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7 Phosphatidylcholine Benefits That Can Improve Your Long-term Health

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Before pinpointing how phosphatidylcholine benefits your long-term health, I want to express the importance of finding solutions to health care issues that go to the root of any particular problem. One of the greatest frustrations we experience from our healthcare system is the focus on treating symptoms instead of causes.

If you’re diagnosed you with high blood sugar, instead of working with you to reduce body weight and eat fewer processed carbs, your doctor prescribes a drug that forces your liver to release less sugar into your blood and make your body respond better to insulin. Whatever caused the high blood sugar is not addressed.

If you’re diagnosed with high LDL cholesterol, instead of working with you to eat less saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, your doctor prescribes a drug that forces the liver to reduce its production of cholesterol. Whatever caused the high LDL is not addressed.

I’m not really blaming doctors. They don’t get paid to take the time to try to help patients reinvent their lifestyles. Typically, they get paid to diagnose and prescribe drugs to suppress the symptoms that without regard to whatever created them in the first place.

Where all this is leading it to the proposition that you’re a lot better off if you can find interventions that focus on the root causes that produced the unwanted symptoms. This applies to your nutritional supplements; namely, Phosphatidylcholine.

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