Breakthrough in Battle Against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

[Quick and short translation from a Belgium Newspaper by Jan van Roijen]


A brand-new test can mean an important breakthrough for treatment of

CFS and MS.

The biotechnological concern RED, in cooperation with an international

research-team, has succeeded in developing a test that makes it

possible to diagnose this chronic immune illness in a scientific


The blood test (a Yes/No test), don’t cost more than 25 euro. “This

test is an important step forward,” said professor Kenny De Meirleir.

“The later the diagnosis, the more irreversible damage is brought

about. We now know that CFS does harm to the thyroid glands after just

three years.”

Worldwide millions of people are stricken by chronic immune diseases

and the number is rising. The first medicines will come on the market,

at the earliest, in three-five years.

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