Chat Transcript: Dr. Samuel Yue and Relaxin Hormone for Fibromyalgia (FM) Relief

Chat Transcript: Dr. Samuel Yue and Relaxin Hormone for FM Relief

Dr. Samuel Yue, M.D., is currently director of the Minnesota Pain Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Chairman of Sky Research and Development, Inc., and Sky Biohealth Solutions, Inc. Dr. Yue Relaxin “hormone replacement therapy” is Dr. Yue’s third major introduction of methodology for pain treatment and is our topic of discussion today.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

al: Dr. what is the medication that seems to work best for the majority of patients with severe fibromyalgia?

DrYue: Al – In my opinion, relaxin. It has a 60% success rate with females and 20-30% in males.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Dubbles: Dr., do birth control pills reduce our relaxin hormone?

DrYue: Dubbles – yes.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

sis: what can we do to reduce fatigue?

DrYue: Sis – It is difficult with the fatigue – you can try to check the thyroid hormone, check the growth hormone – whether it’s low, and also check the testosterone level. These three hormones may increase energy level. If the three are normal then ritalin type of medication will help.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

golfmuff: Dr. Yue, what are the possible side effects of Vitalaxin?

DrYue: GolfMuff – The side effects in women are breast tenderness and morning sickness. These are temporary in nature. You will get over them in a month or so. There are no side effects in males.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

KatyLady: Is there another clinical name for relaxin?

DrYue: katylady – no, that’s the name. Chemically the name is relaxin.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

AL: Tell me about relaxin…….what type of drug is it? (muscle relaxant? pain med?)

DrYue: AL – Relaxin is an insulin like polypeptide, from the insulin family of hormones. It affects every part of our body.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

spirit: Dr Yue – Are you familiar with Dr Martin Pall’s (Washington U.) research?

DrYue: Spirit – No I am not familiar with him, I don’t know his research.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Merm: How does relaxin work for a bowel that has no motility – my neuro tells me my bowel is “non functioning” because I have severe spine degeneration, stenosis and two pinched nerves. Will relaxin help to motivate my bowel?

DrYue: Merm – There is a receptor site in the smooth muscle of the bowel that will bind with relaxin. Whether it will work in this particular case, we won’t know until you try it.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Katylady: Is relaxin an expensive treatment?

DrYue: Katylady – it is relatively inexpensive. The insurance will not cover it.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Linda53: Vitalaxin causes me to have very heavy periods…is there anything that could help that? I’m 48 and on HRT

DrYue: Linda53 – You can either reduce the hormonal replacement or you can stop relaxin several days before the menstrual cycle and start again after the cycle is over.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

RoseTx: Does relaxin have any cattle parts in its make up?

DrYue: RoseTX – relaxin is at the present time extracted from the pregnant sow’s ovary.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Cathy: Dr, what is considered “successful?”

DrYue: Cathy – The 60% success rate in females consists of the following: 20% very excellent response, 20% fair response, 20% so-so response.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Christie: Dr. Yue, I am currently pregnant and am due next week. I am extremely interested in taking Vitalaxin after the baby’s born. Since there’s no information on my situation, I have 2 questions for you. Is it safe to breastfeed while taking Vitalaxin? Also, I assume that the protocol for taking it is different right after being pregnant, since my relaxin levels have been so high for the last several months. What is the protocol?

DrYue: Christie – If you breastfeed the baby there will be some relaxin in the body. Take vitalaxin after breastfeeding. Breastfeeding will continue to produce the hormonal action of relaxin.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

RoseTx: How is Relaxin administered? Tablets or injections?

DrYue: RoseTX – tablets.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

ACL: Dr, what benefits can be expected?

DrYue: ACL – The initial benefits are better sleep at night, better energy level, less muscle weakness and pain. Then, a slight dip and then the benefits come back again.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Dubbles: Dr., What is the suggested dosage of Vitalaxin?

DrYue: Dubbles – dosage ranges from 1 tablet 2 times a day, up to 2 tablets 2 times a day.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

ACL: Why doesn’t insurance cover it – is it over the counter?

DrYue: ACL – yes it’s over the counter right now. You do not need a prescription.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Jana: Dr, I am taking ‘precursor’ Human Growth Hormone Tablets with colostrum and herbal testosterone. In your opinion, do these supplements work to help the body manufacture it’s own HGH?

DrYue: Jana – I don’t know. But herbal testosterone might stimulate the body to produce testosterone, at least in an animal model.

Bunny: How much does it cost?

prohealth911: Bunny, is currently offering a special price on Vitalaxin. Please check out the store on the site.

Christy: are there certain RX chains that carry it?

prohealth911: Christy, carries the Vitalaxin product and will soon carry Biolaxin as well – both at a discount price.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Linda53: Dr. Yue, have there been any comparisons of injectable human relaxin with treatment with vitalaxin?

DrYue: Linda53 – I have done a small injectable human relaxin study and human relaxin injectable is approximately 6-10 times less potent than porcine relaxin.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

sammisj: Does this product help with Gulf War Syndrome as well and what studies do you have available?

DrYue: Sammisj – There is no study (on GWS) available. I don’t know if it will work with GWS. It has many similar symptoms as FM and relaxin may help those symptoms.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Dubbles: Dr., does stress reduce our natural relaxin hormone?

DrYue: Dubbles – no.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Cathy: Sounds great. Can I take relaxin while on Zoloft, Lithium, Elavil, & Buspar?

DrYue: Cathy – relaxin may potentially affect these antidepressants. You might have to drop some of these medicines.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

KatyLady: Didn’t the report say 6-8 weeks of daily injections then taper off?

