CFIDS Awareness Day 2003

CFIDS Awareness Day is May 12!

PWCs, their families and friends are encouraged to educate others about the reality and seriousness of CFIDS on May 12 of every year.

Click on the following link for the 2003 CFIDS Awareness Day packet:

Even if you miss the 2003 CFIDS Awareness Day, you can use the tools in this packet to start preparing for 2004 CFIDS Awareness Day or to help with your year-round awareness efforts.

The packet includes:

–Guidelines for May 12 activities, including guidelines for developing a proclamation and a sample proclamation

–Advocacy information, including a sample advocacy letter, CFIDS message points and facts about the Government’s response to CFIDS.

–Media information, including a sample media letter, message points and suggestions for public awareness activities.

–Lobby Day 2003 information, including registration forms.

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