Biofeedback/relaxation training & exercise interventions for fibromyalgia (FM): a prospective trial

OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness of
biofeedback/relaxation, exercise, and a combined program for
the treatment of fibromyalgia.

METHODS: Subjects (n = 119)
were randomly assigned to one of 4 groups: 1)
biofeedback/relaxation training, 2) exercise training, 3) a
combination treatment, or 4) an educational/attention control

RESULTS: All 3 treatment groups produced improvements
in self-efficacy for function relative to the control
condition. In addition, all treatment groups were
significantly different from the control group on tender point
index scores, reflecting a modest deterioration by the
attention control group rather than improvements by the
treatment groups. The exercise and combination groups also
resulted in modest improvements on a physical activity
measure. The combination group best maintained benefits across
the 2-year period.

CONCLUSION: This study demonstrates that
these 3 treatment interventions result in improved
self-efficacy for physical function which was best maintained
by the combination group.

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