ATTENTION FM & Pain Support Group Leaders/Patient Advocates Around the World

Apply immediately for a chance to win 1 of 75 Scholarships to attend the National Fibromyalgia Association’s fabulous International Leaders Against Pain Coalition Training Seminar – August 10-14 near Washington, DC.

If you submit your application online by midnight May 23 (California Time) you have a chance to participate as a scholarship-supported participant in the NFA's 2008 International Leaders Against Pain Coalition Training Program!

Participants will receive Media, Advocacy, and Leadership training & coaching from high-profile professionals in these fields. Plus the Networking opportunity of a lifetime.

  • Are you a Fibromyalgia/pain support group leader or patient advocate?

  • Do you have a desire to become more involved in speaking out about FM?

  • Have you been wondering how to get started?

This is your chance. The NFA will select up to 75 support group leaders from around the world to receive 2008 ILAP IV Scholarships. The successful candidates will be awarded a financial scholarship to attend the 4th Annual International Leaders Against Pain Media, Advocacy, and Leadership Training Seminar, which will be held Aug. 10-14, 2008 at Airlie Center in Warrenton, Virginia.

For more information and to apply online, go immediately to

And if you have questions, don't hesitate, contact April Quinn ( – the NFA's dedicated Senior Director of Government & Community Relations.

Good Luck!

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