/19 Read More
Fibromyalgia (FM) is a serious condition that is under-diagnosed in men.
03/14/19 Read More
High doses of trauma as children can cause serious health problems as adults.
03/12/19 Read More
Problems with the thyroid, the “gas pedal of the body,” per Dr. Teitelbaum, seem to make sense in...
03/10/19 Read More
Every human being needs to listen consciously to live fully.
03/08/19 Read More
Needless Suffering: How Society Fails Those with Chronic Pain Seeing the relationship of those i...
03/06/19 Read More
This study concludes that listening to music in daily life has beneficial effects on control over...
03/05/19 Read More
The growing list of potential ME/CFS/FM mimics provides more clarity but also adds complexity to ...
03/04/19 Read More
How does someone actively listening to you make you feel?
03/02/19 Read More
We can all use a little TLC for building trustworthy relationships.
03/01/19 Read More
Is your TMJ a real jawbreaker?!
02/27/19 Read More
Five tips to turn "yes, but..." into "yes, AND."
02/26/19 Read More
Increasing evidence links adverse childhood experiences and a variety of adverse health outcomes.
02/25/19 Read More
Lisa Adams examines the benefits of abdominal massage.
02/23/19 Read More
Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) occurs when the median nerve becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist.
02/21/19 Read More
The U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions recently held a meeting on “Mana...
02/20/19 Read More
Carpal tunnel syndrome is often a painful co-morbidity with fibromyalgia.
02/19/19 Read More
The prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome and spasmophilia is higher in fibromyalgia subjects than...
02/18/19 Read More
Hank Green explores but some of the scientific breakthroughs that could eventually help pin down ...
02/16/19 Read More
It's still possible to make life improvements and change habits despite living with a chronic ill...
02/15/19 Read More
Watch the webinar hosted by Cindy Steinberg, National Director of Policy and Advocacy for U.S. Pa...
02/13/19 Read More
It takes moxie to flip an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one — particularly for folks over 60.
02/12/19 Read More
Melissa Swanson considers the caregiving duties her daughter had to assume way too early to help ...
02/11/19 Read More
This study proposes evaluating the ability to resume daily activities as the target of rehabilita...
02/10/19 Read More