Assessing functional disability & health status of women with fibromyalgia (FM): validation of a Hebrew version of the FM Impact Questionnaire

OBJECTIVE. To validate a translated version of the Fibromyalgia

Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) to be used by Hebrew speaking


METHODS. We administered the FIQ to 100 women

with fibromyalgia (FM). The FIQ measures physical functioning,

work status, depression, anxiety, sleep, pain, stiffness,

fatigue, and well being. All patients were asked about the

presence and severity (assessed by visual analog scale) of

relevant FM symptoms (pain, fatigue, anxiety, etc.); a count

of 18 tender points was conducted by thumb palpation, and

tenderness thresholds were assessed by dolorimetry.

Test-retest reliability was assessed using Spearman

correlations. Internal consistency was evaluated with

Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of reliability. To assess content

validity a cutoff criterion of > or = 25% impairment responses

was set to indicate a valid item. Construct validity of the

FIQ was evaluated by correlating the physical functioning

score as well as the separate items with measures of symptom

severity, count of tender points, and tenderness thresholds.

RESULTS. Test-retest reliability was r = 0.96 for physical

functioning, and 0.80-0.96 for other items of FIQ. Internal

consistency was alpha = 0.93 at Time 1 and 0.86 at Time 2.

Seventeen of 19 items of the FIQ met the > or = 25% criterion.

Significant moderate to high correlations were obtained

between the FIQ items and severity symptoms, point count, and

tenderness threshold.

CONCLUSION. The FIQ is a reliable and

valid instrument for measuring functional disability and

health status in Israeli women with FM.

MCM: Used translated version and found it to be reliable and

valid instrument for measuring functional disability and

health status in 100 females w FM.

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