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Ask the Doctor: What are the most important factors that affect healing from Lyme disease, besides the infections?

There are 10 really important factors that affect healing from Lyme disease, besides the tick-borne infections. They are:

1) Toxins, especially mercury and mycotoxins (mold toxins), because they affect immunity, brain function and the mitochondria, or the energy-producing furnaces of the cell.

2) Poor hydration. So many people consume liquids besides water but many of these fluids are actually dehydrating to the body (alcoholic beverages, for example). Instead, drink two ounces of water every 15 minutes throughout the day.

3) Hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation, which results from shallow breathing. Practice deep breathing daily to help oxygenate the cells.

4) Electromagnetic pollution. The biggest culprits are Wi-Fi, cordless phones in the house and electric smart meters. Unplug your Wi-Fi, cordless phones and appliances in your bedroom at night.

5) Eating too much sugar and starch, both of which feed fungi and bacteria. Avoid consuming too many carbohydrates, and especially unhealthy ones.

6) Parasites in the gut, liver, spleen and pancreas. Most people with Lyme disease don’t consider that they might also have worm and protozoal parasites. Diatomaceous earth can eliminate some of these microbes.

7) Leaky gut syndrome. This results from microbes, electromagnetic pollution, toxins and other factors. Leaky gut creates food allergy reactions, which in turn cause immune reactions and adrenal gland stress.

8) Adrenal fatigue and thyroid under-activity, due to adrenal stress or iodine deficiency, or both of these things. When the adrenals and thyroid don’t function properly, then the boy’s temperature goes down and in turn, its immune function. Adrenal and thyroid support is important for healing from chronic Lyme disease.

9) Detoxification problems and methylation defects, which includes defects in glutathione production. It’s important to support the liver in order to heal from Lyme disease, with the proper methylators, herbal remedies, and liver detox support remedies.

10) Emotional issues, especially subconscious issues from intrauterine trauma and early life traumas, which have the most impact upon health. Resolving these is likewise essential to healing.  

William Lee Cowden, MD is a US board-certified cardiologist and internist, and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine [1], or ACIM. He has been practicing integrative medicine since 1975 and teaching integrative medicine since 1987.