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Atrio-ventricular block as the first presentation of disseminated Lyme disease.

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A 36 year old male patient presented to emergency cardiology department because of fatigability. ECG revealed high grade II atrio-ventricular block and bradycardia of 31 beats/min. An erythema increasing in size to up to 7-8 cm in diameter appeared a month earlier and spontaneously resolved within 10 days. ELISA testing for antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi IgM was positive and IgG titer was 1:40. Intravenous ceftriaxone 2g qod, and 0.5 g metronidazole tid lead to regression of grade II block to grade I block within 2 days. Grade I block persisted for an additional 10 days. This is a relatively rare case of early occurrence of
Lyme carditis within one month of exposure as the first sign of
Lyme disease dissemination.

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Int J Cardiol. 2011 Aug 4;150(3):e104-6. doi: 10.1016/j.ijcard.2010.02.061. Epub 2010 Mar 11. Case Reports; Letter

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