Biomarkers in fibromyalgia – Source: Current Pain and Headache Reports, Oct 2009

[Note: full text is fee-based, but appears to provide update on an earlier much-noted article in this journal – "How do we know that the pain in fibromyalgia is 'real'?"]

Fibromyalgia is a common pain syndrome characterized by widespread pain, tenderness, and a number of other somatic symptoms and syndromes.

Although there was original skepticism that any objective abnormalities would be identified in these individuals, at present there are many that have been reproducibly identified, and most point to dysregulation of central nervous system function as a key underlying pathogenic mechanism in this and related illnesses.

This article:

• Reviews several objective abnormalities or measures that have been identified or used in fibromyalgia,

• And indicates which of these may be most promising to eventually use as biomarkers to follow the response to treatment or progress of disease over time.

Source: Current Pain and Headache Reports, Oct 2009;13(5):343-9. PMID: 19728959, by Ablin JN, Buskila D, Clauw DJ. University of Michigan Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. [E-mail:]

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