Autoimmunity Research Foundation Conference: Recovering From Chronic Disease

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This Conference will bring together physicians, patients, and policy makers to review, and maximize, the effectiveness of anti-bacterial therapy in Th1 immune disease.

Autoimmunity Research Foundation (ARF) website moderators will be present, in addition to early-adopters in advanced stages of recovery from Sarcoidosis, CFS, chronic Lyme and Rheumatoid Arthritis, ensuring that all attendees have ready access to skilled mentors.

When: March 12-13, 2005
Where:The conference will be held in the Washington Ballroom of the ‘Holiday Inn Select’ at Chicago’s Midway Airport Hotel Center.

The speakers will include:

James P Kiley, PhD, is the Director of the Division of Lung Diseases, NHLBI, National Institutes of Health (NIH). He was previously Director of the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research at the NHLBI. Dr Kiley received an award for having heightened public awareness of sleep disorders. He has published numerous scientific papers in the fields of respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

Leonard Jason, PhD, is a prolific CFS/CFIDS/ME researcher. For more than a decade, Jason and his team at the Center for Community Research of DePaul University, have worked to define the scope and impact of CFS worldwide. He was Principal Investigator of a community-based epidemiologic study of CFS, and co-wrote the “Handbook of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

Lida H Mattman, PhD, has spent seven decades studying the different forms that bacteria can take, publishing the textbook on Stealth Pathogens, “Cell Wall Deficient Forms.” Her contributions to medical science can be summarized best by noting that in 1998 she was nominated for the highest honor attainable in her profession: The Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Trevor G Marshall, PhD, researched such diverse fields as cryptorchidism, male and female infertility, and subcutaneous insulin infusion (in Diabetes). Most recently he has deduced and published a bacterial pathogenesis for the Th1 diseases, including Chronic Lyme, CFS and Sarcoidosis. From this pathogenesis, a treatment called the ‘Marshall Protocol’ has been derived, and is being implemented by physicians worldwide.

Meg Mangin, RN, graduated from Milwaukee School of Nursing in 1971. She has held staff nurse positions in coronary/intensive care at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay and Luther Hospital, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. For the past thirteen years she has provided skilled home-nursing services in a variety of medical specialties. Meg headed the Wisconsin LaLeche League for five years. She is currently serving on an NIH Data, Safety and Monitoring Board.

Meg will conduct the Tutorials and Panel sessions with the assistance of the following medical professionals and support personnel:

Greg Blaney, MD (BC, Canada)
Susan Shlifer, MD (Poulsbo,WA)
Frances E (Liz) Marshall, RPh
Lottie Stanley, RN
Reenie Gentile, MT
Pippit Carlington
Paula Carnes, M.Ed
Belinda Fenter, BS
Elizabeth Naugle, BS
Ms Dale Thurlow

Preliminary timetable:

Saturday March 12:

8am-1pm: Registration in Washington Ballroom lobby

9am-11am: Pre-conference session on RA

10am-12noon: Pre-conference Marshall Protocol tutorials

12noon-1pm: Optional Deli Buffet Event – “Lunch with the Experts”($25)

1pm – Conference Starts – Plenary Session:

1pm: CONFERENCE KEYNOTE – Dr James P Kiley, “The NIH, NHLBI and Sarcoidosis.”

2pm: Dr Leonard Jason, “Diagnosis and Incidence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

3pm: Dr Lida H Mattman, “Stealth Pathogens.”

4pm: Dr Trevor G Marshall, “Genomics, Molecular Medicine, and Antibacterial Therapy.”

5pm: Panel to introduce distinguished guests

5:30pm: Adjournment

7pm: Conference Banquet – in Washington Ballroom

Sunday March 13: (Panel/Audience Discussions)

8am: Continental Breakfast in Ballrooom

9am: What degree of healing is possible? How do we define the end-point(s) of MP therapy?

10am: Familial Aggregation – family histories of Th1 disease – genetics or cross-infection? – when do we have a responsibility to warn families?

11am: Sunlight – How sensitive does the body become as it heals?

12noon: Caregivers – particular problems caring for sick children and relatives with Th1 disease.

1pm: Conference Ends

1pm-5pm: Informal mixing and discussion in ballroom and foyer areas – “getting to know you”

5pm: ‘Lights out’


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