3 Ways You Are Holding Yourself Back from Healing

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Reprinted from AbundantLifeandWellness.org with the kind permission of Lisa Cipkar. To read the original article, click here.

We all want to get better. But some days we just don’t want to do the work. The other day I was at a gas station and saw a very nicely dressed gentleman leave the store with one of those gas station hot dogs. He then proceeded to get into a freshly washed and waxed Cadillac. I couldn’t help thinking- What if he took care of his internal environment the way he did his car? How much healthier and better of a life would he be living?

Keep an eye out for these habits that may be holding you back from getting to remission.

  1. Caving to the cravings. Diet restrictions equals deprivation in our minds. An argument with a child, stressful conversation with the boss or a tough night of symptoms can all play a part in you giving in to the urge to have a drink, eat some gluten or indulge in sugar. Friends, this is incredibly damaging to our bodies. We MUST fight those urges, recognize them for what they truly are (the need for minerals because our stores got used up in the midst of the stressful trigger) and correct ourselves accordingly. Remember, the liver regenerates itself every 90 days. If you can stay on track for 3 months, you have just made a huge step forward towards helping your body STAY well. Every bite we take really does act as medicine to our bodies. Remember that and use it to fuel your fire to get well.
  2. Not giving sleep the attention it deserves. I see a lot of patients (and doctors) give more attention to the killing of the bug then they do the restoration of the body. If sleep isn’t the very first thing you address in your protocol, it’s time to revamp. I can help with this. Sleep disturbances are often easy to correct once we can figure out what is going on. If you need help in this area, check out my other posts on sleep for tips.
  3. Not draining and binding. I can’t say enough about this step. If we want to rid our bodies of disease, we first have to take out the trash. Using drainers and binders are two foundational steps to healing that again, I don’t see practitioners using in their approaches. To be clear, this is not detoxing. I can guarantee that if you aren’t actively working on draining and binding toxins, you aren’t healing at the rate you could be.

Friends, commit to the course, fully. The results will be worth it. If you need any guidance, I’m here. Book a free strategy session today and get your questions answered.


Lisa is a gypsy soul hearted mama living a full life despite lyme disease. she loves reading, writing and laughing with her toddler. find her at www.abundantlifeandwellness.org or send her an email, she reads each one! lisa@abundantlifeandwellness.org

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