American Medical News Reports on ‘Dualing Lyme Guidelines’ Hearing

On July 30 a hearing was held in Washington, DC, featuring testimony to a review panel on the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s guidelines for clinical management of Lyme disease.

The following take on the hearing – noting a suggestion that post-Lyme syndrome be grouped with other “puzzling conditions” such as ME/CFS and fibromyalgia – was published Aug 17 in the American Medical Association’s AMNews online (

Panel Hears Conflicting Views on Lyme Disease Treatment:
The board of 8 physicians and a veterinarian is charged with deciding if one society’s guidelines should be revised.

By Susan J Landers

Washington – The debate over whether chronic Lyme disease exists and how it should be treated has become increasingly contentious in the past few years, even prompting antitrust charges by one state attorney general over treatment guidelines.

A day-long hearing was held July 30 as part of a voluntary agreement between the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the Connecticut attorney general for a review of the society's guidelines. Those guidelines characterize Lyme disease as … click here to read more.
Note: slides of selected presentations at the IDSA hearing can be viewed
at the ILADS site, which offers links to the IDSA’s video archive of the debate.

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