Alternative Medicine Use in Fibromyalgia

The researchers wanted to determine the prevalence and satisfaction with the use of alternative medicine by patients with fibromyalgia. A group of rheumatology patients served as a control group. The study consisted of 80 fibromyalgia patients and 221 rheumatology patients.

The questionnaire that all the patients filled out revealed that alternative medicine modalities were being used the rheumatology patients and more so with the fibromyalgia patients. Compared to the rheumatology patients the fibromyalgia patients had an overall use of alternative medicine of “91% versus 63%, over-the-counter products 70% versus 54%, spiritual practices 48% versus 37%, and alternative practitioners 26% versus 12%, respectively.”

The patients were most satisfied with spiritual practices. Almost all of the fibromyalgia patients were using some form of alternative medicine.

The researchers remark that “traditional medical therapies are inadequate in providing symptomatic relief to FMS patients.”

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