Alzheimer Treatment

Alzheimer Treatment

Ginkgo Proven to be an Effective Alzheimer’s Treatment

Researchers investigated Alzheimer’s treatment drugs to test their efficacy opposed to treatment with Ginkgo

extract. Study results show that there is not a significant difference between receiving treatment using a drug or treatment

using Ginkgo extract. Researchers concluded by noting that Ginkgo extract should be considered equally effective in the

treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia.

Effective Alzheimer’s Treatment with Minimal Side-Effects

The benefits of taking acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors for Alzheimer’s disease is well known and clinically proven. Huperzine A is a

drug free AChE inhibitor. AChE inhibitors have the potential to delay the decline in cognitive and mental functions in Alzheimer patients. The

multiple benefits Alzheimer patients experience as a result of including AChE inhibitors in their treatment program make them an

excellent Alzheimer’s treatment.

Future Alzheimer’s Treatment: Nueral Stem Cells

All cells start out as stem cells and go on to become specialized cells, this new method is revolutionary since it is able to direct

stem cells to become specific types of cells in order to replace diseased cells. The transplantation of CNS stem cells to replace

damaged or diseased nerve tissue and restore neural function is widely regarded as a promising new approach to Alzheimer’s disease


New Treatment Could Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

Researchers have succeeded for the first time in designing a chemical that can stop the chain reaction that leads to Alzheimer’s

disease. This treatment differs from other Alzheimer’s research because it prevents the beginnings of the disease rather than

treating the symptoms or coping with the damaged cells.

Huperzine A: Potential Therapeutic Agent for Alzheimer’s Disease

Huperzine A has been proven to have a powerful and lasting effect on the brain while keeping side effects to a minimum.

In addition, recent news reports Huperzine A can lower neuronal cell death attributed to glutamate. The multiple benefits of

Huperzine A (and minimal side-effects) make it a promising Alzheimer’s treatment.

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