Action for M.E. Puts Money on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Tissue Bank & Outcomes Database Development

Action for M.E. – a national charity in the UK dedicated to better access to support and services for people affected by M.E./CFS/CFIDS – announced it has awarded nearly £80,000 to two research projects designed to build a scientific evidence base, with potential benefits for patients worldwide.
The two projects involve:
1. Creation of a National Outcomes Database that will combine data developed by 46 clinical teams in England, for use in genetic and other studies. The teams are part of the National Health Service CFS/M.E. Collaborative, and the database will be an extension of a system currently operating in Bristol, England.
“At the end of one year, this will produce information about the largest cohort of adults and children with CFS/M.E. in the world, with an anticipated 3,000 adults and 500 children added each year,” says Collaborative Chair Dr. Esther Crawley.
2. Groundwork to establish a post-mortem tissue bank for the systematic study of M.E./CFS – to help researchers begin to understand “what abnormalities take place in those with the disease,” says project leader Dr. Luis C. Nacul.
For more information about the two projects, major supporters, and the scientists who will lead their implementation, click here.

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