A Swedish version of the short-form McGill Pain Questionnaire

A short-form of the McGill Pain Questionnaire (SF-MPQ) has been

translated into Swedish. One hundred women with either

fibromyalgia (FS) or rheumatoid arthritis (RA) filled out the

SF-MPQ three times–the RA patients monthly while receiving

their routine care, and the FS patients over 6 months while

participating in an experimental treatment. Results indicated

that the MPQ 15-item descriptor section was internally

consistent (Cronbach’s alphas .73 to .89), but lacked content

validity in the RA sample. Test-retest reliabilities ranged

from .45 to .73. Convergent construct validity was

demonstrated by significant correlations between the SF-MPQ

and other pain measurements. A principal components analysis

showed that the 15-item descriptor section has three distinct

factors: acute sensory, chronic sensory, and affective.

We conclude that the SF-MPQ is reliable and valid for use

with FS patients.

Burckhardt CS, Bjelle A

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