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The NAD supplement NMN may extend healthy lifespans. A new study suggests a novel strategy that b...
03/19/20 Read More
Losing weight with a chronic illness is often very difficult, but it CAN be done.
03/18/20 Read More
Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of positional cervical compression, and find o...
03/09/20 Read More
A patient shares five important lessons she learned about living with fibromyalgia.
03/03/20 Read More
9 tips that can help you keep going when fibromyalgia pain makes you want to quit.
02/25/20 Read More
A look back at the top fibromyalgia news stories to make headlines in 2019.
02/17/20 Read More
Donna Gregory Burch offers ideas for cooking and cleaning your kitchen when you have fibromyalgia.
02/12/20 Read More
Too often we discount the important contribution our mental attitude can make toward healing our ...
02/04/20 Read More
Periods of inactivity can contribute to balance problems in people with fibromyalgia. Learn some ...
01/22/20 Read More
Dr. Pridgen's innovative new drug, which combines common antiviral and anti-inflammatory medicati...
01/20/20 Read More
EpicGenetics is attempting an FM trifecta: produce a blood and genomic test and provide a treatment.
01/17/20 Read More
One of the few things we can control with fibromyalgia is our thinking. Learn how to replace nega...
01/14/20 Read More
Do you feel like New Year's resolutions only set you up to fail? Try setting up aspirations instead.
01/01/20 Read More
Sue Ingebretson explains why people with fibromyalgia might have a tough time with weight loss.
12/26/19 Read More
How chronic illness inspired three women to take up new creative pursuits.
12/23/19 Read More
Trying to fall sleep when you have fibromyalgia can be an enormous feat. Check out this tips to g...
12/19/19 Read More
Believe it or not, it is possible to have a positive attitude despite living in chronic pain with...
12/17/19 Read More
Learn how to redefine success when you live with a chronic illness.
12/12/19 Read More
Do you know why natural solutions may or may not work for you? Sue Ingebretson shares what might ...
12/10/19 Read More
The holiday season can be very stressful, particularly if you have fibromyalgia. These 7 tips ca...
12/07/19 Read More
The next time you are asked to do something, ask yourself these questions before you say yes.
12/04/19 Read More
Delicious and nutritious Thanksgiving recipes that won't sabotage your fibro-friendly eating plan.
11/23/19 Read More
Researchers are closing in on why pain is an unpleasant experience and how they may be able to tu...
11/20/19 Read More
Tired of fighting the nightly battle for sleep, ProHealth founder Rich Carson set out to develop ...
11/18/19 Read More
It low-dose Flexeril right for you? Dr. Podell discusses the research behind the use this mediati...
11/13/19 Read More
People seeking an alternative to coffee can now get a quick boost in focus, attention, and conce...
11/12/19 Read More
Managing medical bills can be overwhelming. Learn about ways to cut medical expenses from nurse, ...
11/08/19 Read More
Learn how you can actually rewire your brain and guide it into a healthier, more healing path –– ...
11/06/19 Read More
Have you tried an elimination diet for fibromyalgia, but found it didn't seem to work for you? Le...
10/28/19 Read More
Clinical studies have shown hydroxocobalamin can help to improve cognitive functioning, fight fat...
10/21/19 Read More