Alternative Non-Drug Solutions May Yield the Safest, Best and Long-Term Results, Says Sleep Expert

MIAMI, May 30 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Herbert Ross, author of the book, “Sleep

Disorders, An Alternative Guide,” says sleep disorders have become almost

epidemic. Over fifty million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, and in a

recent USA Today survey, three out of four Americans said they were not

regularly getting a good night’s sleep.

The recent movie “Insomnia” demonstrates the illness’s more severe

effects. Al Pacino’s character, the protagonist Will Dormer, almost wrecks

his car, makes seriously wrong decisions, hallucinates and shows signs of

mental, emotional and physical deterioration.

“All these are symptoms that millions of insomniacs experience on a daily

basis,” said Dr. Ross. “Studies have shown 15-20% of auto accidents may be

caused by falling asleep at the wheel.”

He said it is important for insomniacs to understand how serious missing

consecutive nights of sleep may be.

Research indicates that insomnia can shorten lives, weaken immune systems,

and contribute to heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, decreased

productivity, job failure, auto accidents and divorce.

Al Pacino’s performance may be a source of inspiration for millions of

sufferers to do something about missed sleep before it wrecks their lives

physically, emotionally and financially.

According to Dr. Ross, sleep disorders develop as a result of poor diet

and food allergies; an accumulation of toxins in the body (from the

environment, food, drugs, and other sources); structural imbalances; poor

stress coping abilities and other emotional factors; hormonal imbalances; and

huge increases in electromagnetic fields from cell phones and computers, which

have been found to diminish the production of melatonin, the body’s natural

hormone that promotes the process of sleep.

“All of these factors may also disrupt our biorhythms leading to sleep

phase syndromes,” said Dr. Ross. “Only when the imbalances have been

addressed and resolved can deep restorative sleep be enjoyed.”

He said natural therapies can get sleep patterns, and life, back on track

more effectively than medication.

“People need to know there are alternative, non-drug solutions,” said Dr.


Dr. Herbert Ross’ book “Sleep Disorders, An Alternative Guide” is

available at bookstores nationwide or by contacting him at

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