Approaches to coping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

The 1994 approach to the definition of Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome (CFS) describes a severe disorder with unknown
etiology and pathophysiology. It results in substantial
reduction in previous levels of occupational, educational,
social, or personal activities. Most patients cannot continue
their usual lifestyle. No causal treatments or other therapies
suitable for all patients exist so far. Therefore it was
intended to identify approaches to an effective disease
management by the long time escort and observation of a CFS
support group. CFS should be diagnosed according to the actual
CDC guidelines. Conditions with similar symptoms explaining
chronic fatigue have to be ruled out first. Then an
individually shaped disease management comprising of different
components plays a central role in the coping process. Medical
long time care performed by a general practitioner and the
membership in a suitable support group are integrated within
this approach.

Stark FM, Sobetzko HM

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