DrYue: Katylady – The study at that time was a continuous infusion.

KatyLady: What does continuous infusion mean?

DrYue: Katylady – A continuous infusion is a needle stick to the skin, which pumps the medication underneath the skin.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Merm: If one has Grave’s and is taking supplemental thyroid hormone such as Synthroid, would it be safe to take relaxin?

DrYue: Merm – Yes.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Hurtso: What does relaxin do for fibro pain, fatigue?

DrYue: Hurtso – Quite often it reduces the pain of FM, and decreases fatigue by increasing the hormone secretion.

lucyx: Dr., how strong are Tylex painkillers as they don’t touch my pain they just put me to sleep.

DrYue: lucyx- they are not a strong medication.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Christy: So if I take any antidepressants I would need to drop them to try relaxin?

DrYue: Christy – Relaxin might potentate the effects of anti-depressants requiring them to cut the dosage by half.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Cathy: Stopping antidepressants should be a slow, carefully monitored procedure, not something one should do spontaneously. If I did take relaxin in conjuction with anti-d’s, what are the possible side effects?

DrYue: Cathy – the person may go into hyperserotonin syndrome. Relaxin releases serotonin from the pituitary.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Merm: Can one overdose on Relaxin? i.e., if a woman was taking it and did not realize she was pregnant, would this have any impact on the fetus or the expectant mom?

DrYue: Merm – no – relaxin was used in the past to induce dilatation of the cervix.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Sammisj: Do you have any studies on the affects and the ratio of autism and ADD connected to this stuff?

DrYue: samisj – There is no connection to ADD or autism.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Hurtso: What if you haven’t had a total hysterectomy or are producing this hormone already. Can you still take it? When and how is it available?

DrYue: HurtsSo – Yes, you can still take it. It is available from in tablet form as Vitalaxin.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

KatyLady: Can I continue taking guaifenesin with relaxin?

DrYue: KatyLady – Yes.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Linda53: Dr. Yue, what causes the dip in improvement that you mentioned earlier? I believe that happened to me and I quit taking relaxin due to the heavy periods. At first I had excellent results…less pain, deeper sleep, etc.

DrYue: Linda53 – Usually the dip because people become more active and the muscles are not ready for the activity.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Lucyx: Dr,….. can ME muck my periods up, they are so heavy and painful I can’t get up on the first two days. Should I see my doc for tests?

DrYue: LucyX – yes. Consult your doctor.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Cathy: Thanks. How does the level of relaxin resulting from the medication compare with a “normal”, natural, level?

DrYue: Cathy – The natural level is versatile and taking the relaxin is a sustained level.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Kid: Would this explain, somewhat why FMS is mainly affecting women. Relaxin seems to be something the body would produce in a female normally?

DrYue: kid – Men do seem to have relaxin produced in the prostrate but is made mostly in the semen and the circulating level is very low. So they may use a different hormone called – relaxin-like factor – for the same purpose.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

GHL: If my testosterone, thyroid levels are ok, will this still help?

DrYue: GHL – yes.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Merm: I am in premature surgical menopause and I have to agree that my symptoms have escalated and indeed may have started with a vengeance during this time. Your theory makes sense to me. I wish that it was not so expensive as our Canadian dollar is worth wampum beads to your strong Yankee dollar. I am wondering if relaxin could help to alleviate Myofascial pain, which is my most severe pain complaint.

DrYue: Merm – The myofascial pain is the last to go away, because it requires complete collagen replacement, which takes around 6 to 9 months.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

ej: Dr. Yue, my wife is taking Zoloft and Xanex, would the relaxin help drop the dosages?

DrYue: EJ – It may, I don’t know for sure.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Cath: Are you doing current research in Minnesota using Relaxin?

DrYue: We are working on a study protocol right now with the University of Minnesota.

Cath: Is it possible to become part of the study?

DrYue: Cath – The study is in a final phase of being worked on and being submitted. You can check with the Univ. of Minnesota or with the TMJ clinic at the Univ. of Minnesota to see about enrollment.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Mini: Where is the relaxin purchased or is it still in studies?

prohealth911: Mini, you can purchase relaxin on under the product name of Vitalaxin.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

KatyLady: After complete collagen replacement do you stay on relaxin?

DrYue: Katylady – yes, at a lower dose.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Hurtso: Since relaxin is basically a hormone produced during pregnancy, does that mean that fibromyalgia symptoms are not present in a pregnant woman who has fibromyalgia?

Cathy: Hurtso – very good question.

DrYue: Hurtso – many (not all) FM patients have remissions during pregnancy. Lower back pain remains a problem.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

kid: Does relaxin promote “complete collagen replacement” for MPS?

DrYue: Kid – It is collagen remodelling – yes.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

KatyLady: So vitalaxin and biolaxin are the same as relaxin???

prohealth911: Katylady, Yes, relaxin is the active ingredient in the Vitalaxin and Biolaxin products. These are the only products that are currently on the market that contain Relaxin. Vitalaxin has twice as much relaxin as Biolaxin.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Bev: Is research on relaxin use with fibromyalgia being conducted anywhere on the East Coast?

DrYue: Bev – No.

Question directed to Dr. Yue:

Merm: Where can I find physiology documentation on relaxin? If it is a polypeptide similar to insulin does this mean that it could adversely affect people with low blood sugar or diabetes?

DrYue: Merm -You can find it on Medline. It reduces insulin resistance; therefore it increases insulin receptor sites for insulin.

Merm: Thank you, Dr. Yue – I appreciate your taking the time with us. Good Night.

prohealth911: Looks like our time is up. Thanks to all of you and to Dr. Yue for joining us in this chat.

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