Australia’s ‘Pain is Not Invisible’ Project – a Fascinating Way to Create a Database on Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Australia is building a striking, dynamic map that locates chronic pain patients and the people who care for them as points of color on a dark continent.

CPA’s “Pain is Not Invisible Project” invites people affected by chronic pain to “join the count and spread the word – tell a friend.” Users can also find out how many people with pain live in any Australian postcode – and watch the number of dots on the map add up.

In addition to becoming new points of color on the map, participants are helping, anonymously, to build a useful database:

All who join the count are asked to identify themselves as patients or carers, provide a first name or nickname, indicate age range, gender, and postcode. E-mails are never divulged.

Patients are asked to indicate how long they’ve experienced pain, describe their pain experience in one word, locate the intensity of their pain on a sliding scale, gauge the extent to which pain interrupts daily activities, and indicate whether they’re interested in joining a support group.

Carers are asked to indicate their relationship to the pain patient, describe the experience in one word, and indicate if they’re interested in joining a support group.

Note: Our thanks to ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc. for providing the news about this project. ME/CFS Australia is a rich source of international news about ME/CFS, FM, and MCS.

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