Breakthrough Non-Drug Arthritis Treatment

SUMMARY: The Prosorba column, a therapeutic device currently in use in the USA, will be launched in Canada as a new option for treating rheumatoid arthritis. The Prosoba column is a plastic cylinder about the size of a coffee mug that contains a sand-like substance coated with a special material called Protein A. Protein A is unique in that it binds certain elements from your blood called antibodies. Normally, antibodies protect you from disease. However, sometimes your body produces unwanted antibodies that attack your own body tissues. These unwanted antibodies can result in disease. The Prosorba column works to counter the effect of these harmful antibodies

SAN DIEGO/BW HealthWire – Cypress Bioscience Inc. today announced that Medexus Inc. of Toronto Canada has received approval from the Therapeutic Products Program (TTP) to market the Prosorba column in Canada.

Medexus will be Cypress’ marketing and distribution partner for the Prosorba column in Canada. “The Prosorba column Canadian approval represents a significant advance in the Canadian Rheumatoid Arthritis market place. Drugs are no longer the only option for rheumatoid arthritis patients with active disease. Now physicians and patients have the Prosorba column, a therapeutic device, as a new option for treating rheumatoid arthritis,” said Bruce Clark, Ph.D. president, and chief scientific officer, Medexus Inc. “The Canadian approval of this device is a tremendous milestone for patients still suffering with rheumatoid arthritis that have not responded to currently available therapies.” Medexus anticipates that they will launch the Prosorba Column into the Canadian market, during the second quarter of 2000.

Source: Cypress Bioscience

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