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ACTION ALERT: Improve US Chronic Pain Care

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Sign the White House Petition today.

Support National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association in sharing this message.
The Consumer Pain Advocacy Task Force has launched a petition to urge the Obama Administration to implement the National Pain Strategy. In order to have a response from the White House, 100,000 people must sign by August 11th

Effective pain management is being attacked by new regulations and is interfering with appropriate patient-healthcare provider decision making. The National Pain Strategy (NPS) is a federal blueprint for a better future for people with chronic pain to increase discovery research for new treatments, pain education, and insurance coverage and to recognize chronic pain as a disease. Currently, the NPS is housed at the Department of Health & Human Services, but the Administration has not implemented or funded it. There is a chance that the NPS could be ignored and not funded.
We NEED the NPS, and the White House needs to hear from YOU.

Your voice matters.

Sign the White House Petition and share on social media with #ISpeakForPain to encourage your friends to sign by August 11! We need 100,000 voices to be heard on Capitol Hill.

Together we make a difference!

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (17 votes, average: 4.60 out of 5)

5 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT: Improve US Chronic Pain Care”

  1. AuntTammie says:

    When you click on the link in this article to sign the petition, it takes you to another site that still does not have the petition. It has another article about it and a link that says to read further click here. You can click on that and get to the place to actually sign the petition. However, once signed, they send you an email to verify that you signed it, and the link on there does not work.

    1. sick4ever says:

      I appreciate all that ProHealth does for us, and I don’t mean to be critical. But if the petition has to have 100,000 signatures (it now has only 10,000+) by August 11 or 12, this is mighty late to be getting it out. Both those dates were given as the deadline. The start date shown is July 13, with only 30 days allowed to get at least 100,000 signatures in order to “get the attention” of The White House.

      Perhaps I missed something in the information here or missed a previous request to sign the petition. If so, I apologize and withdraw my comment. But if this is, in fact, the first request and three and one-half weeks have passed since the clock started ticking…why is that?

    2. sick4ever says:

      I clicked at least a couple of times and got a message that I had successfully signed. So don’t give up.

    3. Leslie Roxanne says:

      Chronic pain from Fibromyalgia needs an infusion of understanding, research, money and care. FM is a painful, debilitating, long term condition that wreaks havoc with people’s lives. I’ve had it for over 25 years, and it has destroyed my career, dramatically lowered my income, shattered my professional and personal life, and affected my daily activities. Travelling is difficult, driving, walking, daily tasks in the home are hard to do, and the isolation of not being able to participate in events, visiting others or even going for walks can be extremely disappointing. it’s hard to make plans, and cancelling plans with friends repeatedly causes disappointment for them as well.

      We need more financial help with chronic pain care, including free passes to pools and FM CFS gentle classes, massage and physio, pain meds, access to acupuncture, counselling and job retraining. we cannot make it through this illness alone. We need more doctors, physio therapists, massage therapists who are well trained in both medical treatment and daily needs of patients for help in the home and wok place. Patients need a lot of support to get through FM.

    4. Leslie Roxanne says:

      Several links posted on the previous page led me to the petition. Please sign and share widely!

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