Acute sarcoid arthritis: a favourable outcome? A retrospective survey of 49 patients with review of the literature

Forty-nine patients, 30 males and 19 females with acute

sarcoid arthritis admitted to three different hospitals in

Norway were studied retrospectively. All patients had

peripheral arthritis and hilar adenopathy, and 87.8% also

presented with erythema nodosum (EN). Mean duration of

arthritis was 3.7 months (0.5-12 months), but in 26% of the

cases, duration of the inflammatory joint disease exceeded

three months. Radiological bony erosions were not seen. Two

patients had recurrence of acute sarcoid arthritis, 14 months

and 10 years after the initial episode, respectively. Two

other patients developed chronic myalgia and fibromyalgia.

Four patients, one female and three males, developed chronic

pulmonal sarcoidosis. Of these, two patients had simultaneous

onset of acute sarcoid arthritis and parenchymal disease

while two patients developed chronic lung disease three

months after onset of acute sarcoid arthritis. We thus

tentatively suggest that although acute sarcoid arthritis is

usually a self-limiting joint disease, recurrences may

occasionally occur and some cases develop chronic sarcoidosis

of the lungs.

Gran JT, Bohmer E

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