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Welcome To The Fibromyalgia News Homepage!

Once just thought of as just a drug for anesthesia, ketamine studies are showing it may also help...
07/05/19 Read More
Many factors are at play in chronic, fibromyalgia pain. Celeste Cooper explores what happens when...
07/02/19 Read More
Health coach Sue Ingebretson explains how gluten affects fibromyalgia symptoms.
06/29/19 Read More
Researchers may have found the genetic signature of fibromyalgia, proving once and for all that f...
06/26/19 Read More
A list of 10 foods that most people think of as being healthy but they are not fibromyalgia-frien...
06/22/19 Read More
Dr. Melissa Congdon discusses how to start the Guaifenesin Protocol for treating fibromyalgia
06/19/19 Read More
A study looks at whether insulin resistance could possibly be the cause of fibromyalgia.
06/15/19 Read More
Find tips to help you make your summer more relaxing and fun despite the challenges of living wit...
06/09/19 Read More
If you take opioid medication for chronic pain, it's essential to fully understand pain medicatio...
06/05/19 Read More
In an effort to quell the opioid epidemic, many state laws have gone too far, according to the au...
05/31/19 Read More
Learn tips to make traveling with a chronic illness easier and a lot more fun.
05/29/19 Read More
The Fibromyalgia Diet: Tips on which foods to eat and which foods to avoid to help minimize fibro...
05/25/19 Read More
Learn what a powerful tool mindfulness can be and 10 steps to help you get started.
05/24/19 Read More
Learn what the 0 to 10 pain scale really means and how to use it most effectively so that your pa...
05/18/19 Read More
From encouraging and protecting healthy digestion and elimination to reducing inflammation and su...
05/16/19 Read More
Words of encouragement for those times when chronic illness leaves you feeling broken.
05/11/19 Read More
Learn the various treatment options for OI – both pharmacological and non-pharmacological.
05/03/19 Read More
It's been a long, painful journey, but fibromyalgia has progressed from an obscure, unknown condi...
05/01/19 Read More
It is just as important for doctors to trust their patients as it is for patients to trust their ...
04/30/19 Read More
A downloadable letter you can share with others when they ask you about fibromyalgia.
04/27/19 Read More
The FDA tells doctors that suddenly stopping opioid medications can seriously harm chronic pain p...
04/25/19 Read More
Learn about orthostatic intolerance, which affects many people with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia and Lyme...
04/25/19 Read More
In this article, author and Lyme survivor Connie Strasheim describes how and why chronic fatigue ...
04/16/19 Read More
Warning for Cymbalta users: An FDA report states, "Much anecdotal evidence has accumulated docume...
04/04/19 Read More
Researchers have discovered a new blood test for fibromyalgia that successfully identifies biomar...
04/02/19 Read More
This LESSON FROM DOGS tells us to listen to our body and quiet our ego.
03/31/19 Read More
This is a safe, total body strength workout for anyone with Fibromyalgia or chronic pain.
03/29/19 Read More
Don’t miss out on your opportunity to submit your feedback on the Pain Management Best Practices ...
03/27/19 Read More
This 60-second breathing technique helps to relieve fibromyalgia pain.
03/25/19 Read More
​This LESSON FROM DOGS is about living in the moment and listening to what your body needs.
03/24/19 Read More