American Pain Foundation Reports on “Insurance Barriers to Fibromyalgia Care: The National Experience”

The American Pain Foundation, partnering with the National Fibromyalgia Association, recently conducted national online surveys of their members to better understand barriers to effective pain care.

As it happened, the result turned out to be mostly about Fibromyalgia patients. Of nearly 1,400 who completed the surveys, the Pain Foundation reports:

• 96.9% reported FM-related pain,

• 92.2% said they had been diagnosed with FM by their healthcare providers,

• 93.5% responded that they had insurance coverage of some kind,

• But 48.8% said they’d had some type(s) of “difficulty with coverage for Fibromyalgia pain treatment.”

To read more about the survey and the different types of difficulty reported, go to the American Pain Foundation website ( – where you’ll also find a great deal of helpful information, resources, and news on a range of pain conditions and issues.

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