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Helpful hints on how to maintain a home you can be proud of while having fibromyalgia.
09/28/19 Read More
Physicians treating ME/CFS and fibromyalgia patients have noted B-12's benefits for decades.
09/23/19 Read More
A new type of Migraine medication brought double benefits for one Fibromyalgia patient.
09/21/19 Read More
Chronic dry mouth can be devastating for fibromyalgia patients. Find out some causes and what you...
09/17/19 Read More
Seeing the relationship of those in pain to the medical system is akin to that of the poor to soc...
09/10/19 Read More
Discover simple strategies from fibromyalgia patient Melissa Swanson for coping with brain fog.
09/03/19 Read More
Learn what may cause fibromyalgia itching and tips to help get the itching to stop.
08/31/19 Read More
Researchers look into the fibromyalgia gut-brain connection with some intriguing results.
08/29/19 Read More
New studies are finding that small nerve fiber problems seem to play a significant role in fibrom...
08/24/19 Read More
Several studies are looking into how a connection between the brain and small fiber neuropathy co...
08/20/19 Read More
Magnesium has long been thought to benefit fibromyalgia pain, but a new form of magnesium may als...
08/16/19 Read More
Clinical trials show that NT Factor supports the repair of damaged cell membranes - reducing the ...
08/12/19 Read More
Learn why it's not unusual for people who have a chronic illness to also have digestive problems ...
08/09/19 Read More
It is possible to alter the way your brain responds to pain to reduce and even eliminate chronic ...
08/07/19 Read More
The guaifenesin protocol for fibromyalgia, developed by Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, can be an effectiv...
08/01/19 Read More
Brain fog is cognitive disturbance, inability to remember, or stay focused. We explore this fibro...
07/31/19 Read More
Learn about fibromyalgia and heat intolerance and get tips on what you can do to cool yourself down.
07/31/19 Read More
A humorous look at some telltale signs that you might have fibromyalgia. Sometimes it's good to l...
07/27/19 Read More
FInd out the status of 4 potential new fibromyalgia medications currently in clinical trials.
07/17/19 Read More
Tami Stackelhouse discusses the launch of The Fibromyalgia Podcast with ProHealth contributor Mel...
07/12/19 Read More
Learn the natural remedies that can help relieve pain and improve many other fibromyalgia symptoms.
07/09/19 Read More
Once just thought of as just a drug for anesthesia, ketamine studies are showing it may also help...
07/05/19 Read More
Many factors are at play in chronic, fibromyalgia pain. Celeste Cooper explores what happens when...
07/02/19 Read More
Health coach Sue Ingebretson explains how gluten affects fibromyalgia symptoms.
06/29/19 Read More
Researchers may have found the genetic signature of fibromyalgia, proving once and for all that f...
06/26/19 Read More
A list of 10 foods that most people think of as being healthy but they are not fibromyalgia-frien...
06/22/19 Read More
Dr. Melissa Congdon discusses how to start the Guaifenesin Protocol for treating fibromyalgia
06/19/19 Read More
A study looks at whether insulin resistance could possibly be the cause of fibromyalgia.
06/15/19 Read More
Find tips to help you make your summer more relaxing and fun despite the challenges of living wit...
06/09/19 Read More
If you take opioid medication for chronic pain, it's essential to fully understand pain medicatio...
06/05/19 Read More