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Can you do Anil a favor? He needs our help!

Note: The following is a special plea from Anil van der Zee, a former ballet dancer with severe ME/CFS. LIke many people with this disease he cannot endure loud noises. But his request for a new home has been denied. We can't cure Anil, but we can certainly help him to live with less pain. Please donate here [1]. Anil needs 6,000 Euros to move. So far, 2,700 Euros have been donated. All donations are important, no matter how small!


Hello everyone,

My name is Anil van der Zee, I'm a former Dutch professional ballet dancer and since 2007 I have been suffering from a neuroimmune disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis [2] (M.E.) and in need of your help.

From the beginning of 2014 till the end of 2016 I was living in an old noisy flat, with upstairs neighbours who had a little baby running around. They had a wooden floor and the ceiling of a wooden construction. With my disease this was a terrible combination as any exertion can make you more ill. I went from being able to cook for myself to being bed bound and in need of a wheelchair and living in the dark. I got so ill from the noise that I had to hide in my bathroom, later in a closet until my friends build a sound isolation cabin that they've found second hand online. This helped a bit (I would guess 20 decibels/db) but not enough.

The Dutch government denied me a new home despite my situation. I ended up needing to move to a new home as quickly as possible as the situation and my health got completely out of hand.

The new home, although on the ground floor, was according to the old owner very quiet where you couldn't hear people walking. I really needed a house on the top floor but it sounded like a dream after the very challenging situation I was in and which I needed to leave as quickly as possible.

As I am bed bound I had no chance of inspecting the house by myself. Sadly once I arrived in the new home it turned out to be even noisier to some degree than the old one. It was a big blow, and although with wearing earplugs and earphones 24/7 and no baby running it's a bit better than the old house it’s still not a good situation for me to recover somewhat. The best would be if I could install a new isolation cabin. There is a good one that has an isolation of about 45 db. I would finally have peace and quiet and I could slowly start working on some improvements if still possible.

So as the 2nd of July is my 39th birthday, and as I have no job because of this disease, I'm hoping to get some help by crowdfunding a sound isolation cabin. The cost of a cabin is about 6 to 8 thousand euros depending on the size. So let's hope I will make it. If not we can also try to improve the old one with less money but with more effort which is due to my health not the best option.

I find it very hard to ask for money in this way and obviously living in a sound isolation cabin is not ideal. But this is my only option to hopefully get some of my quality of life back. If in any case I receive too much money I will donate the rest of the proceeds to biomedical research to help solve this crazy disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Thank you so very much for reading.

Kind regards,
Anil van der Zee 


If you do not have a creditcard you can also transfer by bank to:

Name: Hupperts

Bankaccount nr: NL29ABNA0570409314

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