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Borreliosis as the cause of disability pensions in Norway.

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Borreliosis is a bacterial infection transferred by tick-bites. Neuroborreliosis is the most frequent disseminated form of the disorder in Norway. Registers exist in Norway on all reported communicable diseases (The Norwegian Surveillance System for Communicable Diseases [MSIS]) and disability pension diagnoses (The Norwegian Directorate of Labour and Welfare).


Geographic distributions of borreliosis and changes over time are presented. Disability pensions (coded by International Classification of Diseases [ICD]) in the period 1998-2005, in which borreliosis was used as the primary or secondary diagnosis (ICD-10), were compared with MSIS-data for borreliosis on municipal and county levels.


Borreliosis was the cause of disability pensions in 55 cases. The Vestfold and Agder counties had the highest number of cases. Larvik municipality had 9 cases, Arendal had four and Kristiansand had nine cases. The annual rates of new disability pensions caused by borreliosis were low but increasing in the period 1998-2005. The disability pension rates tended to reflect changes in the number of MSIS-reported cases, with pensions changing 1-2 years after MSIS-changes. Most MSIS-reported cases are in the Agder and Telemark counties.


Disability pension are rarely caused by borreliosis. The annual incidence of disability pensions seems to reflect the number of MSIS-reported cases of borreliosis. The Agder and Vestfold counties have the highest incidence.

Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen. 2007 Nov 29;127(23):3061-3. Comparative Study; English Abstract

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