Ask the Doctor: Would a sleep study be useful?

Q: I wake up each morning feeling tired, even though I have slept.  Would a sleep study be useful?

A: There are at least four core symptoms in ME/CFS:  pain, cognitive dysfunction, fatigue or post-exertional malaise, and non-restorative sleep.  Thus, awakening unrefreshed is one of the cardinal symptoms of ME/CFS, and one of the last symptoms to resolve as one improves. You will probably wake up tired whether you sleep 4 hours or 14.  

Nevertheless, primary sleep disorders such as apnea and periodic leg movements occur in up to 60% of people with ME/CFS or FM, and can disrupt sleep. So, if such problems are suspected, then a sleep study would be in order.

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One thought on “Ask the Doctor: Would a sleep study be useful?”

  1. chaddy511 says:

    i had two sleep studies. both showed i has mild to medium sleep apnea. I tried really hard with the cpap. I bought two machines out of pocket, masks, etc. I even had the software the doctors use to read the sd card. But it never made me feel any better. no matter what i tried. I dont understand the relationship between apnea and Chronic fatigue syndrome. Has anyon experiencd this. I think the apnea reading was a result of the Chronic fatigue syndrome somehow. im thin, and in decent shape etc. what a road this has been with all this. omg.


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